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How to drive and prove the value of Employee Engagement using IBM Connections and workplaceON on-boarding


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The Opus Neo solution "workplaceON" has provided clients with an intuitive interface to IBM Connections that targets content for all users.
An intuitive interface can make the difference in adoption and we will show how the usual content from IBM Connections can be styled in a appealing and modernized design.
We will also show a IBM Connections on-boarding process (available for Cloud or On-premises) and that is available on any device. Using actual case studies, we will show some insights from the journey our clients are on. In one case we will show how they increased the usage of IBM Connections Cloud by > 1100% in just 4 short weeks

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How to drive and prove the value of Employee Engagement using IBM Connections and workplaceON on-boarding

  1. 1. Jan Zeuthen Com08. How to drive and prove the value of Employee Engagement using IBM Connections and workplaceON on-boarding
  2. 2. Agenda It’s all about ENGAGEMENT • Introduction and background • workplaceON + on boarding + Connections = Deeper engagement value • workplaceON – Demo • workplaceON – USE CASES – – • Conclusion
  4. 4. Title Subtitle Connections has a LOT of features
  5. 5. • Introductions Where do I find this piece of information? These are some of the biggest issues heard from users ’Where is my HR community’? ’How do I keep my favourite communities in one list? ’I have a policy. How can I make sure someone reads it! ’Which community did I post that information in’?’Where can I post a training Video'?
  6. 6. Why is it like this? The challenge - how do we make Connections intuitive and easy to use for ALL users! How do we make it easy to find content and ensure the 90% come back again and again! 1% Creators 9% Editors 90% Browsers 90-9-1 Principle NN/g Nielsen Norman Group 90-9-1
  7. 7. This does not look very compelling, what is it all about!??
  8. 8. • A wrapper for IBM Connections Cloud & On-premises • A lightweight framework for easily composing and deploying compelling composite experiences for employees, customers, and partners. workplaceON
  9. 9. It’s all about ENGAGEMENT VALUE STORY: workplaceON + ONBOARDING + CONNECTIONS = DEEPER ENGAGEMENT VALUE Increase usage 1370% in 4 weeks 900+ in one day
  10. 10. 10 On-Boarding Sensing Responding • Captures interest & skills • Composes best possible: • Team,Communities, Activities • Opt-in procedures • In-stream training & video • By role & preferences • SSO for all apps and works ...optimally on-boarding • Many-to-one summary Services for all teamwork updates • Integration with other apps and services • RSS and other feeds …optimally sensing • One –to-many push services for all teamwork updates • Integration with other social outlets • Workflow and governance controls ...optimally responding It’s all about ENGAGEMENT
  11. 11. Onboarding - Enrich User Profile Connect with Communitie s “onboarding ” Add Skills, Interests as Tags Connect with like minded People Enforce Social Media Policy “project ” “north” care” survey intro video Upon completion content is targeted to user It’s all about ENGAGEMENT
  12. 12. It’s all about ENGAGEMENT workplaceON DEMO
  13. 13. It’s all about ENGAGEMENT workplaceON USE CASES – –
  14. 14. Operatives Experience
  15. 15. Some interesting stats following the launch of MearsConnect
  16. 16. Use Cases BBC News Scotland LATEST UPDATES CalMac Ferries SCOTLAND
  17. 17. It’s all about ENGAGEMENT CONCLUSION
  18. 18. INFO Flexibel Framework - - Available for Cloud & On-Premises
  19. 19. Email: It’s all about ENGAGEMENT