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Optism Mobile Advertising Solution at the Mobile Marketing Forum


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The Future of Permission Marketing: The Customer Owns the Customer presentation by Thomas Labarthe, VP, Mobile Advertising of Optism who outlines the Optism value proposition at the Mobile Marketing Forum. Optism bridges the gap between mobile carriers and advertisers, forming partnerships with mobile operators worldwide, and helps them turn their subscribers into advertising audiences through a fully-hosted, end-to-end solution.

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Optism Mobile Advertising Solution at the Mobile Marketing Forum

  1. 1. The Future of Permission-Marketing:the Customer Owns the CustomerSpeaker Name Thomas LabartheSpeaker Title VP, Mobile AdvertisingCompany Name Alcatel-Lucent
  2. 2. Mobile advertising is driven by the needs of advertisers 2
  3. 3. We set out the solve the gaps… 3
  4. 4. Optism was born!Bridging the gap between advertisers and operators Last 2 years - Alcatel-Lucent working with the industry to develop mobile into a robust & credible advertising & marketing channel Feb 2010 - Accepted invitation to join MMA as Premium Member - working with industry leaders to develop global standards for mobile media April 13, 2010 – Launched Optism enabling operators to offer a compelling advertising proposition to both advertiser and consumer… At the heart of our solution: Permission, Privacy and Preferences 4
  5. 5. Power to the people • Permission • Privacy • Preferences Empowerment leads to engagement 5 Image by PictFactory on
  6. 6. Understanding consumer sensitivities• Objective 1: Gather feedback on a permission-based mobile advertising Youth Trackers: service offered by a mobile operator Are ages 13 – 25 (young consumers)• Objective 2: Delve into sensitivities for Are approximately 50/50 male/female Own a cell phone opt-in and rewards and test limits on Have wireless service (voice or voice/data) and high-speed campaign exposure. internet Are early adopters that their friends look to for advice• Objective 3: Understand privacy and Mostly extroverted with a strong social network permission based elements of profiling Approximately 10% English-fluency in each country and explore brand preferences and loyalty among retail categories.
  7. 7. Respondent profilesCountry Total Males Females Country Total Males FemalesChina 219 123 96 UK 200 124 76Japan 202 86 116 US 201 88 113 Brazil 207 125 82 Canada 202 101 101Mexico 200 119 81 Germany 197 90 107France 196 85 111 Spain 201 124 77 Italy 198 100 98 Total 2223 1165 1058 2223 survey completes: 11 countries
  8. 8. What consumers in Europe told us… 82% Very important to ask their permission before sending mobile ads 71% Wanted control of their profile to address privacy concerns 76% Felt that ads should be interest and preference based 56% Were more likely to make purchases of preferred brands through the service 42% Were more likely to remain loyal to their operator if the service was offered Source: Alcatel-Lucent Market Advantage Research, October 2009, n= 992 in France, Italy, UK, Germany, Spain 8
  9. 9. How do we learn?…ask consumers to share theirinterests along the way Demographics Interests Location Response & Interaction 9
  10. 10. How are consumers in Europe willing to engage? 69% Willing to answer at least 4 questions to determine preferences Top 5 Retail Categories they Spend Money on 71% Willing to share interests and hobbies Personal Computers Grocery 46% Willing tothat ads should be interest and Felt share preferred brands for products and services preference based Software Art and Collectibles Garden Supplies 38% Want to update their profiles themselves Music 60% Access their profiles from both the computer and mobile device Source: Alcatel-Lucent Market Advantage Research, October 2009, n= 407 in Brazil & Mexico 10
  11. 11. Simplicity and scalability are key• Make the media buying process easy• Provide web-based tools that are familiar and accessible• Build scale through hosting and aggregating permission- based inventory across several operators• Create efficiencies in the ecosystem• Connect consumers with the brands that they love 11
  12. 12. The Way Forward Understand the needs of: • consumers • brands • media owners Build collaboration across the industry The Customer Owns the Customer6 Image by Thomas Hawk on
  13. 13. thank you