Optify webinar: 5 New Services Every Agency Can Offer Tomorrow


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Online marketing is growing and more businesses are turning to digital agencies to help them build, run and manage their online marketing campaigns. When the opportunity comes knocking on your door, are you going to be prepared to offer these services? Read this presentation to learn about 5 new services every agency can start offering tomorrow.

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Optify webinar: 5 New Services Every Agency Can Offer Tomorrow

  1. 1. Five  New  Services  Every  Agency  Can  Start  Offering  Tomorrow  
  2. 2. Speakers  Rob Eleveld, CEO, Optify Rob Eleveld, CEO of Optify is a 20-year tech veteran with deep experience in B2B sales and marketing. Rob is passionate about growing business through partner channels at Optify and excited about the opportunity that inbound marketing affords to forward-thinking digital marketing agencies. Follow Rob on Twitter - @RobertEleveldScott Fasser, Director of Digital Marketing Solutions Scott Fasser, Director of Digital Marketing Solutions for Optify has worked in technology product management and internet marketing for 17+ years including games, music, e-commerce, CRM, b2b and SaaS software. Scott loves to learn, teach and talk digital marketing. Follow Scott on Twitter - @ScottFasserPage  2   Five  New  Services  Every  Agency  Can  Start  Offering  Tomorrow  |  @op>fy  
  3. 3. Agenda   •  Growth  in  the  long  tail   •  The  digital  marke>ng  opportunity     •  Five  new  services  every  agency  can  offer  tomorrow   §  SEO   §  Social  Media     §  Email   §  Lead  Management   §  Website  performance     •  Q&A  Page  3   Five  New  Services  Every  Agency  Can  Start  Offering  Tomorrow  |  @op>fy  
  4. 4. Poll  Ques>on  #1   •  How  “old”  is  your  agency?   §  >  1  year   §  1-­‐3  year(s)   §  3-­‐5  years   §  <  5  years   <1  year   11%   1-­‐3  year(s)   20%   3-­‐5  years   15%   >5  years   54%   0%   10%   20%   30%   40%   50%   60%  Page  4   Five  New  Services  Every  Agency  Can  Start  Offering  Tomorrow  |  @op>fy  
  5. 5. Digital  Marke>ng  Agencies  –  growth  in  the  long  tail   North   America   Iden>fiable   Agencies   121,000*  long  tail  agencies       Established   Business   54,000   Largest   Agencies     in  US   900  Cons.  Agencies   25     *Op>fy  data     Roughly  the  same  number  again  in  Europe    Page  5   Five  New  Services  Every  Agency  Can  Start  Offering  Tomorrow  |  @op>fy  
  6. 6. Long  Tail  Agency  Profile     •  “Established”  Long  Tail  Agency   §  3-­‐20  employees  –  making  payroll   each  month     §  5-­‐100  clients  –  repeat  clients  and   at  least  some  on  retainer   •  Every  agency  we  speak  with  is  either:   §  Already  an  “established  business”  trying  to  grow   §  OR  is  trying  to  get  to  be  a  more  consistent  business  (ie  “I  can  quit  my   day  job”)   •  Agencies  originate  from  folks  with  1  of  3  backgrounds   §  Each  has  strong  suits  and  areas  of  need  to  grow  in  Digital  Marke6ng    Page  6   Five  New  Services  Every  Agency  Can  Start  Offering  Tomorrow  |  @op>fy  
  7. 7. Backgrounds  and  Opportuni>es    Background:  CreaBve   Background:  Web  Dev   Background:  Digital  MKTG   §  Strength:  Web  &  other   §  Strength:  Site  launches,   §  Strength:  Digital   branding  designs   custom  apps   campaigns   §  Opportunity:  Data-­‐ §  Opportunity:  Retainer-­‐ §  Opportunity:  More   driven  services,  esp.   based  services,  esp.   services  which  can  be   around  website   content  management  &   executed  by  less   performance  &   lead  gen   experience  folks   itera>ons   Page  7   Five  New  Services  Every  Agency  Can  Start  Offering  Tomorrow  |  @op>fy  
  8. 8. Two  immediate  opportuni>es  to  grow  your  agency     1.  Make  exis>ng  offerings  more  REPEATABLE        Page  8   Five  New  Services  Every  Agency  Can  Start  Offering  Tomorrow  |  @op>fy  
  9. 9. Two  immediate  opportuni>es  to  grow  your  agency     2.  Expand  the  pornolio  of  Digital  Marke>ng  Services          Page  9   Five  New  Services  Every  Agency  Can  Start  Offering  Tomorrow  |  @op>fy  
  10. 10. Poll  Ques>on  #2   •  Are  you  planning  on  adding  services  to  your  agency  in   the  next  12  months?   §  Yes   §  No   §  Not  sure   Yes   84%   No   3%   Not  sure   13%   0%   10%   20%   30%   40%   50%   60%   70%   80%   90%  Page  10   Five  New  Services  Every  Agency  Can  Start  Offering  Tomorrow  |  @op>fy  
  11. 11. 5  New  Services  Every  Agency  Can  Offer  Tomorrow  Page  11   Five  New  Services  Every  Agency  Can  Start  Offering  Tomorrow  |  @op>fy  
  12. 12. SEO  –  Why  It’s  Important   FOR  CLIENTS   FOR  AGENCIES   •  Highest  quality  traffic  that  is   •  Clients  know  they  need  SEO,   not  direct   but  aren’t  sure  what  to  do   •  Free  of  media  cost  >  cost   •  Easy  to  start  as  a  single   effec>ve  traffic   project  (tech  audit)  or  as  a   •  Gets  in  front  of  prospects   three  month  project  with   earlier  in  the  buy  cycle   mul>ple  deliverables   •  Helps  to  focus  and  drive  the   •  Moves  you  into  a  strategic   content  crea>on  process   role  with  client  on   messaging  and  marke>ng   •  Puts  you  in  a  posi>on  to   help  drive  content  crea>on  Page  12   Five  New  Services  Every  Agency  Can  Start  Offering  Tomorrow  |  @op>fy  
  13. 13. SEO  –  Tac>cal  Services   One  Off  Projects   •  SEO  Tech  Audit   •  Compe>>ve  Analysis/Review     Quarterly  Recurring  Projects   •  Keyword  Analysis  and  Recommenda>ons   •  Link  Analysis  and  Recommenda>ons   •  Page  Op>miza>on   Monthly  or  On-­‐Going  AcBviBes   •  Content  Crea>on  for  Blog,  Whitepapers,  Case  Studies,  etc.   •  Content  Syndica>on  >  news  media,  guest  blog  pos>ng,  etc.   •  Link  Building  Research  and  Acquisi>on   •  Repor>ng  and  Analysis  Page  13   Five  New  Services  Every  Agency  Can  Start  Offering  Tomorrow  |  @op>fy  
  14. 14. SEO  Services:  Start  Here!   1.  Load  your  clients  into  Op>fy  and  add  up  to  10  focus  keywords  for  each  client   2.  Add  2-­‐4  compe>tors  to  that  client   3.  Let  Op>fy  check  rankings  for  this  client     §  where  are  the  problem  areas?  Where  are  compe>tors  ranking  higher  than  them?   4.  Learn  more  about  SEO     Resources   •  How  to  start  offering  SEO  services  tomorrow   hvp://www.op>fy.net/inbound-­‐marke>ng/how-­‐to-­‐start-­‐offering-­‐seo-­‐services-­‐ tomorrow     •  SEOmoz  SEO  begginers  guide  www.seomoz.org/beginners-­‐guide-­‐to-­‐seo   •  Google’s  SEO  Starter  Guide   googlewebmastercentral.blogspot.ch/2010/09/seo-­‐starter-­‐guide-­‐updated.html   •  www.op>fy.net/search-­‐marke>ng/bever-­‐seo-­‐through-­‐integrated-­‐content-­‐marke>ng   •  help.op>fy.net   •  Technical  SEO  template   hvp://www.op>fy.net/forms/template-­‐execu>ng-­‐and-­‐delivering-­‐a-­‐technical-­‐seo-­‐audit     •  SEO  Project  Management  template   hvp://www.op>fy.net/forms/seo-­‐project-­‐management-­‐template-­‐for-­‐digital-­‐marke>ng-­‐ agencies    Page  14   Five  New  Services  Every  Agency  Can  Start  Offering  Tomorrow  |  @op>fy  
  15. 15. Social  Media  –  Why  It’s  Important   FOR  CLIENTS   FOR  AGENCIES   •  Many  of  your  clients  and   •  Social  media  can  be  >me   prospects  are  on  social   intensive  >  reviews,  posts,     •  Social  is  a  rela>vely  easy   interac>ons,  etc.   way  to  publish  content,   •  “Doing  Social  Right”  takes   updates,  contests,  etc.   knowledge  and  skill   •  You  can  communicate   •  Social  is  a  great  reten>on   directly  to  fans  of  your   based  service  that  is   business   measurable   •  Your  fans  can  become   advocates  of  your  business  Page  15   Five  New  Services  Every  Agency  Can  Start  Offering  Tomorrow  |  @op>fy  
  16. 16. Social  Media  –  Tac>cal  Services   One  Off  Projects   •  Social  Profile  Audit   •  Social  Media  Strategy   •  Compe>>ve  Analysis/Review     Quarterly  Recurring  Projects   •  Contest  or  Promo>on   •  Social  Influencer  Research  and  Targe>ng   Monthly  or  On-­‐Going  AcBviBes   •  Content  Crea>on  >  posts,  photos,  recipes,  events,  etc.   •  Content  Syndica>on  >  news  media,  guest  blog  pos>ng,  etc.   •  Follower/Network  Growth   •  Repor>ng  and  Analysis  Page  16   Five  New  Services  Every  Agency  Can  Start  Offering  Tomorrow  |  @op>fy  
  17. 17. Social  Media  Services:  Start  Here!   1.  Find  your  clients  profiles  on  Facebook,  Twiver,  LinkedIn  and  Google+   §  Are  they  ac>ve?  Do  they  have  followers/fans/circles?   §  What  is  the  content  they  post?  Is  it  conversa>onal  or  all  marke>ng  speak?   2.  What  about  their  compe>tors  or  other  people  who  fill  that  need?   3.  Use  the  Social  Media  report  template  with  a  client.  Start  by  filling  out  the   baseline  stats.   hvp://www.op>fy.net/wp-­‐content/uploads/2013/03/Op>fy-­‐Social_Media_Report_Template.xlsx     Resources   •  How  to  start  offering  social  media  services  tomorrow   hvp://www.op>fy.net/social-­‐marke>ng-­‐op>fy/how-­‐to-­‐start-­‐offering-­‐social-­‐ media-­‐services-­‐tomorrow     •  Social  media  campaign  guide  and  resources   hvp://www.op>fy.net/form-­‐returns/thank-­‐you-­‐page-­‐how-­‐to-­‐start-­‐offering-­‐ social-­‐media-­‐services-­‐tomorrow   •  HootSuite  Social  media  monitoring  hvp://hootsuite.com/     •  SEOmoz  Social  Authority  hvps://followerwonk.com/social-­‐authority        Page  17   Five  New  Services  Every  Agency  Can  Start  Offering  Tomorrow  |  @op>fy  
  18. 18. Email  –  Why  It’s  Important   FOR  CLIENTS   FOR  AGENCIES   •  The  #1  way  to  reach  out  to   •  Email  requires  some   current  customers   experience  and  skill  to  do   •  You  have  total  control  over   correctly   the  content,  message  and   •  There  is  a  lot  of  project   landing  page   management  in  email   •  Reach  people  on   •  Fits  nicely  with  content   smartphones,  tables  and   crea>on  services   any  computer   •  A  great  service  for  retainer   •  Very  cost  effec>ve   based  rela>onship  Page  18   Five  New  Services  Every  Agency  Can  Start  Offering  Tomorrow  |  @op>fy  
  19. 19. Email  –  Tac>cal  Services   One  Off  Projects   •  Email  Strategy   •  Email  Deliverability  and  Tech  Audit   •  List  Building  Audit  >  Site,  Social,  Blog   •  Technology  Selec>on  and  Integra>on     Quarterly  Recurring  Projects   •  Email  Content  Plan   •  Compe>>ve  Review   Monthly  or  On-­‐Going  AcBviBes   •  Content  Crea>on  >  posts,  photos,  recipes,  events,  etc.   •  Email  Project  Management  >  content  assembly,  forma>ng,  list  management,   send  test,  send  and  results   •  Repor>ng  and  Analysis  Page  19   Five  New  Services  Every  Agency  Can  Start  Offering  Tomorrow  |  @op>fy  
  20. 20. Email  –  Your  Next  Steps   1.  Review  your  clients  sites  for  forms  and  opportuni>es  to  sign-­‐up  for  email   §  If  no  opportunity  to  sign-­‐up  >  client  opportunity  for  service!   2.  If  newslever  sign-­‐up  or  RSS  >  sign-­‐up  for  it  and  see  what  shows  up   §  Is  the  newslever  compelling?  Did  it  ever  show  up?  Does  the  RSS  feed  work?   3.  Start  with  an  Email  and  Landing  Pages  audit   4.  Set  up  basic  autoresponders  for  all  the  forms  on  your  clients’  websites     Resources   •  How  to  offer  email  marke>ng  services  tomorrow   hvp://www.op>fy.net/email-­‐marke>ng-­‐2/how-­‐to-­‐start-­‐offering-­‐email-­‐ marke>ng-­‐services-­‐tomorrow     •  MailChimp’s  Email  Marke>ng  Field  Guide   hvp://mailchimp.com/resources/guides/email-­‐marke>ng-­‐field-­‐guide/     •   ConstantContact  Email  HTML  templates   hvp://www.constantcontact.com/email-­‐marke>ng/html-­‐email-­‐templates/ index.jsp    Page  20   Five  New  Services  Every  Agency  Can  Start  Offering  Tomorrow  |  @op>fy  
  21. 21. Lead  Management:  Why  It’s  Important     FOR  CLIENTS   FOR  AGENCIES   •  It’s  all  about  the  leads   •  With  B2B,  it’s  all  about  the   •  Immediate  impact  on   leads   business  results   •  Immediate  impact  on   •  Full  accountability.  Results-­‐ business  results   based  rela>onship   •  It’s  easy  to  show  results;  it’s   •  Quick  solu>on  to  an  expert-­‐ hard  to  replace   heavy  subject     •  No  one-­‐off  project;  it’s   either  retainer  or  nothing  at   all  Page  21   Five  New  Services  Every  Agency  Can  Start  Offering  Tomorrow  |  @op>fy  
  22. 22. Lead  Management:  Tac>cal  Services   One  Off  Projects   •  Audience  analysis   •  Channel  analysis   •  Lead  assignment  audit  and  updates   •  Lead  scoring  defini>on  (Marke>ng-­‐Sales  alignment)   •  One-­‐off  lead  genera>on  campaigns     Quarterly  Recurring  Projects   •  Lead  processing  audit  (sales  handoff  and  follow  up)   •  Messaging  updates   •  Campaign  specific  analysis   •  Set  and  update  lead  scoring  and  lead  alerts   Monthly  or  On-­‐Going  AcBviBes   •  Customize  landing  pages   •  Integrated  lead  genera>on  campaign  management   •  Weekly  lead  genera>on     •  Lead  priori>za>on  and  lead  list  delivery    Page  22   Five  New  Services  Every  Agency  Can  Start  Offering  Tomorrow  |  @op>fy  
  23. 23. Lead  Management  Services:  Start  Here!!   1.  Read  out  Lead  Genera>on  Campaign  Guide  -­‐   hvp://www.op>fy.net/forms/the-­‐essen>al-­‐guide-­‐to-­‐b2b-­‐lead-­‐genera>on-­‐campaigns     2.  Perform  a  channel  analysis  on  your  own  website  using  Op>fy   3.  Install  the  Op>fy  code  on  your  own  website  and  set  your  daily  lead   emails   4.  Start  offering  the  daily/weekly  lead  report  to  your  clients  as  an  added   service  to  see  if  this  service  can  be  valuable  for  your  clients   5.  Start  offering  the  service  as  an  added  value   Resources:   •  Lead  Genera>on  Campaign  Guide   hvp://www.op>fy.net/forms/the-­‐essen>al-­‐guide-­‐to-­‐b2b-­‐lead-­‐ genera>on-­‐campaigns       •  How  to  offer  visitor  and  lead  intelligence  services  tomorrow   hvp://www.op>fy.net/lead-­‐nurturing/how-­‐to-­‐start-­‐offering-­‐visitor-­‐ intelligence-­‐services-­‐tomorrow     •  Webinar:  Marke>ng  Along  the  Buyer’s  Journey   hvp://www.op>fy.net/inbound-­‐marke>ng-­‐resources/how-­‐to-­‐webinars/ marke>ng-­‐along-­‐the-­‐buyers-­‐journey       Five  New  Services  Every  Agency  Can  Start  Offering  Tomorrow  |  @op>fy  Page  23  
  24. 24. Website  Performance  Analysis  –  Why  It’s  Important   FOR  CLIENTS   FOR  AGENCIES   •  Website  is  the  new   •  It’s  the  entry  point  to  a   storefront   client’s  digital  marke>ng   •  Inbound  sources  account  for   work   vast  majority  of  traffic  to   •  Basic  website  performance   website  –  small   capabili>es  are  core  to  any   improvements  can  have  big   digital  marke>ng  agency   impact   •  It’s  the  easiest,  lowest   •  Most  changes  are  low   investment  service  you  can   hanging  fruits  that  with   offer   proper  aven>on  can  be   fixed   Page  24   Five  New  Services  Every  Agency  Can  Start  Offering  Tomorrow  |  @op>fy  
  25. 25. Website  Performance  Analysis  –  Tac>cal  Services   One  Off  Projects   •  Website  audit   •  Landing  page  audit     •  Website  audience  analysis   •  website  redesign     Quarterly  Recurring  Projects   •  Email  Content  Plan   •  Compe>>ve  Review   Monthly  or  On-­‐Going  AcBviBes   •  Website  performance  repor>ng   •  A/B  Tes>ng   •  Landing  Pages  op>miza>on  Page  25   Five  New  Services  Every  Agency  Can  Start  Offering  Tomorrow  |  @op>fy  
  26. 26. Website  Performance  Analysis:  Start  Here!   1.  Familiarize  with  Google  Analy>cs  and  basic  reports   hvp://support.google.com/analy>cs/bin/answer.py? hl=en&answer=1008015&topic=1727146&ctx=topic     2.  Install  the  Op>fy  Tracking  code  on  your  website  and  on  your  clients’  sites   3.  Create  three  basic  reports:     1.  Audience  overview  in  Google  Analy>cs   2.  Content  overview  in  Google  Analy>cs   3.  Traffic  and  leads  by  source  in  Op>fy   4.  Establish  baseline  data  points  for  traffic,  leads,  and  pageviews  as  well  as  top   visited  pages.  Record  them  for  each  client.   5.  Offer  basic  monitoring  and  repor>ng  service  as  an  added  value  to  all  your   clients.   Resources   •  Four  new  reports  each  agency  should  offer   hvp://www.op>fy.net/digital-­‐marke>ng-­‐agency/four-­‐new-­‐reports-­‐every-­‐ digital-­‐marke>ng-­‐agency-­‐should-­‐offer-­‐tomorrow     •  Google  Analy>cs  Ge~ng  Started  Guide   hvp://support.google.com/analy>cs/bin/answer.py? hl=en&answer=1008015&topic=1726909&ctx=topic    Page  26   Five  New  Services  Every  Agency  Can  Start  Offering  Tomorrow  |  @op>fy  
  27. 27. Q&A  Page  27   Five  New  Services  Every  Agency  Can  Start  Offering  Tomorrow  |  @op>fy  
  28. 28. ABOUT  OPTIFY   Optify delivers a simple digital marketing software suite for agencies. Our complete cloud-based software eliminates the need for standalone tools and empowers agency marketers to easily create and manage demand generation programs across multiple websites, nurture prospects, prioritize the best performing programs and streamline reporting of client results - all from one login. Optify offers tailored editions (features and pricing) of our solution specifically for digital marketing agencies and small/ medium size businesses including Optify Professional, Optify Team and Optify Complete. For more information on products, pricing or partnership, please visit us at www.optify.net or call +1 877.2.OPTIFY (+1 877.267.8439). Visit the Optify Lead Generation Blog and follow Optify on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. Optify, Inc 710 2nd Ave, Suite 840 Seattle, WA 98104 1 (206) 388-4234 (phone) 1 (877) 2-OPTIFY (toll-free) 1 (206) 787-1410 (fax) Sales: sales@optify.net Help: support@optify.net Other Inquiries: info@optify.netPage  28   Five  New  Services  Every  Agency  Can  Start  Offering  Tomorrow  |  @op>fy