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Open Signals Idea Book from Optimal


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26 ideas to improve your Facebook ads
We recently announced the availability of our award-winning Open Signals platform, and the interest has been phenomenal. To help you understand just how powerful Open Signals can be for your Facebook campaigns, we’ve put together an Idea Book with 26 different potential uses for Open Signals.

With Open Signals, you can:
• Synchronize TV and Facebook ads
• Trigger different ads based on the weather
• Show inventory-based ads that update automatically based on what’s in stock

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Open Signals Idea Book from Optimal

  1. 1. 26 Ideas For Real-Time Facebook Ads
  2. 2. Fact: Facebook activity does not happen in a vacuum. Signals and indicators from the outside world – such as inventory, traffic, TV ads, even the weather outside - can have a profound effect on consumer behavior inside of Facebook.
  3. 3. If you AREN’T designing Facebook campaigns with these signals in mind…
  4. 4. …you’re missing out on a HUGE opportunity!
  5. 5. Optimal’s Open Signals lets you link any outside data feed with your Facebook ad campaigns.  Inventory  Traffic  TV commercials  Coupon redemptions  Weather  Trending topics
  6. 6. Can’t wait to learn more about Open Signals? Click the orange button and we’ll contact you shortly.
  7. 7. Ok! Ready to see some examples of real-time Facebook ads you can run with Open Signals?
  8. 8. Ecommerce
  9. 9. Increase website traffic. If website traffic drops more than 5 percent below its daily average, drive more visits by showing ads to a targeted audience on Facebook.
  10. 10. Shopping cart abandonment. If a customer abandons their shopping cart on your website, retarget them immediately with ads on Facebook Exchange.
  11. 11. Inventory-based promotions. If a specific product goes on sale, generates positive margins, and you have more than 50 in stock, show Facebook ads.
  12. 12. Retail
  13. 13. Quickly move surplus product. You sell a lot of products with short shelf lives. Whenever you have a surplus, trigger a Facebook ad with a discount to sell it quickly.
  14. 14. Get more in-store foot traffic. If in-store foot traffic drops below average, show geo-targeted ads to everyone on Facebook within a 10mile radius.
  15. 15. Get ahead of the competition. Whenever your competitor runs a huge sale, trigger a price-match guarantee ad on Facebook. Set it to deactivate when the sale ends.
  16. 16. Travel
  17. 17. Fill up your empty hotel rooms. Whenever you have a last-minute hotel room cancellation, trigger a Facebook ad immediately to advertise the vacancy.
  18. 18. Take advantage of airfare sales. If flights to the Caribbean drop below $300, advertise a beach vacation package to all your Facebook fans and customers.
  19. 19. Demonstrate your reliability. Whenever your competitors planes are delayed, trigger Facebook ads within a 25-mile radius of that airport to advertise your own stellar reliability.
  20. 20. Mobile
  21. 21. Increase mobile app downloads. Whenever downloads of your mobile app drop below average, activate a Facebook mobile app download campaign.
  22. 22. Keep mobile app users engaged. If a user hasn’t logged into your app for more than five days, encourage them to log back in with a Facebook mobile app engagement ad.
  23. 23. Trigger or pause ads via SMS. The CEO emails you - you need to pause an active Facebook campaign ASAP! Text “Pause” to a pre-determined number to instantly pause your ads.
  24. 24. Trending Conversations
  25. 25. Support the winning team. It’s Ohio vs. Oregon, and Ohio scores a touchdown! Celebrate the win by triggering Facebook ads for Ohio jerseys (excluding Oregon fans, of course).
  26. 26. Respond to transit delays. Public transit is delayed (again!). Activate Facebook ads to promote your ride-sharing service within 5 miles of the delay.
  27. 27. Stop the flu before it starts. For all metro areas where flu rates are on the rise, show Facebook ads to encourage the public to get vaccinated.
  28. 28. Take advantage of pop culture. A popular singer endorses a product you sell. As long as Facebook’s PTAT (people talking about this) stays high, show ads for that product.
  29. 29. Television
  30. 30. Zero in on the right audience. If a TV show is popular in certain regions, show geo-targeted Facebook ads for a similar show during the commercial breaks.
  31. 31. Vanquish your competition. Every time your competitors’ ads show on TV, trigger your ads to appear on Facebook in the same regions, at the same time.
  32. 32. Be multi-channel in real-time. You’re promoting a new movie. Synchronize your ad campaigns so that the movie trailer appears on Facebook within two seconds of airing on TV.
  33. 33. Financial Services
  34. 34. Stay tuned to the markets. If stocks are going up, advertise a free online trading account. If they’re going down, advertise a fixed rate CD account.
  35. 35. Change with the weather. If odds of hazardous weather are high in any of 40,000 targeted metro areas, show Facebook ads for homeowners insurance.
  36. 36. Know when to buy or sell. If the price of gold is going up, show ads that urge consumers to sell their unwanted jewelry. If it’s going down, advertise low prices on gold coins.
  37. 37. Give customers peace of mind. If car thefts are on the rise in any of 50 major US cities, trigger geotargeted Facebook ads for car insurance with comprehensive auto theft coverage.
  38. 38. Other Real-Time Signals
  39. 39. Be a customer service rockstar. If call center volume is unusually high, trigger Facebook ads to your customers that direct them to your online support page.
  40. 40. Sell out a music show. When the number of available tickets to a music show dips below 50, show last-chance ads. Stop the ads as soon as the last ticket sells.
  41. 41. Do your civic duty. It’s election day! If voter turnout in your district is lower than projected, show ads reminding citizens to get out and vote.
  42. 42. Ready to learn how Open Signals can help you integrate real-time signals into Facebook ads?
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