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Optimizely Partner Ecosystem


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Geddes Munson, Mixpanel
Darrell Benatar,
Shai Tamari, ClickTale

For many customers Optimizely has become a critical platform to listen to customers' web engagement and turn those data points into an improved experience. It's natural that users want to extend the Optimizely platform with all of their other marketing applications to become more effective in their decision making. Learn about a few of the complementary platforms to Optimizely that will help you unlock the most conversions from your web properties.

The partners attending discussed:

-How Clicktale's heatmaps and session playbacks can uncover the areas of the webpage that are most influential to your customers' decision-making process and may require further optimization
-How integrating Optimizely with the analytics platform Mixpanel can help you track more granular goals and view comprehensive reporting that seamlessly integrates with your business.
-Why you should use to observe where customers are finding challenges on your site, and create tests to then improve their experience.

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Optimizely Partner Ecosystem

  1. 1. Partner  Ecosystem  Showcase   Geddes   Munson   Dir,  Customer  Success   Mixpanel   @geddes     Shai     Tamari   Head  of  PreSales     Engineering,   ClickTale   @smtamari       With  ClickTale,  Mixpanel  and  UserTesDng   Darrell   Benatar   CEO   UserTesDng   @darrellbenatar  
  2. 2. Find  Out  What  Your  Customers   Are  Really  Thinking   UserTesDng   Darrell   Benatar   CEO   UserTesDng   @darrellbenatar  
  3. 3. Watch  and  listen  to  real  people   using  your  website  or  app  
  4. 4. The  UserTes(ng  Pla.orm  
  5. 5. +  
  6. 6. Before  running  an  A/B  test   • Find your site’s biggest problems so you can take big-swing A/B tests  
  7. 7. What  to  test  with  UserTes(ng   •  First impressions (“Five Second Test”) •  Common tasks •  Sign-up or checkout •  Search •  Navigation •  Your site vs. your competitor's site •  Your site or app on mobile devices
  8. 8. Before  running  an  A/B  test   • Test your B version to catch any fundamental flaws    
  9. 9. A:er  running  an  A/B  test   • Find out why one version outperformed the other version   11%  conversion  rate   22%  conversion  rate  
  10. 10. Partner  Ecosystem  Showcase   Shai     Tamari   Head  of  PreSales     Engineering,   ClickTale   @smtamari       With  ClickTale,  Mixpanel  and  UserTesDng  
  11. 11. Over 100,000 Businesses Use ClickTale About  ClickTale  
  12. 12. ClickTale  Recordings  
  13. 13. ClickTale  Aggregated  Reports  
  14. 14. Why  ClickTale  and  Op(mizely?   View  Page   Behavior   Create   Hypothesis   Test  new   version/s   with   OpDmizely   See  which   test  one  and   Understand   Why   Implement   Change  
  15. 15. Enabling  the  Integra(on  
  16. 16. The  Integra(on  in  Ac(on  
  17. 17. Case  Study  –  1800  Den(st  
  18. 18. Case  Study  –  1800  Den(st  
  19. 19. Case  Study  –  1800  Den(st  
  20. 20. The  Results  –  Mouse  Movement    
  21. 21. The  Results  –  Scroll  
  22. 22. The  Results  –  Overall  
  23. 23.     “ClickTale  gives  us  a  great  way  to  visualize  what  we  should   be  tes<ng  and  then  analyze  the  results  of  the  tests  we  run.”     Elliot  Kharkats,    Analy(cs  and  Tes(ng  Manager,  1-­‐800-­‐DENTIST           “Always  explore  before  your  refine.”     Jodi  Ellis,  Op(mizely      
  24. 24. Conclusion  
  25. 25. Partner  Ecosystem  Showcase   Geddes   Munson   Dir,  Customer  Success   Mixpanel   @geddes     Mixpanel  
  26. 26. MIXPANEL + OPTIMIZELY 01/ What is Mixpanel? 02/ Optimizely Integration 03/ Live Demo
  27. 27. MIXPANEL 1 - Track actions that represent meaningful user interaction with your web or mobile app 2 - Analyze those actions in a powerful, flexible and easy to use way The most advanced analytics platform for mobile and web 3 - Take action on the analytics by building automated messaging
  28. 28. BEYOND SINGLE SEGMENTS AND CONVERSION RATES Demo: Getting an Event Up, Multi property segmentation, Retention Analysis
  29. 29. OPTIMIZELY INTEGRATION Automatically inserts Mixpanel JavaScript on your page to tag a user as being part of a specific variation.
  30. 30. DEMO Enable Mixpanel integration for a simple A/B test in Optimizely & View Results in Mixpanel
  31. 31. Partner  Ecosystem  Showcase   Geddes   Munson   Dir,  Customer  Success   Mixpanel   @geddes     Shai     Tamari   Head  of  PreSales     Engineering,   ClickTale   @smtamari       With  ClickTale,  Mixpanel  and  UserTesDng   Darrell   Benatar   CEO   UserTesDng   @darrellbenatar