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Planning To Inform - The strategic importance of Families Information Services


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An A2 leaflet produced for the FIS Development Project, demonstrating the strategic position of Families Information Services in delivering the information duty mandated on Local Authorities under section 12 of the Childcare Act.

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Planning To Inform - The strategic importance of Families Information Services

  1. 1. www.opp-links.org.uk (DCSF). For further information please visit: with a parental responsibility and others with care of a child, such as grandparents. Department for Children, Schools and Families www.familyinformationservices.org.uk * All references to parents, mothers or fathers in this document also include non-resident parents, foster parents, those by Opportunity Links on behalf of the www.chis.biz/regional-project and The FIS Development Project is delivered support resources are available at: of the Parent Know How Directory. Further send any comments to: FIS@opp-links.org.uk should be reflected in local strategic plans such contribute to these. support delivery of FIS and implementation feedback to inform future versions. Please within and outside of the local authority. This examples of practical ways in which FIS can partnership with the DCSF and NAFIS to Development Project. We would welcome be linked into a network of partner agencies priorities that FIS can support and provides The FIS Development Project works in This document has been produced by the FIS To enable successful delivery the FIS should This document sets out local and national and Local Area Agreements. Young People’s Plan (CYPP). The Local Authority national indicator set • as the Parenting Strategy and the Children and variety of access points. deliver a seamless information offer through a Early Learning and Childcare document ” how the FIS links with partner agencies to The priorities set out in the Next Steps for • the Childcare Act ” parenting strategy or the CYPP. It should show the Childcare Act information and support that they receive Statutory Guidance to Section 12 of or part of another strategic plan such as the Statutory Guidance to Section 12 of fathers and mothers* satisfied with the strategy. This can be a stand-alone document other support services. The Children’s Plan’s 2020 goal of both • planned and delivered through an information information to parents. Implementation of Section 12 should be contribute to broader objectives such as: offering to parents with partnership with other services can also approach to provision of Joined up, effective planning of the FIS in joined up and coordinated Parenting Strategy and CYPP? to ensure a joined-up takes place at a strategic level. related strategies such as the provided as part of a Section 12 it is essential that planning of the FIS communications strategies in your locality? Is this linked with In order to achieve successful implementation of Information should be “ local authority and partner agencies establish and maintain Information Service (FIS). inclusive information across the be with Children’s Trusts. deliver this through provision of a Families that local authorities to deliver consistent, integrated, “ children up to the age of 20. Local authorities information duty should 2. Have you developed a strategy It is recommended information, advice and assistance to parents of for delivery of the top tier local authorities in England to deliver information duty) places a statutory duty on all The strategic lead progress of its implementation. Section 12 of the Childcare Act 2006 (the 12, and ideally, a steering group to monitor local authority who is accountable for Section and used to inform planning. Trust. There should be a named officer in the monitoring and evaluation should be analysed strategically at a senior level in the Children’s of Families Information Services needs of the local community. Data gathered on A fully integrated FIS needs to be led impact of the FIS and ensure it is meeting the in place to measure the delivery, reach and The strategic importance to ensure it is implemented? Local authorities should have clear processes mothers, children and young people against Section 12? authority across services for fathers, to inform you are successfully delivering 12? Do they have sufficient strategic 3. How are you measuring whether 1. Who has accountability for Section progress in implementing Section 12 of the Childcare Act 2006. Planning The FIS Development Project has drafted the following set of questions to challenge local authorities’ meeting the information duty? How is your local authority FIS Development Project How the FIS supports This table sets out priority areas to which FIS can contribute. These are intended as local and national priorities examples rather than as an exhaustive list, as there are a significant number of local and national priorities where FIS can potentially have an impact. National policy or Local priority Examples of how FIS supports the priority Delivery partners National indicator legislation • FIS provides a parent-focused, quality assured service based on NI 14 Avoidable contact: The comprehensive childcare information and specific expertise • Section 12, Childcare Act 2006 average number of customer • Ofsted Information, Advice and • FIS delivers a specialist brokerage service to support fathers and • Aiming High for Disabled contacts per received • Childcare Providers Assistance for Parents mothers who are not able to find suitable childcare Children customer request • Parent Know How Services • FIS provides a single point of contact for information on services, • Children’s Plan NI 54 Services for disabled facilities and publications for parents of children aged 0-20 children • FIS holds a definitive database of childcare supply • LA Sufficiency Lead • Sections 6 and 11, Childcare • FIS holds data on childcare demand and gaps in sufficiency NI 118 Take up of formal Assess and Secure • Childcare Development Officers Act 2006 through delivery of its information and brokerage services childcare by low income Childcare Sufficiency • Childcare Workforce • 2020 Children and Young • FIS supports development of the childcare workforce by providing families Development Council People’s Workforce Strategy access to funding, training and recruitment opportunities • FIS provides information to fathers and mothers on-site or • Children’s Centre Practice through outreach and information access points at children’s • Children’s Centres Guidance NI 88 Number of extended Children’s Centres and centres and schools • Schools • Extended Schools Prospectus schools Extended Services • FIS promotes children’s centres and extended services to parents • Providers of Services at Children’s • Every Child Matters NI 109 Number of Sure Start • FIS supports swift and easy access to specialist services through Centres and Schools • Next Steps for Early Learning Children’s Centres its database of provision and Childcare • FIS is a gateway to all services, facilities and publications of benefit to parents of children aged 0-20 NI 22 Perceptions of parents • Every Parent Matters • FIS supports fathers and mothers to make informed choices on taking responsibility for the • Single Commissioner for • National Service Framework appropriate services for themselves and their families behaviour of their children in Parenting Strategy Parenting Services for Children, Young People • FIS provides support for priority groups identified in the their area • Providers of Parenting Services and Maternity Services strategy, such as teenage parents and fathers NI 112 Under 18 conception • Teenage Pregnancy Strategy • FIS collects data on demand for services from parents which can rate be used to inform planning • Youth Service • FIS provides information about activities for young people up to • Connexions • Section 6, Education and NI 110 Young people’s Positive Activities for the age of 20 • Providers of Services for Young Inspections Act 2006 participation in positive Young People • FIS collects data on demand for services of young people which People • Youth Matters activities can be used to inform planning • Youth Offending Teams • FIS delivers a brokerage service which can support fathers and • Jobcentre Plus mothers to return to work • Financial Services Authority • Ending child poverty: NI 116 Proportion of children Ending Child Poverty • FIS provides information on financial assistance for childcare • HMRC everybody’s business in poverty • FIS provides information on services which can support families • Family Nurse Partnership Nurses experiencing financial difficulties • FIS provides information on healthy living such as opportunities NI 55 Obesity in primary for active play, recreation and healthy eating • Change4Life Partners school age children in Child Health and • Healthy lives, brighter futures • FIS signposts to health services and professionals • Health Professionals including reception Wellbeing • National Play Strategy • FIS provides information on healthy living activities delivered by GPs and Health Visitors NI 56 Obesity in primary childcare providers school children in year 6
  2. 2. Families Information Services FIS Development Project At the centre of supporting children and families This diagram shows policies and priorities that the Families Information Service contributes to and supports. It also shows the partner agencies that the FIS needs to be working CHILDREN’S EVERY CHILD with in order to achieve this. PLAN MATTERS THINK FAMILY EVERY PARENT MATTERS AIMING HIGH FOR Local YOUTH CRIME DISABLED Parenting ACTION PLAN Local Strategy CHILDREN Area LA Agreement Commun- ications YOUTH Strategy CHILDREN’S CENTRES Parenting Early MATTERS Sustainable National Parent Know PLANNING GUIDANCE Intervention Communities How Services Programmes Strategy Family Intervention CHILDCARE Teenage Parenting Service Disability Services Projects Children Pregnancy Further and ACT (2006) Providers and Young Strategy Higher Education People’s EDUCATION AND Plan INSPECTIONS ACT Parent Support Outreach Single Commissioner Connexions Advisers Workers NEXT STEPS FOR Jobcentre Plus for Parenting Services EARLY LEARNING AND CHILDCARE EXTENDED Youth Service Library Service SCHOOLS Family Support Providers of Services in Providers Leisure Services PROSPECTUS Workers Children’s Centres Childcare Sufficiency Children’s Centre Youth Service Play Service / Out of School Childcare Workforce Assessment Managers School Development Team Development Council Improvement Parenting Plan CYP Positive WORKFORCE Providers of CHILD HEALTH Activities for Children’s Centres Extended Services STRATEGY Childcare Providers STRATEGY LA Sufficiency Young People Extended Schools Lead Families Coordinators STR Enhanced CHILD POVERTY Information Childcare Childcare Headteachers NAT TARGET Development Officers Database and ATE Families Service Extended Services Services Directory Change4Life AND IONA Childcare Sufficiency in Schools Partners GIC D S dvice pecialist information ts PCT and Health HMRC a and assistance for paren Professionals INITIATIVE L POLICIES OCUMEN Helpline Websites Family Nurse Local Safeguarding Delivery Ofsted Partnership Nurses Children Board Outreach Child Health Partners and Wellbeing Ending Child Poverty PARTNER Financial Services Empowering Authority AGENCIES LOCAL PRIORITIES TS parents S Enabling choices Families