Be Relevant: How Optimization Helps You Know Your Audience


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David Nuffer, Product Manager, Liftopia
Alissa Polucha, Program Manager, Microsoft

In this session, experts from Microsoft and Liftopia help define the use of segmentation within their organizations and share lessons on designing and tailoring products and services that satisfy targeted groups.

Alissa Polucha, Program Manager at Microsoft, provides insights on how the company sees testing and its unique approach to scaling it globally. For products that serve students to gamers, segmentation provides an understanding of how to use signals of a buyer's intent or interest to improve brand marketing overall.

Dave Nuffer, Product Manager at Liftopia, provides simple, inspirational A/B and multivariate testing ideas. His presentation highlights how Optimizely is used to improve the conversion rates of two marketing channels; SEM and Affiliate marketing. Visitors from different entry points have different goals, and by understanding audience goals and serving up the right information immediately, Liftopia can minimize the risk of losing a potential sale.

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Be Relevant: How Optimization Helps You Know Your Audience

  1. 1. Be  Relevant:     How  Op0miza0on  Helps   You  Know  Your  Audience  Dave  Nuffer   Product  Manager,   LiDopia   D_Nuffer   Alissa  Polucha   Program  Manager,   MicrosoD  
  2. 2. Overview:  Li*opia   •  Who  am  I?   •  What  is  LiDopia  and  how  do  we  use  Op0mizely   •  Improving  Search  Engine  Marke0ng  conversion     •  Other  Problems  solved  using  Op0mizely  
  3. 3. Who  am  I?   Dave  Nuffer    |    Product  Manager    |    Lover  of  Data  &  Charts  
  4. 4. What  is  Li*opia?   Li*opia  is  an  ecommerce  pla8orm  for   the  global  ski  and  resort  industry  
  5. 5.   “LiDopia  helps  people   spend  more  0me  doing   the  ac0vi0es  they  love  by   helping  partners  run  their   businesses  more   effec0vely.”   Our  Mission  
  6. 6. Low  barrier  of  entry     Argument  PrevenCon  Tool     Great  customer  support   Why  do  we  use  OpCmizely?  
  7. 7. Segment  OpCmizaCon   A/B  tes0ng  landing  pages  for     search  engine  marke0ng  (SEM)  traffic   CASE  1  
  8. 8. CASE  1  –  Op0mizing  LiDopia  Landing  Pages        Visitors   x  Avg.  $  Size   x  Conversion  %     Internet  $$$   ECOMMERCE   FORMULA  
  9. 9. CASE  1  –  Op0mizing  LiDopia  Landing  Pages   Visitors x Avg. $ Size x Conversion % Paid Ads (Search) Direct Traffic Organic Search Avg. $ Size Avg. $ Size Avg. $ Size C % C %C % Internet $$$ C % Paid Ads (Search)
  10. 10. CASE  1  –  Op0mizing  LiDopia  Landing  Pages   Resort Page
  11. 11. CASE  1  –  Op0mizing  LiDopia  Landing  Pages   Resort Page
  12. 12. CASE  1  –  Op0mizing  LiDopia  Landing  Pages   Resort Page
  13. 13. CASE  1  –  Op0mizing  LiDopia  Landing  Pages   Product Page
  14. 14. CASE  1  –  Op0mizing  LiDopia  Landing  Pages   Product Page
  15. 15. SoluCons  Architect     Byron  to  the  Rescue!   CASE  1  –  Op0mizing  LiDopia  Landing  Pages  
  16. 16. TEST converted 23.7 % more than existing experience CASE  1  –  Op0mizing  LiDopia  Landing  Pages  
  17. 17. CASE  1  –  Op0mizing  LiDopia  Landing  Pages   Normal Resort Page + Product Page Paid Ads (Search) Visitors Variation Resort Page + Product PageSplit Traffic 5/95
  18. 18. Other  Uses  for  OpCmizely   What  started  as  a  A/B  Tes0ng  tool   wound  up  to  be  so  much  more   OTHER  USE  CASES  
  19. 19. Prototyping  Tool  for  Tes0ng  New  Features   OTHER  USE  CASES  –  FEATURE  PROTOTYPING  
  20. 20. Deploying  non-­‐app  fixes  &  one  off  customiza0ons   OTHER  USE  CASES  –  HOTFIXING  PRODUCTION  
  21. 21. Measured  roll  out  of  new  features  or  pages   OTHER  USE  CASES  –  ROLLING  OUT  NEW  FEATURES  
  22. 22. About  Microso*  Store  
  23. 23. Today’s presentation •  Microsoft Store overview •  Our experimentation guidelines and examples •  Segmentation and audience targeting
  24. 24. Microsoft Store overview •  How Microsoft goes direct to consumers to sell the best hardware and software •  75 and counting brick-and-mortar and specialty stores in 3 different countries •  Online store selling in 228 online stores from Antarctica to Zimbabwe
  25. 25. Use customer insights to develop hypothesis, and experiment with different variations. #1: Focus on the problem not the solution
  26. 26. Fol d New designControl New layout drove +112% more clicks
  27. 27. New designControl Segment for gamers: Pre-orders went down 66% All customers: Pre-orders went down 30%
  28. 28. New designControl
  29. 29. Design 1Control Design 2 For gamers: Pre-orders went up 120% All customers: Pre-orders went up 27%
  30. 30. #2: Experimentation never ends Our sites can always be better, continue to test and optimize.
  31. 31. Category page 1 Fold
  32. 32. The image cannot be displayed. Your computer may not have enough memory to open the image, or the image may have been corrupted. Restart your computer, and then open the file again. If the red x still appears, you may have to delete the image and then insert it again. Category page 2 Fold
  33. 33. Category page 3 Fold
  34. 34.     Category page 4 For home and student For small business For Mac Fold
  35. 35.       Category page 5 Fold
  36. 36. Category page 6 Fol d After 6+ tests: +58% in products added to cart +36% in avg. revenue per visitor +10% in engagement
  37. 37. Results: 5% decrease in add to cart clicks
  38. 38. Results: +0.7% increase in add to cart clicks
  39. 39. Results: +2% increase in add to cart clicks
  40. 40. Tailoring messaging, content and imagery to audience segments can drive sales and create a personalized experience
  41. 41. Student VariationControl For students: Revenue went up +17% Add to carts went up +12%
  42. 42. Impact is greater when testing closest to desired action – checkout, sign up, video play…
  43. 43. Reduced Promo Code TreatmentControl Results: Promo code box clicks decreased 34% Checkout button clicks increased 0.6%
  44. 44. Recap: Our Experimentation Guidelines 1. Focus on the problem not the solution 2. Experimentation never ends 3. Know your audience 4. Start at the action
  45. 45. Thank you! Questions?
  46. 46. Be  Relevant:     How  Op0miza0on  Helps   You  Know  Your  Audience  Dave  Nuffer   Product  Manager,   LiDopia   @D_Nuffer   Alissa  Polucha   Program  Manager,   MicrosoD