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HPC Cloud: Clouds on supercomputers for HPC


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SC2013@Denver AIST Booth #3309 presentation slides.

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HPC Cloud: Clouds on supercomputers for HPC

  1. 1. HPC  Cloud   Clouds  on  Supercomputers  for  HPC Informa(on  Technology  Research  Ins(tute,     Na(onal  Ins(tute  of  Advanced  Industrial  Science  and  Technology  (AIST),  Japan SC2013@Denver  AIST  Booth  #3309
  2. 2. HPC  Cloud:  a  promising  pla7orm  for  HPC High Performance Usability HPC Cloud Energy Efficiency Scalability 2
  3. 3. High Performance Impact  of  VMM-­‐bypass  I/O •  Performance  evalua@on  of  HPC  cloud   Execution time [seconds] –  (Para-­‐)virtualized  I/O  incurs  a  large  overhead.   –  PCI  passthrough  significantly  mi@gate  the  overhead.   KVM (IB) 300 BMM (IB) 250 BMM (10GbE) VM1 KVM (virtio) VM1 Guest OS 150 100 Guest OS Physical driver 200 Guest driver VMM 50 VMM Physical driver 0 BT CG EP FT LU The  overhead  of  I/O  virtualiza@on  on  the  NAS  Parallel   Benchmarks  3.3.1  class  C,  64  processes. IB QDR HCA 10GbE NIC BMM: Bare Metal Machine 3
  4. 4. High Performance HPC  Cloud  OS Energy Efficiency •  Bare  metal-­‐comparable  I/O  performance   –  Integra@on  of  VMM-­‐bypass  I/O  into  the  Apache  CloudStack Provide a compute offering with a PCI passthrough device Admin UI API End User UI Host Cloud agent management server Resource allocator Cloud agent VM virtio_net NIC VM VMs for web servers PCI passthrough VM IB HCA Live migration Cloud VM agent Deploy a VM VMs for HPC IB HCA 4
  5. 5. Yabusame:  Hybrid  live  migraGon Normal  Live  MigraGon  (Precopy  only) Copy  all  memory  pages.   Energy Efficiency Finally,  copy  the  remaining  memory  pages   and  then  start  VM  at  the  desGnaGon.     Copy  the  updated  memory  pages.   VM VM VM RAM RAM RAM PM   (Source)   PM   (Dest.)   PM   (Source)   PM   (Dest.)   PM   (Source)   PM   (Dest.)   Hybrid  Live  MigraGon  (Precopy&Postcopy) Copy  all  memory  pages.   (Precopy  Phase)   Start  VM  at  the  desGnaGon,  and  copy  the   rest  of  the  memory  in  the  background.   (Postcopy  Phase)   VM VM RAM RAM PM   (Source)   PM   (Dest.)   PM   (Source)   PM   (Dest.)   Live  migra@on  @me  is   dras@cally  reduced. 5  
  6. 6. Ninja:  Virtual  cluster  migraGon An  Infiniband  cluster  seamlessly     Virtual  Cluster morphs  into  an  Ethernet  cluster.   Node   VM Node   VM Node   VM Node   VM Infiniband  Network PM PM IB  HCA IB  HCA Private  Cloud Use  cases:  energy-­‐efficient  VM     placement,  disaster  recovery,  etc   Node   VM Node   VM Ethernet  Network PCI  pass   PM through IB  HCA Energy Efficiency PM PM PM NIC NIC vir(o NIC Public  Cloud 6
  7. 7. HPC  Cloud  federaGon Usability •  “Build  once,  run  anywhere”   –  Automated  transla@on  of  VMs   allows  users  to  share  VM  images   easily  between  different  Cloud   OSs.   –  It  achieves  the  desired  scale  out  of   Cloud  infrastructure  by  federated   use  of  supercomputers. Scalability High Performance Computing Infrastructure (HPCI) in Japan CloudStack / OpenNebula VM image AIST CloudStack VM image VM image International collaborators Rocks / OpenNebula / OpenStack Amazon EC2 Commercial Cloud 7