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GDC 2009 Impressions


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5 impressions from this years Game Developer Conference

GDC 2009 Impressions

  1. 1. 2009 Game Developers Convention 5 Impressions
  2. 2. Gamers lazy? Not here! Many booths – like Nintendo’s below – were built around engaging the gamer with physical activity
  3. 3. Intel is investing BIG on gaming Not only sporting one of the largest booths in the Expo Hall, Intel’s Visual Adrenaline lounge welcomed the weary with Red Bull, free wi-fi and big screen Rock Band
  4. 4. Generation Avatar has been born EyeBcom offered 3D scans of visitors which could then be shared on Facebook
  5. 5. Game characters continue to become life-like Quite a few companies illustrated motion capture technology through dancing individuals
  6. 6. Women as target, not object While there was certainly plenty of things geared toward the 18- 25 guys, products focused on older demographics and women attendees were prevalent. (though it wouldn’t be a gamer conference without a Lara Croft stand-in)
  7. 7.