A simple plantomakegreatholidaylandingpages


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Those of you that want to “juice” a few more holiday conversions out of your site with optimized landing pages. http://www.optimalecommerce.com/a-simple-plan-to-make-great-holiday-landing-pages/

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A simple plantomakegreatholidaylandingpages

  1. 1. Let me show you a easy to follow plan to quickly make themost of your Holiday Landing Pages?You might be telling yourself you are going to wait untilafter the holidays to get serious about optimizing yourLanding Pages - and that is fine, if you are too busy, it iscompletely understandable. But for those of you thatwant to "juice" a few more holiday conversions out ofyour site with optimized landing pages, I have created aeasy to follow plan to make great Holiday Landing Pages- REGARDLESS of the type of site you have (ecommercesite, lead generation etc) - below is a plan that will helpanyone. Time is running out literally - so lets get started. ● Feed the 3 most important areas of the funnelThe first thing that you want to do is get a list of benefitsfor the product or service you are going to be promotingon your Landing Page. You want to get items/tactics inplace that appeal to each area of the Visitor Funnel (Top/Middle/Bottom).Each area of the funnel or “group of visitors” has theirown "list of they expect on a landing page", and assuch, they respond better to different items on the page.HubSpot does a fantastic job in my opinion of breaking
  2. 2. down these visitors into sections of a funnel (source). 1. Top of the Funnel (these visitors typically respond well to lists/"did you know" items), 2. Middle of Funnel (the visitors who typically respond well to Social proof - what others are saying/doing/ buying). 3. Bottom of Funnel - ready to buy, or ready to talk to someone in a Lead Generation?Get a bulleted list of benefits that show how yourproduct or services eases a pain point, or a list ofcompetitive advantages that your product or servicehas over your competitors.Make sure you have something on your Holiday LandingPages for each visitor type in your funnel.
  3. 3. ● Get your FREE SHIPPING in placeOK - you cant offer free shipping on a lead generation site- BUT this is SUCH an important tactic for Landing Pageoptimization on the holidays that I HAVE to list it in the topof each Holiday "Check List".I explain this tactic in detail at this post, but the basicsmake the FREE SHIPPING tactic one of the mostimportant Holiday Conversion Tactics (see Google Trend)....online stores and retailers who DO USE FREESHIPPING as a conversion tactic are converting morevisitors into customers during these 3 months... ● Take the emotion out of your Landing Page Strategy - Test 2 VersionsThis sounds complicated - its not its actually verysimple.You simply have to think of one thing to make differenton your Landing Page. Dont over-think this - if you cantthink of a 2 versions of your holiday landing page 10minutes, here is a simple "tip" to get you over this step andonto the next one.
  4. 4. 1. Just do one version (call it the A Version) with a Holiday themed Call to Action. 2. And then make separate version (call it your B Version) with a Call to action that is a different color and that does NOT have a Holiday theme. SIMPLE.Make 2 versions of your Holiday Landing Page to test. ● Dont forget to say thank you - the RIGHT wayREMEMBER to always use a customized "Thank You"page. Tell the visitor (or the new lead/customer) that youappreciate their info or their order, but then be sure topolitely tell them what to do next and what to expect.
  5. 5. It might be an email coming with a download link, it mighttake an certain amount of time before anything is done -simply let them know that.And never never never forget to encourage themto "Connect" or "Follow You" socially.There you have it a quick and dirty plan and outline tocreating Great Holiday Landing Pages with excellentproven conversion tactics "cooked into each step"Dont get in a hurry to tune and adjust these pages -keep an eye on conversions but keep in mind that holidayshoppers can sometimes get a little "nutso" from one day
  6. 6. to the next so dont be in a hurry to spot or adjust anytrends for a few weeks.Good luck - keep me posted, send links of any LandingPages you have or comment below if you have someLanding Pages that you need reviewed.One more thing, get on the mailing list to get tips like thisin your inbox as I release them.