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Recommendations Reboot: Improving RIO with Experimentation


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Recommendations are table stakes for modern organizations, but by now it’s no secret that the effort required to both manually select recommended products and experiment with styles and layouts is preventing retailers from maximizing potential revenue. In this \ session learn how leading retailer, Stella & Dot, is applying an experimentation mindset to their recommendations strategy and the benefits they have reaped thus far. Also, get a sneak peek at how Optimizely is implementing recommended content for its blog and Knowledge Base.

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Recommendations Reboot: Improving RIO with Experimentation

  1. 1. Recommendations Reboot Improving ROI with Experimentation Opticon Virtual Summit Product Manager, Data Optimization Stella & Dot Ankit Raheja Jon Noronha Director, Product Management Optimizely
  2. 2. Opticon Virtual Summit
  3. 3. What were the benefits and challenges of manual recommendations?
  4. 4. What were your goals for Optimizely X Recommendations?
  5. 5. Results Automated Recommendation Clicks +76.9% Revenue per Visitor +1.8%
  6. 6. Opticon Virtual Summit
  7. 7. Results Top Bottom Recommendation Clicks 12.1% 9.2% Revenue per Visitor -4.5% +4.1%
  8. 8. What’s next? Algorithm testing!
  9. 9. Co-browse Suggest similar alternatives Co-buy Cross-sell complementary items
  10. 10. Parting thoughts
  11. 11. Thank you!