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Optism Case Study Sprite Nigeria


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Showcasing talent and driving engagement via Facebook Campaign Solution.

Published in: Technology
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Optism Case Study Sprite Nigeria

  1. 1. Case Study / Sprite Nigeria ®Showcasing talent and driving engagement via Facebook Campaign Solution Campaign Objectives Every year Sprite runs its ’Triple Slam’ talent competition focused on three key interests for Nigerian young people – basketball, dance and music. The focus of this campaign was to raise awareness of the competition, and boost participation, as well as to drive deeper engagement through visiting the Sprite Facebook page. Campaign Results Over 100,000 messages were delivered over a 12 hour period with over 22,000 responses gathered from the initial message. The campaign generated a 22%Campaign Solution overall response rate and a huge 18% click-through rate to the Sprite FacebookInteractive text dialogue messages were page. What is noticeable, is not just the high degree of engagement and interactionsent to the mobile phones of an opted-in of the audience, but also the high level of quantifiable actions resulting from thisaudience who indicated they were campaign as indicated by the large traffic volume to the Sprite Facebook page.interested in sports, entertainment and 22%music. The first message asked people toidentify their main interest (basketball, of message recipients responded overalldance or music). They then instantlyreceived a second message focused on theirinterest and inviting them to the Sprite 6.5% of respondents clicked through to the Sprite Facebook pageFacebook fan page to LIKE the brand.Replying to any dialogue message is Young people (under 18 and 18-25s) were most responsivealways free.To find out what Optism can do for advertisers and mobile operators, visit