The english teacher evaluation guide


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The English Teacher guide: the basics to understand the system. Description and theories.

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The english teacher evaluation guide

  1. 1. Educational Evaluation GuideThe English Teacher 79489305384800<br />Theory and Fundamentals4191001066800“Learning objects are elements of a new type of computer-based instruction grounded in the object-oriented paradigm of computer science.”David Wiley 2008The English Teacher is an online homework book for EFL, that uses Learning objects that can be tracked and reinforced. We have defined the learning object as the most granular items within a curricula’s content. The learning objects (LOs) are: unique, re-usable, defined and illustrated and evaluated. These LOs are maintained in a repository, where they can be selected and grouped in units or lessons, in order to match a curriculum or teaching plan. These lessons or units will be available from anywhere at anytime to the student through an online application.The learning platform that Online Educational Solutions (LLC) has created allows the study of the lessons, and maintains a record of all the LOs through systematic and continual evaluations. Our Individualized Spaced Out Reinforcement Methodology or ISORM, helps students generate long-term retention.  This interaction, student-application-student focuses the student on the learning process; allowing the classroom time to complete the teaching-learning process.  The platform maintains a record of: Time and date of studyTime spent per lessonLessons studiedLOs studiedLOs in ISORM (being reviewed)LOs being reviewed more frequentlylearned LOsThis data is presented individually per student, allowing the instructor to have a clear understanding of each student’s difficulties. This information allows instructors to generate solutions for each student with out regard to the number of students in the class.Theory and Fundamentals5486402540000Through years of research we have found:Weak use of technology for educationTime spent on leveling knowledgePoor long term retention Impossible to identify what every student knows Students waste time re-studying what they already know These faults and the theory of Learning Objects as well as the Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve, gave birth to our methodology: Individualized Spaced Out Reinforcement Methodology (ISORM).ISORM tracks every item for every student, and reports to the teacher what the student knows and does not know. Allowing teachers to prescribe solutions designed specifically to address the problems of the student. ISORM reinforces objects over time. This is based on the student’s knowledge allowing the student to focus on the objects that cause them the most difficulty. This reinforcement concept creates long-term retention through repetition. This process increases the efficiency of the student’s efforts and time., allowing the students to review less frequently the items that they already know. This methodology provides the teacher with knowledge of the students that would otherwise be impossible to gather, allowing them to come up with creative solutions to their student’s difficulties.We have found retention rates above 91% six months after the first time an object was covered. 9036052482850IT applications, based on Learning Objects (LO), allow the implementation of Edward Deming’s best practices for Quality Control of processing and manufacturing. These practices have proven to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of industrial process and can be adapted for use in education.As exposed by Deming, the cycle “PDCA” --Plan-Do-Check-Act-- can be implemented in education using IT tools. This iterative cycle speeds up the teaching/learning process; if the student’s cognitive process is accelerated, the critical thinking development will be accelerated as well. One important function required for successful implementation of PDCA cycle is to act based on the feedback. But the key is how frequently and when the feedback is to be obtained. We must collect the feedback when feasible or at appropriate checkpoints, and also collect it at the end of the session. This method gives ample opportunities for teachers to improve their teaching process. IT applications can collect data in real time, and keep teachers and students informed, every second, about their strengths and weaknesses. The application of this model involves an iterative process of evaluation, thing that will help the student develop long-term retention of the studied material. As in any other process, Quality Control offers metrics to evaluate alternatives for reducing cost and maximizing resources. Theory and FundamentalsThe English Teacher is the application of these three Best Practices, into a package that improves the efficiency, effectiveness, and use of resources of the educational process. 6121400314960093662510160001125855335597510287005346700What is The English TeacherResourcesThe ModulesThe English Teacher includes six modules: Vocabulary, Grammar, Reading and Comprehension, Listening and Comprehension, Writing, and Conversation. Each module contains objects that have been created with a specific instructional design to develop specific skills. All objects are evaluated with different styles of questions to help support specific instructional designs. Below you will find a current breakdown as of November 26, 2008 (more content added daily).4064001079500ModulesLearning ObjectsVocabularyOver 12,000 with audio and examples. (over 40,000 words with audio and translation)GrammarOver 400 Rules with audio and examples.ReadingOver 88 readings. ListeningOver 72 narratives.WritingOver 108 topics for students to write essays. ConversationOver 18 conversations for students to listen and record themselves in. EYE3810001676400Academic ContentThe platform’s academic content is virtually unlimited. Objects can be created modified in order to meet a particular learning objective. The platform currently includes content in order to cover the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). See table below.3952875714375OES will prepare a standard curricula that follows the book or teaching plan. The institution can contract additional customization or can choose to make the modifications themselves.Creation of CurriculaThe creation of curricula is performed by OES’ academic development group. They follow the process listed below:Evaluation of The academic objectives or institutions curriculaIdentification of Objects to meet the curricula or objectiveCreation of any new object necessaryGroup objects in lessons or units Sort lessons to meet Scope and SequencePresent curricula for evaluationMake necessary adjustmentsClose Curricula The CurriculaThe English Teacher provides the flexibility to create custom curricula. These curricula can be formed following the scope and sequence of an institution or academic objective. i.e. English for specific purposes and or English for any level of difficulty (from elementary to graduate level) 1000760285750Curricular AssessmentIn order to ensure de accuracy of the curricula institutions are required to fill out an evaluation survey. This survey includes questions that help align our content to your particular curriculum, questions include:Name of the books you are currently usingHours of class per weekNumber of levels in the courseNumber of teachersType of certification, if any (TEOFL, CAMBRIDGE, CET)Number of students enrolled in the program Wager more points if you know the word L1 is used to anchor L2Get a clue if you make a mistake 35941004229100Type the wordNavigation Guide: The English Teacher WOW-VocabularyThe Object4318001143000Audio controls:Listen, Record, PlaybackCultural notes or related words.Hover over any word and hear the pronunciation and see a translation. 50704753060700Click on the arrows to go to the next object.Navigation Guide: The English Teacher BIG-GrammarAssessment of Grammar objects can be done via the following style of questions:Multiple choiceChange the structureFind the MistakeFill in the BlankThe ObjectExplanation and Examples41973506172200Get Help by looking at the short ruleMultiple ChoiceFind the Mistake505460049530005492754965700Listen Record Play Back6350001079500Multiple Choice questions are used to assess a student’s comprehensionNavigation Guide: The English Teacher RAC-Reading and Comprehension26676354317365Students can take notes, or write comments for later reviewText can be designed to meet specific instructional design43180087630028981404471670Multiple Choice questions are used to assess a student’s comprehension Navigation Guide: The English Teacher LAC-Listening and ComprehensionAudio files for Listening and comprehensionStudents can take notes, or write comments for later review5340351169670A space with a word counter is available for students to write. Note: Copy and Paste or spell check is not available or allowed in this space. Writing Instructions are presented.3784601320800Navigation Guide: The English Teacher WOL Writing OnlineNavigation Guide: The English Teacher EYE-Conversation37973003733800571500990600Click on Menu to return to the EYE MenuClick the Arrow to continue to the conversationHere is an outline of the conversationSelect a conversation to practiceNavigation Guide: The English Teacher EYE-Conversation… continuedScroll to the next page to practice different versions of a conversationWatch, Practice, Participate in the conversation4572001054100Record yourself in the conversationWatch the entire conversationListen to yourself in the conversationListen Practice or Record different versions or phrases of the conversations25654003187700Navigation Guide: The English Teacher EYE-Conversation… continuedSee important cultural notes that apply to the topic of the conversations4508501029970The administration of the institution is done via a simple interface. The administration simply clicks on any of the following links. Reports are presented by: Module, by Study Time, By Log In dates, and for teacher log in dates. 546100927100AdministrationGrade12192002806700Hovering over the different indicator lights you get additional details: See image to the right.47879005080000The lights indicate whether the assignments have been completed by the due date.Classroom reports:These reports give the teacher a quick look at whether the students have completed the assignments:All learning objects are evaluated through different exercises, these results feed into our reinforcing mechanism. This evaluation of objects provides the application with the necessary information to identify weaknesses and strengths in the student. The evaluation provides up to date information to the teacher and the student. The student can see how many items he or she has studied, how many are in review, and how many are in long term memory, The teacher can get reports that provide a complete picture of the individual or the class. Evaluation and Reporting24130004051300Clicking on the units the teacher sees a report of every object in the unit, and following the same pattern of lights; items that show difficulty can easily be identified. See picture in frame.Student Detailed Report:Clicking the magnifying glass gives the teacher an in-depth look at the student’s progress. As lessons or units are completed the student accumulates points, positive for items they know and negative for ones they do not know. The tabs navigate between the different modules.9652001587500Evaluation and Reporting ContinuedTechnical Requirements51054002357120The English Teacher:Windows Internet Explorer 6 or grater.Sound Card with microphone and speakers.Flash media player: Speed Internet ConnectionThe English Teacher and the i-CET are web-based platforms designed with accessibility in mind. They are Internet based platforms accessible from any computer that meets the following criteria:<br />3181 NW. 125th Avenue Sunrise Florida, 33323954-296-0568406400406400Online Educational Solutions <br />