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Transportation planner scheduler optimization case study


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Save 10% to 30% on transportation cost by using OptiRisk transportation planner and scheduler solution.

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Transportation planner scheduler optimization case study

  1. 1. Case Study Transport Optimization Client: The client is one of the multinational fuel distribution companies having wide presence in India. Problem Statement: Currently, the out-bound logistics planning, from filling stations to distribution centers, is done manually. This manual planning leads to sub-optimal routes with escalated cost and delayed deliveries due to human errors. The problems were further complicated by the fol- lowing constraints: Type of trucks available for transporting goods. Both delivery and pick-up of empty cylinders have to be optimized. Restriction on stacking different types of cylinders one above the other. The delivery regions are divided into zones and extra charges have to be paid when a truck delivers to other zones. Key deliverables: OptiRisk successfully developed a planning tool which can be run on a daily basis to get opti- mized fleet and routes for delivering all the demands for the day. The managers could handle day-to-day problems like route unavailability, traffic snarls and specifying alternate routes on a daily basis to get appropriate plans. This tool is integrated with SAP and run on top of it.About Us: OptiRisk provides solutions based on scientifically proven models to help clients make superior management decisions in less time. Such decision support toolshelp clients to achieve various business KPIs: lower operational expense, reduce inventory, improve service level, increase profit margin, higher revenue, higher ROI, andbetter shareholder value. Some of the domains in which we serve are: Supply Chain, Logistics, Transportation planning , Inventory, and Production Planning. +91 98406 18472 / +91 44 4501 8472