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  1. 1. +
  2. 2. “get out ofthe request: the garage and into the spa”
  3. 3. nurturingpangea organics handcrafted had something organicbeautiful on the fair trade inside cruelty-free
  4. 4. brand is who you are,not who you want to be
  5. 5. Joshua Onysko
  6. 6. at 15, he decides he likes learning from life more1995 than books and leaves school
  7. 7. on a visit home before moving to India, he finds a book about soapmaking1999 and makes the first batch of soap with his mom in the family’s kitchen
  8. 8. spends time in Cambodia and envisions a place where sustainable, socially responsible businesses could incubate...2001 his friend suggests starting a soap company to fund it... and call it Pangea
  9. 9. now in Boulder, Colorado, works as a baker at Whole Foods during the day and2002 makes soap in his garage at night. He sells soap out of his van at concerts and events.
  10. 10. moves Pangea out of his garage and into a2003 warehouse space to keep up with demand.
  11. 11. philosophy productintegrity performanceINTEGRITY practices people planet
  12. 12. honest there’s a purity to honesty. truth begets trust. small crafted batches created by human hands. craft = care.I organic NTEGRITY teach others what this means and why it’s important.nurturing good for people, good for planet. fair living wages, fair trade, full disclosure.
  13. 13. We need to re-invent what organic, natural,authentic, and sustainable look like. Too manybrands get too much credit because of what’s on theoutside. To get more people to experience and trustPangea, grow as a business and to get into otherdistribution channels, an established look is morepowerful. All or nothing. One step at a time.
  14. 14. established intead of activist
  15. 15. SECONDARY GRAPHICS Our ingredients originate from all over the world. This topographic map represents and conveys the fact that Pangea Organics is dedicated to fair trade with developing countries, bringing the world back together one bottle, bar and jar at a time. It can be used as both a primary graphic element as well as a complimentary element paired with photography.established instead of activist
  16. 16. Wouldn’t corn-based plastics be a perfect additionto the story of Pangea? Not if we end up supportingGMO farming in any way. Presenting the bottledproducts in earth friendly boxes will give us anelevated cosmetic presence. It would, but no box ismore earth friendly.
  17. 17. It was refreshing and challenging to adopt thesetenets. Making design decisions from this level ofconviction was liberating! Joshua and his companyfound it difficult to watch their baby grow up.
  18. 18. serious goalsnot serious soap
  19. 19. promisenot prodding
  20. 20. teachdon’t preach
  21. 21. spavs.medicinalvs.earthyvs.crafted
  22. 22. spavs.medicinalvs.earthyvs.crafted
  23. 23. Pre-IDEO: 300 doors Whole FoodsCurrently: 1600 doors China & KoreaCurrent distribution channels include:Natural Grocer, Boutique Box Chain, Progressive SpasSalon, Spa and Prestige (High EndDepartment Stores). EuropePre-IDEO, Pangea was solely inNatural Grocer.
  24. 24. Pangea Organics Pangea OrganicsAnnual Sales Since 2003: YOY Growth Whole Foods Market2003: $100K (2 employees) 2008 over 2007: 200% growth2004: $175K (3 employees; 175%) (estimated based on YTD sales)2005: $380K (6 employees; 217%) 2007 over 2006: 283% growth2006: $1.2M (12 employees; 316%)2007: $2.7M (26 employees; 225%)