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Oracle Cloud: Line of Business PaaS Services


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Oracle PaaS Services: Empowering Developers, IT Operations, And Lines of Business

Published in: Data & Analytics
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Oracle Cloud: Line of Business PaaS Services

  1. 1. Oracle Cloud: Line of Business PaaS Services Balaji Yelamanchili Senior Vice President Product Development
  2. 2. Safe Harbor Statement "Safe Harbor" Statement: Statements in this presentation relating to Oracle's future plans, expectations, beliefs, intentions and prospects are "forward-looking statements" and are subject to material risks and uncertainties. Many factors could affect our current expectations and our actual results, and could cause actual results to differ materially. We presently consider the following to be among the important factors that could cause actual results to differ materially from expectations: (1) Economic, political and market conditions, including the economic situation in Europe and slowing economic conditions in other parts of the world, can adversely affect our business, results of operations and financial condition, including our revenue growth and profitability, which in turn could adversely affect our stock price. (2) We may fail to achieve our financial forecasts due to such factors as delays or size reductions in transactions, fewer large transactions in a particular quarter, unanticipated fluctuations in currency exchange rates, delays in delivery of new products or releases or a decline in our renewal rates for support contracts. (3) Our hardware systems revenues and profitability could decline, and we may fail to achieve our financial forecasts with respect to this business. (4) We have an active acquisition program and our acquisitions may not be successful, may involve unanticipated costs or other integration issues or may disrupt our existing operations. (5) Our international sales and operations subject us to additional risks that can adversely affect our operating results, including risks relating to foreign currency gains and losses. (6) Our periodic workforce restructurings, including reorganizations of our sales force, can be disruptive. (7) If we are unable to develop new or sufficiently differentiated products and services, or to enhance and improve our products and support services in a timely manner or to position and/or price our products and services to meet market demand, customers may not buy new software licenses, cloud software subscriptions or hardware systems products or purchase or renew support contracts. A detailed discussion of these factors and other risks that affect our business is contained in our SEC filings, including our most recent reports on Form 10-K and Form 10-Q, particularly under the heading "Risk Factors." Copies of these filings are available online from the SEC or by contacting Oracle Corporation's Investor Relations Department at (650) 506-4073 or by clicking on SEC Filings on Oracle’s Investor Relations website at http:// All information set forth in this presentation is current as of April 29, 2014. Oracle undertakes no duty to update any statement in light of new information or future events.
  3. 3. Oracle Cloud Platform-as-a-Service Infrastructure-as-a-Service Software-as-a-Service Information-as-a-Service
  4. 4. IT Development Agility & Quality Latest Technology Instant Access Better Code Frequent Releases Build Once Deploy Anywhere IT Operations Performance & Costs Faster Response Higher QoS Lower Risk Lower Costs Do More with Less Line of Business Innovation & Growth New Markets New Products Richer Insights Ubiquitous Access Ease of Use Oracle PaaS Services Empowering Developers, IT Operations, And Lines of Business
  5. 5. Oracle Line of Business PaaS Services Analytics & Big Data Enterprise Collaboration BI Service Process Service Documents Service Social Networking Big Data Service
  6. 6. Analytics and Big Data Services Strategy !  Best-in-class analytics services targeting LoB and enterprise needs –  BI Service: Oracle BI Platform cloud service for LoB and enterprise applications –  Big Data Service: Hadoop native technology for big data analytics and exploration !  Deliver rapid value to LoB while enabling IT to quickly build custom apps –  Simplicity for LoB users, leverage existing IT skills !  Integrate to work together seamlessly across enterprise and big data –  Derive rapid insights across enterprise, LoB, and Big Data assets !  Natural choice for Oracle SaaS customers –  Integration with Oracle SaaS solutions for deeper insights !  Partner enablement to deliver critical value-added analytic extensions –  With the help of rich, consistent, and standards-based platform
  7. 7. PaaS: Business Intelligence Service !  Complete BI: All Data, All Styles of Analysis, All Clients !  Self-service: Data Loading, Mapping, KPIs allows Business Users to use system without specialist IT resources !  Enterprise Grade: Secure Data Isolation; Highly Available; Scalable to 10s of 1000s of Users per Tenant !  Fully Managed: Patched, Backed Up, Upgraded by Oracle !  Extend SaaS Applications: Packaged Connectors to Oracle SaaS and On-premise Applications to extend analytics !  Differentiators: Full portability (on-premise to cloud), Oracle SaaS integrations, Scale and security of Oracle Cloud Based on Award-Winning Oracle BI Platform
  8. 8. PaaS: Big Data Service !  Hadoop-native: Zero data movement or data sub setting; Scales to petabytes of data with no performance degradation !  Walk up Ease of Use: Breakthrough technology combining simplicity of search with highly interactive analysis !  Integrated Statistical and Predictive Analysis tools !  Sophisticated big data enrichment tools for profiling, transformation, enrichment of data within Hadoop ecosystem !  Differentiation: Hadoop Scalability and Cost Economies; Simplicity of Search with Highly Interactive Analysis Hadoop Native Technology for Rapid Big Data Analytics
  9. 9. Enterprise Collaboration Services Strategy !  Best-in-class enterprise collaboration services empowering LoB –  Social Network: Enterprise Social Connections and Conversations –  Documents Service: Document Collaboration with Rich Content Platform –  Process Management Service: Business Driven Processes and Workflows !  Integrate to work together seamlessly for LoB needs –  Social collaboration across documents and processes; rich document workflows !  Natural choice for Oracle SaaS customers –  Common Social Collaboration fabric across all SaaS applications –  Contextual collaboration right from within and across SaaS applications !  Rich, consistent, standards-based platform support –  For developers, partners, and customers to build custom extensions and solutions –  List, Discover and Consume partner and developer extensions via Cloud Marketplace
  10. 10. PaaS: Oracle Social Network !  Rich Social Connections: People, Profiles, Walls !  Rich Social Conversations: Real-time interactive discussions !  Active Feeds: Conversations, Activity Streams, Notifications !  Social Discovery: Social Graph, Recommendations, Follows !  Social Objects: Social in-context on any Application Object !  Synchronous Communications: Voice, Web, Video Conferencing integrations !  Rich API Platform: Build and Extend Social apps !  Differentiators: Rich Social Platform, Single Social Fabric across Oracle Cloud services Single Social Fabric Across all Oracle Cloud Services
  11. 11. PaaS: Documents Service !  Anywhere Access: File Sync and Share across all Devices !  Rich Collaboration: Team workspaces; Social Conversations !  Mobile Productivity: Native Mobile Apps, Mobile Editing !  Rich Content Platform: APIs; Metadata; Workflow; Security !  Enterprise Grade: Secure Data Isolation and Governance !  Hybrid ECM: Integrations with on-premise content and apps !  Fully Managed: Patched, Backed Up, Upgraded by Oracle !  Differentiators: Built-in Social; Oracle SaaS and PaaS integrations; Hybrid ECM Enterprise-grade Document Collaboration and Rich Content Platform
  12. 12. PaaS: Process Management Service !  Complete BPM: Machine to Machine and Human Workflows !  Self-Service: Composition and execution of workflows, rules, and forms, with minimal IT involvement !  Built-in Analytics: Process Analytics, Dashboards, Alerts !  Extend SaaS Applications: Packaged Connectors to Oracle SaaS and On-premise Applications for extended Processes !  Fully Managed: Patched, Backed Up, Upgraded by Oracle !  Differentiators: Oracle SaaS integrations, Collaborative Work Processes, Scale and Security of Oracle Cloud Business Process Management Cloud Service
  13. 13. Demonstration LoB PaaS Services
  14. 14. Key Opportunities for BI and Big Data Services !  Oracle DB and Oracle BI Installed Base –  Departmental and Test-Development Projects –  Common skills, Flexible deployment across cloud and on-premise !  Net New Customers –  Departmental Analytics and mid market expansion –  Big Data Project Momentum within Enterprises !  Growing Oracle SaaS Customer Base –  Packaged Analytics simplify adoption within growing SaaS customer base –  Cloud customers want data generated and analyzed in the Cloud !  Highly Differentiated Offerings –  Integration with Oracle SaaS and on-premise applications –  Self-Service Data Discovery on Hadoop with simplicity of search
  15. 15. Key Opportunities for Collaboration Services !  Oracle Installed Base –  Extend on-premise apps to the cloud for internal / external collaboration –  Enable IT with best-of-breed, integrated collaboration and process services !  Net New Customers –  Rich portfolio of integrated collaboration and process services from single cloud vendor !  Growing Oracle SaaS customer base –  Extend SaaS applications with rich collaboration and process services !  Highly Differentiated and Integrated Offerings Compared to Individual Solutions from Other Vendors