Writing DE materials(photoshop cs unit)


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Writing DE materials(photoshop cs unit)

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Writing DE materials(photoshop cs unit)

  1. 1. Sultan Qaboos University Collage of Education Instructional & Learning Technologies Department Writing DE materialsNames : Mohammed Ahmed Said Bani-Oraba. 85551 Saif Abdullah Shiikhan Al-Abri. 85634Course Title: Distance Education & the InternetCourse Code: TECH4101.Submitted To : Dr.Alaa Sadik.
  2. 2. IntroductionAdobe Photoshop is a graphics editor that is one of the most popular programsfor image manipulation. It is used widely by graphics professionals for all sortsof tasks including website design. With our templates we often include asource .PSD file which is a Photoshop document that you will need AdobePhotoshop for. Being able to edit the source .PSD file will allow you to makemany different kinds of customizations to your templateObjective The Objectives : The Steps: 1-student be able to open Photoshop Click start button program. Select program Choose “Adobe Photoshop CS” 2-Student be able to open file Select “File” Click Open 3- Student be able to choose picture Click “Pictures files” for selecting the from pictures file. picture that you want to design it. 4-Student be able to choose picture Insert picture for background for background. 5- Student be able to draw shadow. From select tool 6- students be able to save their File save as work
  3. 3. The contentClick start buttonSelect programChoose “Adobe Photoshop CS”12-
  4. 4. 3- Wait for the program work4- After you choose the program this window will appear:1-Select “File”
  5. 5. 5- Click Open.Activity oneTrue or false1- you can use adobe photo shop to edit photo ()1- Click “Pictures files” for selecting the picture that you want to design it.2- Select the images.3. Click Open
  6. 6. 7- Show us the desired image
  7. 7. 8- click right mouse in menu background then click duplicate layer
  8. 8. 9- Show us the new layer and try to change the name
  9. 9. 10- Show us the new layer
  10. 10. 11- Select from the toolbox Tool selection12- From the options bar
  11. 11. Change the size of filter from feather to 12 px
  12. 12. 13- Draw the desired shape
  13. 13. 14- press delete from your keyboard
  14. 14. 15- Change the layer from the Layers panel
  15. 15. 16- from the Layers panel select the background
  16. 16. 17- Click it from the list of images
  17. 17. 18- then click adjustment then click hue/saturation
  18. 18. 19- Dialog box will appear hue/saturation
  19. 19. 20- In the dialog box, set the lighting and saturation
  20. 20. 21- it will appear like thisThen go to new layer and click right mouse
  21. 21. 22- it will appear to us the menu then we choose Blanding optionActivity 2True or fuels :1-We use Blending Option” to reduce the picture color only()2-We find Blending Option from edit menus ()3-From The screenshot bellow :order the steps to fined Blending options??
  22. 22. 23- Show us the required list
  23. 23. 24- change the Style is what you want then select strok option
  24. 24. 25- Show us the desired image of where we work
  25. 25. 26- Set in the dialog box opacity , color , then click ok
  26. 26. 27- In the dialog box click in drow shadow to be active then change angle ,distant then press ok.
  27. 27. 28- image will appear the final form of the framework
  28. 28. 29- go to file menu then press save as
  29. 29. 30- choose place to save the final work and choose the format of photo
  30. 30. 31- Select a location you want to save the photo
  31. 31. 32- change the name of file
  32. 32. 33- press ok after choose required quality
  33. 33. 34- the final work