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Personalized Data is all the 'Rage'


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Personalization technologies have ushered in the importance of real time data collection and profile enrichment, and other technologies are starting to adapt to these real time signals to produce new and exciting customer experiences. Join Tealium and Quantum Metric to see an example of how their technologies work with Optimizely in a "Rage Clicking" scenario.

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Personalized Data is all the 'Rage'

  1. 1. Congratulations to our Outperform Award Winners! Most Dramatic Business Impact Most Customer- Obsessed Company Culture Most Transformative Innovation Most Inspiring Social Impact
  2. 2. 2  Sessions today will be recorded and will be available after Opticon  Join the conversation on Twitter at #Opticon19  Like what you’ve seen at Opticon? Give feedback and rate sessions on the mobile app
  3. 3. Ted Sfikas Director of Solutions Consultants, Tealium Jake Makler Director Partnerships & Strategy, Quantum Metric Personalized Data is All the “Rage”
  4. 4. + This is painful to watch...
  5. 5. + Could you guide them to success?
  6. 6. + Watching digital struggle is equally as painful
  7. 7. + Not all customers are created equal
  8. 8. + Previous optimization cycle 1. Gather data 2. Understand underlying cause 3. Find and implement solution 4. Measure impact Weeks, Months or Never...
  9. 9. + Quantum Metric accelerates your time to digital impact DATA CAPTURE AUTOMATED ANALYSIS VISUALIZATION ACTIVATION All customer digital interactions Engage in the moment One to many and many to oneMachine intelligence at massive scale
  10. 10. + Pattern recognition in customer struggle Rage click Possible frustration Frustrated / slow navigation Click JS error Horizontal scroll Reload page Profanity Long running spinner Window alert Cookie count / length warning API errors Frozen UI Slow rendering And many more...
  11. 11. + How do we rescue digital experiences?
  12. 12. + The Real-Time Personalization Trifecta™ Capture & Analyze Enrich & Distribute Activate & Experiment
  13. 13. + Pioneering experience driven action Real-Time
  14. 14. + The Challenge Industry: Retail Customer Status: VIP Location in Funnel: Last Page of Checkout Behaviors: ● Repeated traits of frustration ● Multiple Promo Code errors
  15. 15. Collect Standardize Transform and Enrich Integrate Activate Data Layer APIs and Integrations Vendor Data getting sent back to the collection device Create and Enrich Data Act on Business Rules Identity Resolution Manage Audiences Privacy and Governance Event Data Visitor Data Server-side and Client-side Integrated Approach Orchestrate your customer data © 2018 Tealium Inc. All rights reserved. | 15
  16. 16. +
  17. 17. +
  18. 18. +
  19. 19. + Customer displays repeated traits of frustration Badge assigned in real- time Personalization audience created based on AudienceStream badge Result: When a customer displays traits of Rage a modal is displayed to try to recover their session Personalizing for Rage Clicks
  20. 20. Thank you!
  21. 21. Up Next…  Refreshments now being served in the Expo Hall  Fireside Chat with Optimizely Co-founder Dan Siroker at  Closing Keynote with Dr. Mae Jemison at 2:45pm