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How Citrix Cracked the Code on Personalization


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Personalization is one of 2015’s digital marketing buzzwords for a reason. As competition for market share intensifies, the ability to provide a relevant experience for your prospect or customer has never been more important. Yet, for many marketers personalization remains uncharted territory.

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How Citrix Cracked the Code on Personalization

  1. 1. Secrets of Personalization: How Citrix Cracked the Code on Personalization
  2. 2. Today’s Speakers Jessica Fewless Director, Field & Partner Marketing Demandbase Cori Kaylor Sr Manager, Web Strategy & Online Marketing Citrix Jessica Collier Web Conversion Strategist Citrix
  3. 3. Housekeeping This webinar is being recorded. Slides and recording will be e-mailed. There will be time for Q&A at the end. Submit questions via the Q&A box below.
  4. 4. B2B is Different Consumers Businesses • Individuals • Emotional purchasing • May be impulse; buy in minutes • Large market • Transactional • Companies/Accounts • Task-oriented purchasing • Planned; buy in months • Smaller, niche market • Strategic
  5. 5. 5 channel in making the purchase decision. 70% of buyers have indicated that the VENDOR’S WEBSITE MOST INFLUENTIAL was the Source: DemandGen Report Your website is a critical marketing tool
  6. 6. 6 Website is #1 indicator of future revenue …all roads eventually lead to the company Website—buyers use company Web sites as a primary tool during the decision- making process... Since Websites are such an important stop for buyers, and it is imperative that they have a good experience during their visits, vendors must not lag in this area. - IDC, “2012 CMO Tech Marketing Barometer Study” (April 2012) “ ”
  7. 7. 85% of website visitors are not potential customers 80% of web visitors abandon a site In < 5 seconds 97% of website visitors will ignore call to action Basic methods aren’t driving results
  8. 8. Hero image carousel Featured content Clear navigation Cookies So what can you do about it?
  9. 9. • Founded 1989 • $3.1B+ 2014 revenue • 9,000+ employees • 330,000+ enterprise customers • 10,000+ partners in 100 countries • #1 Desktop & App virtualization • #2 Cloud Networking • #2 Web Collaboration About Citrix
  10. 10. • Overview • Vision • Challenges • Strategy • Technology stack • Test plan and results • Next steps and conclusions • Q&A Agenda
  11. 11. Centralized corporate team of web strategists, designers, producers and developers Manage over 30 web properties, including Deliver web experiences that tell the Citrix story, amplify awareness of our brand, move visitors through the customer journey and generate leads and revenue Web Experience team
  12. 12. “ Personalization is collecting implicit or explicit user information to create a content delivery framework that not only manipulates the information presented to users but how it is presented.” - MarketingProfs
  13. 13. • Increased engagement • Increased conversions • More efficient communication • Enhanced loyalty Benefits of B2B Personalization
  14. 14. Vision and Challenges
  15. 15. Vision To personalize and tailor the experience to the individual visitor
  16. 16. Challenges ? Resources How CostTools ROI • Website • Pages • Banner ads • Frequency • Journey • Self selection
  17. 17. Goals and Strategy
  18. 18. Start with goals • Increase engagement and conversions of anonymous to known visitors • Accelerate buyer’s journey from awareness to sale
  19. 19. Strategy Pilot with existing tools Leverage new testing practice Get team excited with results If pilot is successful, develop long term solution Pilot Test Inspire Invest
  20. 20. 5 steps to a personalization pilot • Ensured unique • Reviewed data • Personal data • Company • Behavior • User preferences • Social data • Reviewed company initiatives • Analyzed traffic • Ensured that there is enough web traffic Location ContentTrafficAlign goalsPick a target • Create content for each segment • Determined prominent interaction points for each segment
  21. 21. Our target opportunity Healthcare, Education and Finance
  22. 22. Technology
  23. 23. Technology “stack”
  24. 24. Personalization Test Plan & Results
  25. 25. Test to make decisions
  26. 26. Test plan • Run (2) A/B tests (personalized messages vs generic messages) Industry targeted hero banners on Industry sessions for Synergy on Downloads page • Measure specific goals Clicks/engagement on banners Bounce rate • Leverage additional analytics tracking Pages per session Average session duration
  27. 27. Hypothesis & success measures Increase engagement/clicks on banner by 10% We believe that industry-specific content personalization on will increase engagement and decrease overall bounce rate. Decrease bounce rate by 5%
  28. 28. Test 1: Personalization on
  29. 29. Test results 7% decrease in bounce rate 30% increase in engagement 10% increase in pages/session 4% increase in average session duration
  30. 30. Test 2: Personalized Synergy sessions
  31. 31. Test results 30% 168% Increase in clicks Increase in clicks
  32. 32. Next steps • Integrated Demandbase plug in for Adobe Experience Manager (CMS) in July • Rolled out personalized vertical homepage banners in early August • Continue to roll out vertical promos and content throughout site • Operationalize the maintenance of personalized experiences
  33. 33. 1. Know your strengths and weaknesses 2. Leverage assets you already have 3. Deliver the content you know your visitor wants 4. Test and retest How can you see results like Citrix?
  34. 34. Who’s coming to your website? • Are they finding what they need? • Are they finding the content you WANT them to find? Measure: Know your strengths and weaknesses
  35. 35. • Who do you WANT to talk to • What do you WANT to tell them Engage: Segment your Audience
  36. 36. Use the assets you already have • Change upfront messaging • Change imagery • Change call-to-action • Speak the language of your visitor • Lead them to the intended CTA Engage  Convert: Test out your message
  37. 37. • Find out what worked – put it into production • Identified what didn’t – test out something different • Repeat Measure: What worked? What didn’t?
  38. 38. Higher Engagement More Conversions More Revenue
  39. 39. Visit the Optimizely Partner Directory:
  40. 40. Q&A
  41. 41. Thank You!