Optism Alcatel Lucent Thomas Labarthe MMA Forum NY 2011


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Optism Alcatel-Lucent Thomas Labarthe presents "The New Mobile Landscape: How Permission Powers Brand Engagement. Thomas discusses how to achieve success in mobile campaigns using trust, relevance, permission and respect.

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Optism Alcatel Lucent Thomas Labarthe MMA Forum NY 2011

  1. 1. The New Landscape: How Permission Powers Brand Engagement Thomas Labarthe Vice President of Mobile Advertising Alcatel-LucentMobile Marketing Association
  2. 2. Mobile + Social Has Changed the Way we Communicate Source: OnlyInfographic, August 2010Mobile Marketing Association
  3. 3. People are Still the Same Source: Flickr, Hayes Valley FarmMobile Marketing Association
  4. 4. You Need to Earn their Attention Source: Flickr, Ame OtokoMobile Marketing Association
  5. 5. Not Interrupt their Experience Source: Flickr, wdwordenMobile Marketing Association
  6. 6. Put People at the Center and in Control Source: Flickr, richardscalzaMobile Marketing Association
  7. 7. Ask for Permission First Source: Flickr, Yes South LondonMobile Marketing Association
  8. 8. Source: Flickr, TheBlackFinMobile Marketing Association
  9. 9. Source: Ocean Knoll AttitudesMobile Marketing Association
  10. 10. Once You Have Earned Trust, You can Go Beyond Source: Flickr, Resclassic2Mobile Marketing Association
  11. 11. Inspire Conversations with Your Audience Source: oursistersjourneys.comMobile Marketing Association
  12. 12. Messaging is the Enabler for Discussions About 90% of all text messages are read within 3 minutes of their delivery – and over 99% of all text messages are read by the recipient. Source for Image: Flickr, andymilonakis098 Source for Stat: from Conversational Advertising; A report from mobileSquared,Mobile Marketing Association
  13. 13. But Don’t Stop There, Keep Telling Your Audience a StoryMobile Marketing Association
  14. 14. Build Long Term RelationshipsMobile Marketing Association
  15. 15. It WorksMobile Marketing Association
  16. 16. Volkswagen Case StudyThe new VW Touareg hasbeen unleashed by UniversalMotors, do you want to knowmore? •Raise Awareness of new Volkswagen1= Yes 2= No TouaregReply for free •Targeted to people interested in Cars •Included instant Call to Action via phone •Leveraging Dialogue format •Completely Free to Reply
  17. 17. Campaign Results Welcome to the street where The redesign of the VW originality lives and athletes, Touareg comes with optimised30% musicians, skaters and more to the of recipients responded engines, new interior, faster, come together to show theircampaign lighter and easier to handle style. call Universal Motors on 0302243434 for inquiry.35-50syou wantover 50s were most Do and an invitation? 1=Yesresponsive90% of respondents wanted moreinformationMales and Females were equallyresponsive
  18. 18. We can Move Beyond Impressions Source: Flickr, DanaBCMobile Marketing Association
  19. 19. To Measurable Actions Source: Flickr, Creative ToolsMobile Marketing Association
  20. 20. That Drive ROI and Scale in Mobile Image by Thomas Hawk on flickr.comMobile Marketing Association
  21. 21. thank you www.optism.comMobile Marketing Association