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OptfinITy presents an introduction to the Windows 8 UI as well as tips and tricks for using the new interface and new capabilities at work and at home.

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  • Hello, my name is <Name>. I’m eager to talk to you today about Windows 8 Pro for your business.
  • [SLIDE OBJECTIVE: This is the Windows 8 Pro promise and the promise statement that tells the customer exactly what they are getting from Windows 8 Pro.] Talk Track:Introducing Windows 8 Pro - delivering new levels of integration, security, and productivity, all without sacrificing performance or choice. Windows 8 Pro is built for business and compatible with life.
  • [SLIDE OBJECTIVE: Create excitement about what the new Windows 8 means for their business and emphasize this is a whole new Windows, not just an upgrade.]Talk Track: INTRODUCTION TO WINDOWS 8Windows has been reimagined to focus on your business and life. Windows has a new beautiful, fast, and fluid design. Behind the new look of Windows 8 is the rock-solid foundation you’ve come to expect from Windows 7. Just like Windows 7, security and reliability features are built into Windows 8. Everything that was great about Windows 7 is even better.The new Start screen has all of the information you care about in one place, such as your contacts, the weather, and the next appointment on your calendar. Windows 8 is truly yours: websites, news, people, contacts, and your favorite apps are front and center. Because you decide how to organize and group things on the screen, viewing and interacting with content is faster than ever. The tiles on your Start screen are brimming with content, and they change and update in real time so you can see what’s going on and stay on top of things. Windows 8 is hands-on and designed to eliminate the need to choose between this and that.. Between consumption and productivity, between powerful capabilities and long battery life. … between touch and mouse and keyboard, for example. Because you work in different ways depending on which app you’re using, Windows 8 makes it easy to use touch or mouse and keyboard, whichever method works best. And the most efficient way to get stuff done is immediately available. Whether you’re browsing apps, reading a book, or typing on the go with touch, creating a project that requires the more productive horsepower of a traditional mouse and keyboard, or doing everything at once, Windows 8 makes it easy. You use whatever works best, whenever it works best. No tradeoffs. Windows 8 also incorporates the familiar PC desktop that you know today. In the desktop, you’ll see that the settings and features you used in Windows 7 are still there. Apps are the heart of Windows 8. Windows 8 provides you with built in apps, and access to the Windows store where you can easily browse, try, buy and manage apps for thousands of apps. The majority of your existing apps that run on Windows 7 will run on Windows 8.Windows 8 is cloud-connected. Your Microsoft account is like a portable, personal PC that appears on any Windows 8 device you’re using. Sign in to your Windows 8 device with your Microsoft account and you’re immediately connected to the people, files, and settings you care about. Your PC comes to life with all the things that make Windows yours, including your Start page, themes, language preferences, browsing history, and browser favorites. You can connect your favorite services to your Microsoft account, too—services like Microsoft Hotmail, Microsoft Messenger, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more. And you can immediately get to your photos, docs, and other files, whether they’re on Microsoft SkyDrive, Facebook, Flickr, or other services.All of these new Windows 8 features, and more, are available on a wide range of hardware…(segue to next slide)
  • [SLIDE OBJECTIVE: Communicate how businesses no longer have to compromise when deciding on which device is best for their business.]Talk Track: INTRODUCE THE NEW WIDE RANGE OF HARDWAREThe beautiful, fast, and fluid design is perfect for a range of hardware: from compact, touch-enabled tablets and lightweight notebooks, to PCs and large, powerful all-in-ones with high-definition screens. With Windows 8, you don’t have to choose between a touch device and a hard-working PC because you can have it both ways. And whether you like to stay put or work on the go, you can enjoy the power, convenience, and versatility of Windows across a new wide range of hardware.Windows 8 is designed for a touch or mouse & keyboard experience providing a fast, fluid and responsive experience, supporting multipoint touch capabilities. Touch experience can be used for precise targeting with efficient on-screen typing and consistent app behavior with a modern track pad. Windows 8 devices will be thinner, lighter, faster offering faster boot and greatly reduced Wi-Fi connection times and new processes and materials making it easier to get it all done wherever and whenever you need.Because Windows 8 can run on low-power CPUs, you can work much longer on a single charge. That means you can stay connected so your PC is ready when you are. Battery life is longer and connections are stronger so you’ll be able to find a device to suit you for work or play. Windows 8 provides advanced security capabilities that keep you more secure against malware intrusion. Windows 8 Pro devices are better protected with easy-to-deploy data encryption with BitLocker, and more protected with strong access control to resources with domain join and Group Policy. Windows 8 supports devices with built-in sensors, providing new and tailored app experiences. Sensors supported with Windows 8 include accelerometer, geolocation, inclinometer, gyrometer, compass, ambient-light, orientation and simple orientation of a device.Windows 8 devices are extensible with the latest in technology: USB 3 offers up 10x speed of USB 2.0, higher power for charging, lower power requirements; Bluetooth LE (low energy aka low power) delivers low power wireless connectivity for longer battery life or new classes of low power devices; Wi-Fi Direct provides high bandwidth, secure, peer-to-peer device connectivity between PCs and devices; Near-field Communication is a low bandwidth, short range communication technology perfectly suited for person-to-person sharing and simplifying device pairingYou will get a high quality experience on any certified Windows 8 device providing a great common experience. This common experience provides what users need. For example all tablets that meet specifications will have a USB port, webcam and five buttons. All certified PCs will come with UEFI to ensure fast, secure booting. And where there are cases that businesses have requirements that conflict with the standard certification requirements, Windows 8 will also power specialized solutions.Windows 8 is now supported with amazing set of new device designs, in new and traditional form factors. Windows 8 provides one interface across all devices, with a consistent UI and functionality offering you the versatility to chose the device that works best for how you work. From tablets and convertibles to notebooks large and small to desktops and all-in-ones with large, high-definition screens. Windows will keep supporting the special devices that make Windows power business – PCs that can take a 50 caliber bullet and tablets that can be sanitized for use in healthcare. This is all part of the Windows value to business – for any scenario there is a solution and device designed for the job. Windows 8 leverages an unprecedented time of PC hardware innovation driven by mobility, integration, connectivity and security.
  • [SLIDE OBJECTIVE: This slides emphasizes how Windows 8 Pro will help keep them connected to their information and devices ]Talk Track:Your business isn't standing still. And neither are you. But just because you're out of the office doesn't mean you can be out of touch. You've got to stay connected to your work no matter where you go. Whether you're working from across town, or across the country, Windows 8 Pro helps keeps it all at your fingertips wherever and whenever you need it. And not only can access your files, devices, apps, and media, you can do so with confidence knowing Windows 8 Pro is there helping to protect your information and privacy.Stay connected to information and people with tiles* that are live with content. This re-imagined interface allows you to stay aware of what’s important as your Start screen comes alive with activity that's updated in real time. Take it all with you for a seamless, personal experience on any Windows 8 device with Microsoft account and Sync PC settings. Always feel connected as your apps, profile, people and settings can sync automatically on any Windows 8 device. Your mail, calendar, and contacts are always handy and accessible through built-in apps that automatically stay current and organized via Exchange ActiveSync.Accessing your office network is a snap with VPN client available on Windows 8 Pro. This native software helps more securely connect you to your network from a remote location, allowing you to work from virtually anywhere. But what if work takes you away from internet access? No problem. Just use Mobile broadband**, the built-in broadband feature in Windows 8 Pro that makes it easier to get connected and stay connected even if Wi-Fi is not available. Built-in Wi-Fi helps manage which connection to use as it automatically switches to Wi-Fi (vs. mobile broadband) if they’re available, which saves costs and improves bandwidth.With Windows 8 Pro, you can access files, apps and media from your desktop via another Windows based device with Remote Desktop. It provides access to another device running Windows via the internet, so you can access what you need, or allow IT to help from remote locations. So what if work takes you so far off the map you don't have internet or mobile coverage? Offline files lets you work offline and then automatically synchronizes between your PC and network content later when you come online.* Requires internet connection** Requires access via your mobile telecommunication contract
  • [SLIDE OBJECTIVE: Reassure customer that Windows 8 Pro will help keep their information, devices, and private data secure.]Talk Track:One of your main concerns is securing information and privacy, and Windows 8 Pro gives you more peace of mind.It can be a scary world out there. The last thing your business needs is to have a setback because your critical information, customer data, or hardware is damaged, lost, or stolen. Your business needs end-to-end security that helps protect your information, your customers, your people, your devices, and your privacy. Windows 8 Pro can help do all of that, and so much more.Trusted Boot is your first line of defense, helping to keep your device safe and trouble-free by running several self-healing processes at start-up. This helps your device be more secure every time it starts up.BitLocker helps protect your hard drive’s information from prying eyes and compromise, so you know if your information or device is damaged, lost, or stolen, its contents are encrypted for security.And when you have to send a piece of critical information on a USB or external hard drive, BitLocker To Go provides that same level of security for external devices. So you can rest assure knowing that your information is safer, no matter where it goes.With its tremendous advancements in security and performance, Internet Explorer 10 allows you download files and surf the net more securely than ever. And with so many malicious agents out there, you need Windows Defender to help secure your device, apps and information from malware like viruses, spyware and Trojans. Plus, Windows SmartScreen Filter helps protect against socially-engineered attacks, such as phishing sites and malware downloads.
  • [SLIDE OBJECTIVE: Focus on how Windows 8 pro simplifies IT management]Talk Track:With technology, comes a huge responsibility of managing it all. Windows 8 Pro was specifically designed to help do just that. Managing your company's technology needs has never been simpler as Windows 8 Pro lets you easily orchestrate user settings, updates, and security options on all of your devices. With a wide offering of IT management tools, Windows 8 Pro takes some of the pain out of managing hardware, software, and personnel. Windows 8 Pro comes with management features such as domain join which joins Windows 8 Pro devices to your business network domain to better secure and manage your users and their devices.UseGroup Policy in Windows 8 Pro to set simplified security and IT policies including enforcing password rules, restricting data access and managing users connecting to your business network and data. And if you need to provide your Windows 8 device to a new employee or start afresh, with one easy click you can reset your PC to the state you first got it. No need to call your IT for help on this. So what makes Windows 8 Pro so reliable, efficient, and powerful? Simple, it uses the same proven platform of Windows 7. The truly amazing part is Windows 8 Pro is faster, simpler, and better, but it is designed to works right alongside Windows 7 and current Windows server infrastructure.And Windows 8 Pro is still fully compatible with the majority of existing applications that run on Windows 7.Windows 8 Pro allows you to grow into additional business features offered through Professional Grade Offerings. Offerings such as Windows Intuneand Volume Licensing that deliver even more control, flexibility, and efficiencies.
  • [Slide Objective: Emphasize a key benefit of Windows 8 Pro which is eligibility for profession grade services from Microsoft.]Talk Track: Professional Grade ServicesNot only does Windows 8 Pro provide all the key features businesses need, but it also allows you to be eligible for professional grade offerings that provide new levels of time and cost efficiency as well as productivity, security and scalability that some growing businesses demand.Some of the key Professional Grade Offerings you will be eligible for as a Windows 8 Pro user include:Windows IntuneWindows Intune provides PC and mobile device management, security features, up-to-dateprotection from malware, updates, as well as the ability distribute licensed software and deliver remote assistance all from one single, integrated Web tool. In addition, subscribers get upgrade license to the latest version of Windows, helping to keep your Windows-based PCs up-to-date and secure from virtually anywhere. Volume LicensingWindows Volume Licensing offers savings for small business withbetween 5 to 250 PCs. These Microsoft Volume Licensing programs provide convenience and flexibility for small organizations:Open Value: Optimal for organizations that want to standardize their IT infrastructure and maximize their investment with Software Assurance. You can also upgrade at any time—no need to track versions or open new agreements.Open Value Subscription: Get the benefits of Open Value with lower up-front costs and the ability to increase or decrease license count on an annual basis to accommodate changes in desktop PC count.Open License: Entry-level program that allows you to start using software immediately and pay as you go. Software AssuranceWith Software Assurance for Windows we enable our business customers to implement new flexible workstyle scenarios, including working on the road, working from home, working with multiple corporate devices or bringing your own personal device into the Enterprise. Software Assurance gives you unique access to elements that can boost employee productivity and provide you with flexible upgrade options with predictable costs – all in one cost-effective program which includes: Windows 8 EnterpriseWindows 8 Enterprise features include all the capabilities that customers get with Windows 8 Pro, plus premium features designed to provide the mobile productivity, security, manageability and virtualization needs of today’s large businesses. Software Assurance for Windows gives customers unique access to the premium features in Windows 8 Enterprise.Microsoft Desktop Optimization PackIn addition to Windows 8 Enterprise, Software Assurance customers also have the ability to subscribe to MDOP. MDOP helps enterprise customers take advantage of desktop virtualization, manage Windows features, and restore user productivity after a system issue. Unique access to professional grade services like these is just one more reason why moving to Windows 8 Pro is the right decision for business…(segue to next slide)
  • [Slide Objective: Objection handler in relation to Windows 8 Pro when customer says – I am happy with Windows 7 why should I move to Windows 8.][Please note that this should not be the lead message in any marketing or customer engagements. Intended as objection handler only.]TalkTrackIf you like Windows 7, then you will love Windows 8 Pro because it is a better Windows 7 than Windows 7. When you load Windows 8 on a current Windows 7 machine you will notice that PC boots faster and provides longer battery life with better system performance. This experience is even better when on new hardware designed for Windows 8.With connected standby your Windows 8 Pro tablets, laptops and desktops will turn on instantly and have tiles and other services update even while the screen is off. Windows 8 Pro likes tablets, laptops and desktops are designed to provide longer battery life so you can do more on a single charge.Windows 8 devices come with UEFI chips that help secure your tablets, laptops and desktops from malware every time it boots. In addition Windows 8 Pro comes with BitLocker and BitLocker To Go that encrypt drives of your tablets, laptops, desktops and external hard drives like USBs.The new Windows 8 network settings allow you to turn individual radios on and off (Wi-Fi, mobile broadband, or Bluetooth), as well as disable all radios at once with the new “airplane mode”. Windows 8 integrates mobile broadband as a first-class connectivity experience within Windows – right alongside Wi-Fi. When you resume from standby, Windows 8 reconnects you faster to your preferred Wi-Fi networks by optimizing operations. This means you can reconnect your PC to a Wi-Fi network from standby in about a second –oftentimes before your display is even ready. You do not have to do anything special for this – Windows 8 just learns which networks you prefer and manages everything for you. If you’re one of the many people who use multiple monitors, you’ll find it more flexible than ever. With many types of hardware, you can display the Start screen on one monitor and the desktop on the others. Desktop backgrounds can be different on each monitor or can stretch across your screens.Windows Explorer is enhanced to make file management and navigation straightforward. The ribbon organizes Windows Explorer and reveals features that used to be hidden. It’s easier to view and manage all of your file operations in one place.Windows 8 also improves on the Task manager which is a handy dashboard that you can use to monitor and control your PC so you always know what’s going on. Color-coded tiles present information in a way that’s easy to understand. The Task Manager is optimized for the most common scenarios like ending processes quickly and efficiently or diagnosing performance issues. In addition the new Task Manager now contains friendly names, which makes it easy for you to find out what a particular process is.And many more new benefits of Windows 8 like the new Start screen, touch gestures and amazing new hardware that make Windows 8 Pro better than Windows 7.
  • [Slide Objective: Explain the new Windows RT option for select businesses but emphasize it does not include all the features of Windows 8 Pro.]Talk Track:With Windows RT there has been a lot of hardware and software innovation. Windows RT runs on ARM processors, which helps build a device with long battery life and new form factors (thin, light, and sleek devices.) Windows RT is built on a new paradigm (preconfigured system on certified hardware), which helps ensure that users have high quality and predictable experience over time. While Windows RT offers great benefits mentioned above, it shares commonality and shared code with Windows 8, offering consistent great Windows experience. Windows RT is compatible with certified peripherals including class drivers for most peripherals, and the majority of mice, keyboards, printers, or USB storages are supported out of the box.Windows RT can run apps from the Windows Store. Businesses can also use internally-developed business apps via side-loading on Windows RT.Windows RT includes new UI and the desktop, with Office Home & Student 2013 RT Preview1 (with touch-optimized Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote) included, to allow end users to be productive out of the box. Business customers need a VL step up Office SKU for commercial use rights. Final Office version will be installed via Windows Update when available (free download; ISP fees apply). Windows RT software updates automatically through Windows Update, which cannot be turned off (unlike Windows 8). Like Windows 8, Windows RT comes with inbox mail client, which works with Exchange Server, Hotmail, or other email services. It natively supports touch, mouse, and keyboard, and multiple users can create accounts on the same device.Windows RT supports mobile broadband networking and includes inbox VPN client (for Microsoft, Cisco, CheckPoint, Juniper and other servers) and supports multi-factor authentication (smartcard and virtual smartcard). Business users can access line-of-business apps (which cannot be installed on the desktop) via remote access so that they can stay productive. It is equipped with UEFI and TPM chip and is very secure by default. Through the Mail app, businesses can also manage these devices via Exchange ActiveSync (EAS).Unlike Windows 8, Windows RT does not allow for installation of desktop applications. Besides side-loaded Windows 8 apps, Windows RT works exclusively with apps downloaded from the Windows Store.  1Preview edition installed. Final Office version will be installed via Windows Update when available (free download; ISP fees apply). Some features and programs unsupported. For more information, see http://office.com/officeRT 
  • This is ridiculously long:Speaking of computer disasters, if you want to reboot your system into Safe Mode, you can’t just jam on the F8 key prior to Windows 8 loading: You have to first enable Safe Mode itself. Type “cmd” on your Metro UI, right-click on the Command Prompt app (called “cmd”), and select to run it as an administrator. Then type “bcdedit /enum /v” on the command prompt screen and hit Enter. Copy the entire “identifier” string (including the braces) for the entry that has “Windows 8 Consumer Preview” as the description, not “Windows Boot manager.” Then, type the following into the command prompt: bcdedit /copy youridentifierstring /d “Windows Developer Preview (Safe Mode)” and hit Enter. After that, type in “msconfig” and hit enter.Click on the “Boot” tab and select the entry called “Windows Developer Preview (Safe Mode).” Click on the “Safe Boot” option, the “Make All Boot Settings Permanent” option, click OK, and click “Yes.” Restart your system, and you’ll be given the option to launch either your normal Windows 8 environment or your new Safe Mode environment.
  • Select an image and draw a combination of gestures which can includeCirclesStraight linesTapsYou will have to replicate all three gestures in the order they were created in order for your system to authenticate you.
  • One of the more peculiar features of Windows 8 is just how much Microsoft buries the shutdown button within its Metro UI – you know, the way you go about turning off your PC when you’re done for the day. You can always switch over to Desktop mode and give it the ol’ alt+F4 to receive your shutdown options. But you can also create actual shutdown tiles that accomplish the same effect in Metro.Within Desktop mode, right-click on the desktop and create a new shortcut. For it’s “location,” you’ll want to type in the following: shutdown.exe -s -t 00. Feel free to name the shortcut whatever you want (“Nuke it from orbit?”). Once it’s on your desktop, fire up Windows Explorer and move the shortcut to your C:\\ProgramData\\Microsoft\\Windows\\Start Menu\\Programs directory. Jump back to your Metro interface and you’ll see your Shutdown button appear as a brand-new tile. Click once, and off goes your system!
  • OptfinITy Windows 8 Preview

    1. 1. Michael DrobnisPresidentOptfinITy Windows 8 Pro: For Small Business
    2. 2. OptfinITy Founded in 2002 with a Headquartered focus on in the providing Washington, Peace of Mind DC Metro area
    3. 3.  IT Strategy and Assessments Managed Services ◦ 24 x 7 Network Operations Center ◦ 24 x 7 Technical Support Helpdesk ◦ Infrastructure Support Software and Database Development Website Development ◦ Content Management (CMS Works, Wordpress) ◦ Sharepoint ◦ Search Engine Optimization Mobile Application Development ◦ iOS (iPhone, iPad), Android (Phone & Tablet) Phone Systems
    4. 4. Windows 8 ProBuilt for business,compatible with life.
    5. 5. WindowsreimaginedBuilt on a solid foundationThe new Start screenTouch, keyboard and mouseFamiliar Windows desktopAll the apps you wantWindows StoreCloud-connectedWide range of hardware
    6. 6. Amazing newhardware choicesTouch, keyboard and mouseThinner, lighter, fasterLonger battery lifeAdvanced securitySensors and extensibilityCertified to high standardsTablets & convertiblesNotebooks, desktops & all-in-ones
    7. 7. Keep everythingconnectedWindows 8 Pro keeps it all atyour fingertips wherever andwhenever you need it.
    8. 8. Protect yourbusinessOne of your main concerns is ssecuring information andprivacy, and Windows 8 Progives you more peace of mind.
    9. 9. Take controlManaging your company’stechnology needs hasnever been simpler.Windows 8 Prolets you easily manage usersettings, updates, andsecurity options on all ofyour devices.
    10. 10. Eligible for professional grade offerings with Windows 8 Pro
    11. 11. A betterWindows 7 thanWindows 7Faster boot timesLonger battery lifeBetter performanceMore secureFaster WI-FI reconnectionMulti-monitor improvementsMore powerful file explorer with ribbon UIImproved task managerPlus other new benefits of Windows 8…
    12. 12. Windows RT
    13. 13. Just type it
    14. 14. Screenshotsare easy
    15. 15. Hot Corners
    16. 16. Hotkeys are yourfriendsUse your keyboard tonavigate around theMetro UI interface
    17. 17. PC settingsFind the contents of theControl Panel in the Settingsmenu in the Charms Bar toadjust your screen’sbackground, colors, hownotifications and Windows 8built-in search work, thenames of the attacheddevices, and your specificsynchronization settings.
    18. 18. Reset your PCWhen something hasgone wrong, click on theGeneral tab in the PCsettings & selectRefresh. This returnsyour system to thefactory-default settings,but it keeps your Userfiles.
    19. 19. Enable safe modeDon’t press F8! Type“cmd” on the MetroUI, right-click on theCommand Promptapp, and select to runit as an administrator.
    20. 20. Super AdminHover cursor over thelower-left corner ofMetro or Desktop until itpops up the livethumbnail, then right-click: The menu givesyou a shortcut to poweruser options.
    21. 21. Fast uninstall apps
    22. 22. Classic Desktop
    23. 23. Password Protection
    24. 24. Task Manager
    25. 25. Visual PasswordsClick the Settingsmenu on Charms Bar& click “More PCSettings.” Click“Users” & selectoption to create apicture password.
    26. 26. Tile ManagementDrag tiles around, usethe magnifying glassicon in the lower-right corner to move acolumn or right clickto re-size. Can’t movemultiple tiles – sorry!
    27. 27. Sync UpLoad your preferredthemes, settings,languages, and appsettings on anyWindows 8 machineyou use
    28. 28. Shut downCreate a shutdowntile in Metro