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Partner Webcast – Boost ADW with Oracle Data Integration Offers in Cloud


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We are glad to announce Oracle Data Integrator, GoldenGate and Enterprise Data Quality in Oracle Market Place, as managed solutions that can easily be deployed within the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). Oracle Data Integration solutions in Oracle Market Place helps migrate and extract value from data by bringing capabilities of a complete Data Integration, Data Quality and Data Governance functionalities on cloud.

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Presenter: Kulvinder Hari

Published in: Technology
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Partner Webcast – Boost ADW with Oracle Data Integration Offers in Cloud

  1. 1. Kulvinder Hari Senior Director EMEA Cloud Native and Integration Business Development September 19, 2019 Data Integration Strategy & Roadmap Partner Update 2
  2. 2. Safe harbor statement The following is intended to outline our general product direction. It is intended for information purposes only, and may not be incorporated into any contract. It is not a commitment to deliver any material, code, or functionality, and should not be relied upon in making purchasing decisions. The development, release, timing, and pricing of any features or functionality described for Oracle’s products may change and remains at the sole discretion of Oracle Corporation. 3
  3. 3. Cloud Big Data Analytics & Data Science New Opportunities with the Convergence of Big Data, Analytics, Data Science and Cloud Cloud: Instant, elastic compute on infinite storage, all available on demand driving new cloud economics Big Data: Massive volumes of data now available in next generation data lakes to drive predictive analytics Analytics & Data Science: Mainstreaming to drive digital transformation and competitive advantage 4
  4. 4. Oracle Data Integration in Cloud – Today Use cases On Premise Gen .5 Gen 1.0 Gen 1.5 Database Migration GoldenGate GG-CS DIPC Classic DIPC Replication & Streaming GoldenGate / OSA GG-CS / N/A DIPC Classic DIPC / N/A ETL Data Integrator ODI-CS DIPC Classic DIPC Data Quality Enterprise Data Quality N/A DIPC Classic DIPC Metadata Management Enterprise MM N/A N/A N/A 5
  5. 5. What About Data Integration Platform Cloud DIPC is not the go forward strategic product and Oracle has shifted our development focus to OCI Database Migration, OCI Data Integration and OCI Data Catalog With the recent introduction of Oracle GoldenGate , Oracle Data Integrator, and Oracle Enterprise Data Quality on the OCI Marketplace 6
  6. 6. 7 What is Oracle Market Place
  7. 7. How to access Data Integration in Cloud 8
  8. 8. OCI Marketplace Offerings Use cases Product Licensing Comments Replication GoldenGate • BYOL + Compute Resources • Lisence Promotion available for universal credits customers before May 31st 2019 Customer- managed ETL Data Integrator • Only Compute Resources • License Promotion available Customer- managed Data Quality Enterprise Data Quality • BYOL + Compute Resources Customer- managed 9
  9. 9. OCI Data Services – Built for Data People DBA Data Engineer ETL Developer Data Steward Data Analyst Builds replication/ingest pipelines Works mostly with databases (data models, sql, plsql) Builds pipelines for Data Lake Works mostly with code (java, scala, python, sql) Builds pipelines for DW/Marts Works mostly with tools (data models, sql, mappings) Manages policies & cleansing rules (for pipelines and data at rest) Works mostly with tools Domain expert, prepares data Works mostly with tools Many Personas Need to Work Together on Data Integration Solutions Data Catalog Database Migration Data Integration 10
  10. 10. OCI Data Services – Data Integration Common Framework for Data Integration Use Cases Data Warehouse Automation Data Lake Automation Database Migrations Database Replication Data Governance Data Lake Data Warehouse Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Oracle Big Data Data Sources 11
  11. 11. OCI Data Services – Data Integration 12 Common Framework for Data Integration Use Cases Data Warehouse Automation Data Lake Automation Database Migrations Database Replication Data Catalog Database Migration Data Integration Data Lake Data Warehouse Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Oracle Big Data Data Sources
  12. 12. Database Migration Service Fully managed, cloud native, database migration service that make migrations simple and easy #3 Use case Assisted Migrations for Databases, Data Marts and Data Warehouses into Oracle Cloud Business Driver Lower cost and improve database performance on Oracle Cloud Key Capabilities Logical Offline and Online Migrations Data Validation Schema/Metadata Migration Powered by GoldenGate 13
  13. 13. Data Integration Service #3 Use case Efficiently Load and Transform Data into Autonomous Data Warehouse Automate and Build Data Lake or Oracle Object Store Business Driver Drive value from Data with Automated Data Lake on Oracle Cloud Lower cost and Improve Warehouse Performance on Oracle Cloud Key Capabilities Declarative design Data immersive mapping experience Rules based loader Spark and SQL push down Automated data lake design and management Fully managed, cloud native, next generation ETL for automating data marts, data warehouses and data lakes 14
  14. 14. Data Catalog Manage and Govern All Data Assets on Oracle Cloud #3 Use case Improve the traceability and trust of data assets for data marts and data warehouses Provide data lineage for data lake Business Driver Govern data assets for compliance and auditability Improve transparency, traceability and trust for efficient data usage Key Capabilities Scheduler and automatic crawlers for metadata harvesting Data discovery and data profiling Business tags and glossary Data lineage and audit logs Rest API15
  15. 15. Common Use Cases for ADW ADW & ODI Move heterogeneous data sets to ADW and make them meaningfull for the business... ADW & GoldenGate (& ODI) Develop a real-time analytics platform on ADW... 16
  16. 16. A Leading Delivery Company in Spain Business Chalange: Costly and hard to manage on-prem DWH and ETL deployment with Data Stage. Performance problems of Data Stage Use Case: Data Warehouse & Data Transformation in Cloud Solution: ODI Studio is installed on cloud compute. ODI of DIPC extracts data from DB2 on AS400 & Oracle source systems, loads into ADW and DIPC runs transformation on ADW. Transformed data is stated in ADW and accessed by Micro Strategy OAC for analytics. Business Benefit: Improved ETL performance, Lower mantainance and management costs, Better customer experience for tracking shipment information. 17
  17. 17. DataStageAS400 A Leading Delivery Company in Spain DB/2 DWH Staging DataMarts 1 2 3 MicroStrategy On-Prem Architecture 18
  18. 18. A Leading Delivery Company in Spain 19
  19. 19. Local Retailer in Madrid Business Challenge: With more then 250 stores all around the city of Madrid. Overload on transactional database because of analytical queries. Unable to guarantee stock is in the right store at the right time Use Case: Query Off Loading to Cloud Solution: Custom GG replication from Oracle 12c to ADW Business Benefit: Improved performance, Lower maintenance and management costs, Reliable decision making platform for business continuity Improved stock & logistics management 20
  20. 20. Local Retailer in Madrid Analytical Queris Cash Register Cash Register Cash Register 21
  21. 21. Replication Aarchitecture with Data Integration Compute Instance Analytical Queris 22
  22. 22. Data Integration is Enabling the Drive to Cloud & ADW 23
  23. 23. Questions 24
  24. 24. Thank you 25