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A/B Test ideas to Optimize The B2B Funnel


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Your company’s success depends on your ability to win key accounts, but coming up with new testing ideas to keep key accounts engaged throughout a long deal cycle can be a challenge for even the most creative of thinkers. This session will unpack the B2B buyer’s journey on your site, revealing test ideas that optimize every stage of the B2B funnel, impact key business KPIs and leverage account-based marketing tactics to deliver a seamless experience to your target accounts.

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A/B Test ideas to Optimize The B2B Funnel

  1. 1. Test Ideas to Optimize Every Step of the B2B Funnel Arun Sivashankaran Founder & CEO, FunnelEnvy
  2. 2. About FunnelEnvy • Engineers with a marketing problem • Account Based Personalization Platform • Conversion Optimization & Personalization Services OPTIMIZELY SPRING INTO ACTION Behavioral Targeting Intelligence Reports Account Data Marketing Integrations Audience Management Campaign Management Web Analytics Marketing Automation/CRM @asivash
  3. 3. Select B2B Customers & Clients OPTIMIZELY SPRING INTO ACTION @asivash
  4. 4. B2B Goals OPTIMIZELY SPRING INTO ACTION • Increase key conversion rates (leads, trials) • Increase engagement (lead or account) • Increase funnel velocity • Reduce churn / increase LTV • Renew & expand accounts • Referrals @asivash
  5. 5. B2B Realities • Less onsite “direct response” • Long customer journey • Multiple decision makers (enterprise) • Attribution is hard (beyond leads) • Integrate into the stack (MAP, CRM) • Low traffic OPTIMIZELY SPRING INTO ACTION @asivash
  6. 6. OPTIMIZELY SPRING INTO ACTION Customer Distribution ValueperCustomer B2C B2SMB B2Enterprise Market Characteristics @asivash
  7. 7. Customer Journey Scenarios Market characteristics and customer journey informs high potential test ideas 1. Day Trip • Short, high velocity 2. Multi-City • Longer, multiple stages 3. Business Class • Leverages account based characteristics OPTIMIZELY SPRING INTO ACTION @asivash
  8. 8. The Day Trip Short, high velocity, low touch
  9. 9. OPTIMIZELY SPRING INTO ACTION Website Visitor Trial Signup Engaged Customer Customer Journey @asivash
  10. 10. Goals •Initial engagement •Signup (lead, trial, registration) •Improve user experience, reduce churn OPTIMIZELY SPRING INTO ACTION @asivash
  11. 11. OPTIMIZELY SPRING INTO ACTION • Headline & Subheadline • Above the Fold CTA • Remove Distractions • CTA Design Landing Page Optimization 260% Lead Conversions
  12. 12. OPTIMIZELY SPRING INTO ACTION Source: page-articles/the-anatomy-of- a-landi ng-page/ • Concise headline expressing USP • Paid – reflect what was clicked • Benefits of the offering • Empathize with customer pain • Social proof • Single CTA above the fold • Hero shot @asivash
  13. 13. Form fields OPTIMIZELY SPRING INTO ACTION Source: Marketo ( @asivash
  14. 14. Problem: Removing lead fields makes SDRs angry! Solutions: 1. Populate hidden fields 2. Enrich lead data in Marketing Automation OPTIMIZELY SPRING INTO ACTION <input type=“hidden” name=“industry” value=“Health Care”/> <input type=“hidden” name=“company” value=“IBM”/> <input type=“hidden” name=“Employees” value=“500-1000”/> @asivash
  15. 15. SEO Content OPTIMIZELY SPRING INTO ACTION Don’t do this!! @asivash
  16. 16. SEO Content Recommendations •Engaged, self segmenting visitors •Single relevant CTA at the end •Convert to the next logical stage (e.g. gated content) OPTIMIZELY SPRING INTO ACTION @asivash
  17. 17. Pricing Pages OPTIMIZELY SPRING INTO ACTION @asivash
  18. 18. Pricing Tiers • Design: clarity and simplicity • Align pricing with buyer personas • Scale pricing tiers through a core value metric • Set expectations with CTA If the customer is still stuck… OPTIMIZELY SPRING INTO ACTION @asivash
  19. 19. Offer help! OPTIMIZELY SPRING INTO ACTION @asivash
  20. 20. User Onboarding • Increase likelihood of user success at first adoption • Higher engagement, reduced churn • Avoid the “ghost town” effect Higher investment, but can yield very significant returns @asivash
  21. 21. OPTIMIZELY SPRING INTO ACTION Tour Get started (jump right in) Joyride Wizard @asivash
  22. 22. Multi-City Longer, multiple stages
  23. 23. OPTIMIZELY SPRING INTO ACTION Content Download Attend Event Sales Meeting Account Signup Activation Engaged Customer Customer Journey @asivash
  24. 24. OPTIMIZELY SPRING INTO ACTION Targeting Tests by Depth of Engagement Data Dependencies • Behavioral – Links, pages, forms • Application (SaaS) • Marketing automation – Lead – Lead score – Campaigns • CRM – Existing Customers – Opportunities – Sales activity • Possible Goals • Engagement • Convert to lead • Move to the next stage of journey • Renewal & expansion • Advocacy • Referrals @asivash
  25. 25. Remembering the User OPTIMIZELY SPRING INTO ACTION Source: First visit: choose role Return visits: personalized content @asivash
  26. 26. Moving customers through the journey OPTIMIZELY SPRING INTO ACTION Source: eBook downloaded Attend webinar CTA @asivash
  27. 27. Talk to Sales or Support OPTIMIZELY SPRING INTO ACTION Source: @asivash
  28. 28. OPTIMIZELY SPRING INTO ACTION Referrals & Advocacy Booker referral program YesWare: Invite a friend @asivash
  29. 29. Business Class Leverages account based marketing
  30. 30. OPTIMIZELY SPRING INTO ACTION Content Download Attend Event Sales Meeting Account Signup Activation Company Size Audiences Target Companies Target Industries Customer Journey Account Based Dimensions (Companies, Industries) @asivash
  31. 31. OPTIMIZELY SPRING INTO ACTION Customer Distribution ValueperCustomer B2C B2SMB B2Enterprise Market Characteristics @asivash
  32. 32. OPTIMIZELY SPRING INTO ACTION Demand Generation Account Based Marketing @asivash
  33. 33. Account Based Personalization •Differentiated, relevant website experience based on account / firmographic characteristics •Reflects the value of the account as well as the level of engagement •Tightly coupled marketing and sales function •Fewer leads of higher quality from target accounts OPTIMIZELY SPRING INTO ACTION @asivash
  34. 34. OPTIMIZELY SPRING INTO ACTION The Data Dependency Account Dimensions • Firmographic – Company – Location – Industry – Employees – Revenue • Contact - Job Function - Intent Engagement Depth • Behavioral – Links, pages, forms • Marketing Automation – Lead – Lead score – Campaigns • CRM – Accounts – Contacts – Opportunities – Sales activity Test Personalized Experiences with Data @asivash
  35. 35. OPTIMIZELY SPRING INTO ACTION @asivash Personalize Content based on Industry
  36. 36. OPTIMIZELY SPRING INTO ACTION Personalized Landing Page Elements Generic Logo Bar Technology Industry Travel Industry Insurance Industry @asivash
  37. 37. OPTIMIZELY SPRING INTO ACTION Industry Specific Offer Location Specific Offer Default content offer 209% Personalized Gated Content @asivash
  38. 38. Named Account Targeting OPTIMIZELY SPRING INTO ACTION default @asivash
  39. 39. OPTIMIZELY SPRING INTO ACTION Home Page Personalization by Target Account @asivash
  40. 40. OPTIMIZELY SPRING INTO ACTION Flexible hero section Modular personalization bar Customer validation Content & Event Promotions @asivash
  41. 41. Summary • Focus on customer experience, increasing engagement and journey velocity with testing • Understanding your market and customer journey is essential for identifying relevant testing and personalization opportunities • Increased context about the visitor drives more relevant testing ideas • Targeting based on engagement depth can accelerate velocity through the journey • Account Based Personalization can deliver higher quality engagement with target accounts OPTIMIZELY SPRING INTO ACTION @asivash
  42. 42. Takeaways • Map out your customer journey • Identify stages & dimensions • Clearly define goals, KPIs & metrics • Find areas of friction through evidence (quantitative & qualitative) • Define targeting criteria • Integrate data sources if required • Ideas -> hypotheses • Change, impact, evidence • Prioritization –potential impact & level of effort OPTIMIZELY SPRING INTO ACTION
  43. 43. Thanks & Contact Info @asivash @funnelenvy