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Align to Close


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What happens when sales + marketing align?

Published in: Sales
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Align to Close

  1. 1. What happens when sales + marketing align? O P T I M I Z E A N D A M P L I F Y . C O M
  2. 2. We stop wasting resources trying to attract buyers who have no interest. O P T I M I Z E A N D A M P L I F Y . C O M And focus on attracting ideal accounts to engage with us. THE TRADITIONAL SALES FUNNEL FLIPS
  3. 3. TRADITIONAL DEMAND GENERATION GETS PREDICTABLE BECAUSE… You must make yourself known We personalize our interactions across channels where buyers are active. We identify and target with intent the accounts who are the best fit. We treat accounts as ‘markets of one’ with multiple buyers and influencers.
  4. 4. System of Record System of Insight ENGAGEMENT IS ORCHESTRATED, AUTOMATED AND ALWAYS ON …and technology enables the strategy, but doesn’t drive it System of Engagement O P T I M I Z E A N D A M P L I F Y . C O M
  5. 5. • Pipeline • Close rates • Average deal size • Funnel velocity • Lifetime value PROGRESS IS MEASURED BY BUSINESS OUTCOMES …where lift is the leading indicator of revenue
  6. 6. HOW? O P T I M I Z E A N D A M P L I F Y . C O M
  7. 7. • How reliable is your data? −How often is it validated? −Is it segmented and scored? −Can you identify your total addressable market? Target market? White glove accounts? • How many contacts do you have within a single account? −Business decisions are made by more than one person, often 2-5. Shocking but True • Less than 40% of purchased lists are valid. • Less than 10% of inbound leads are actually interested in purchasing from you. IT STARTS WITH DATA QUALITY The #1 Challenge Generating high quality leads O P T I M I Z E A N D A M P L I F Y . C O M
  8. 8. BUYER MOTIVATIONS ARE CLEAR …but the path to purchase is not the triggers  What are the key business issues facing the account? them to individuals  Personas help us understand why they buy their hangouts  Very few buyers will reach out, you must find them where they are active IDENTIFY MAP LOCATE
  9. 9. • Messaging that speaks to the specific target accounts, not the masses • Personalized content that yields increased conversion rates • Marketing that spends less to generate higher ROI O P T I M I Z E A N D A M P L I F Y . C O M ENGAGE ON THEIR TERMS Omnichannel…Differentiated…Efficient D I G I TAL E X P E R I E N C E S : D e s k t o p , M o b i l e , L o c a l i z e d Integrated Planning Always-on Campaigns Content Marketing Organic Search SEO Paid Search PPC Social Media Influencers Marketing Automation Multi-Channel Analytics
  10. 10. CALL +1 855 334 5250 LET’S GET STARTED Sound daunting? We can help build the strategy and translate it into an actionable plan. WE’VE DONE IT BEFORE EMAIL