How to Increase ROI from Twitter with Optimizely


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Twitter is the platform for generating awareness and engagement with your brand.

Optimizely is the platform for building optimized, personalized, high-converting online experiences through testing.

In these slides we cover how to use both together to drive more traffic from Twitter to your website and convert those visitors into customers.

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How to Increase ROI from Twitter with Optimizely

  1. 1. How to Increase ROI from with #TwitterROI
  2. 2. Head of SMB Marketing, Twitter SMB = Small & Medium-Sized Businesses Introductions Head of Optimization, Optimizely #TwitterROI
  3. 3. Your customers are on Twitter 60% of surveyed respondents say they’ve made a purchase from an SMB based on something they saw on Twitter. Source | Twitter + DB5 Research Study #TwitterROI
  4. 4. What are your near-term goals of using Twitter? #TwitterROI
  5. 5. What are your long-term goals of using Twitter? #TwitterROI
  6. 6. • Generate traffic through engagement ! • Drive sales and traffic with Tweets ! • Convert visitors with A/B testing ! • Test landing pages live with Optimizely Today’s Agenda #TwitterROI
  7. 7. How do you drive consistent interaction? Generate traffic through engagement 1 #TwitterROI
  8. 8. 9out of10have engaged in conversations with, or about a SMB 76%Have tweeted directly at a SMB Source: DB5 Small Business Customer Insights 2014 #TwitterROI
  9. 9. • Photos • Sneak-peeks on products • Blog posts • Videos / Vines • Curating 3rd party Content • RT customers Drive interaction with #TwitterROI
  10. 10. 80/20 Engagement content to direct offers #TwitterROI
  11. 11. Incorporate photos and Vine videos in your Tweets. Be visual #TwitterROI
  12. 12. Top reasons Twitter users follow SMBs Learn about new products Show support Get information I can use Discounts and promotions 40% 39% 36% 35% Source | Twitter + DB5 Research Study #TwitterROI
  13. 13. Direct Response vs. Engagement Tweets Balancing different types of content. Monday: Behind the scenes Tuesday: Special promotion Wednesday: Helpful tips Thursday: Media spotlights Friday: Focus on followers #TwitterROI
  14. 14. Pro Tip Tweet Scheduling and Tweet Activity Timeline #TwitterROI
  15. 15. Drive traffic and sales with Tweets 2 Direct response marketing #TwitterROI
  16. 16. Direct response Tweets Here’s how to compose one. No hashtags or @mentions Deliver a strong call-to- action that manages click expectations Communicate a sense of urgency Deliver a compelling and relevant offer Include a website URL to the specific product or offer #TwitterROI
  17. 17. Exclusive offers and promotions Flock to unlock. 1. Find an incentive followers will love ! 2. Tweet about when the campaign will launch ! 3. Tweet clear instructions on how to earn the offer e.g. after a certain number of Retweets ! 4. Give followers their well-deserved reward ! 5. Follow up after the promotion #TwitterROI
  18. 18. Consider a Lead Generation Card Help capture intent directly in a Tweet Collect name, email address and @handle Customize Tweet copy Diversify the creative based on the offer #TwitterROI
  19. 19. Track your success Use our online conversation tracking
  20. 20. Amplify your presence Twitter Ads - Promoted Tweets #TwitterROI
  21. 21. Converting visitors 3 Test and learn #TwitterROI
  22. 22. Tailor your ask to wherever the visitor is coming from. #TwitterROI
  23. 23. I learned here.#TwitterROI
  24. 24. CTAs #TwitterROI
  25. 25. Dollars per medium #TwitterROI Data typical of one campaign, not aggregate ~$300 ~$6,000 ~$300,000
  26. 26. One interpretation #TwitterROI ~$300 ~$6,000 ~$300,000 Data typical of one campaign, not aggregate
  27. 27. Better interpretation #TwitterROI ? ~$300 ~$6,000 ~$300,000 Data typical of one campaign, not aggregate
  28. 28. Subtitle Don’t just assume #TwitterROI
  29. 29. Subtitle Test assumptions #TwitterROI
  30. 30. Testing landing pages 4 See it in action. #TwitterROI
  31. 31. Lessons learned Test unique experiences for visitors from different mediums 1 2 Ask why and interpret data before making broad decisions.3 4 Drive traffic with DR Tweets and specific offers. Investing in engagement strategy means creating an audience that will broaden your reach and look forward to your content. #TwitterROI
  32. 32. Resources @TwitterSmallBiz #TwitterROI
  33. 33. Redeem this offer
  34. 34. Q&A #TwitterROI @akmercog @kylerush