Opportunity Green 2009 Conference Program


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Opportunity Green 2009 Conference Program

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Opportunity Green 2009 Conference Program

  1. 1. BEING GREEN + BEING PROFITABLE Business Conference November 7 - 8, 2009 UCLA Los Angeles, CA
  2. 2. ENTREPRENEURS CORPORATIONS BUSINESS OWNERS WELCOME TO YOU SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY IT’S TIME TO DRIVE LIKE THERE IS A TOMORROW. To hug trees and corners at the same time. And for adrenaline OPPORTUNITY GREEN POLICY MAKERS 2009 to be regarded as a renewable resource. It’s time for a little more turn and a little less burn. For the letters RPM to play nice with the letters MPG. And for the road and earth to finally find Welcome and congratulations on being a part of the 2009 Opportunity some middle ground. It’s time to maximize our fun. To minimize Green Conference. As the first conference in Southern California to focus on bringing business, design and technology together through our impact. And to start getting the most out of every single EXECUTIVES ENGINEERS the lens of environmental and social responsibility, we are thrilled and energized by the scope and commitment of this year’s participants. mile we drive. It’s time to think about our Carfun Footprint. BEING GREEN BEING PROFITABLE CEOS MARKETING AND PR EXECS This has been our goal since we began in 2007 and continues to be B:8.1” T:8.1” S:8.1” for 2009. What this means in the midst of the currently transforming DESIGNERS global economy is a fortified awareness of the dire importance for a more sustainable model for doing business - a model that encourages solution through open, aggressive collaboration and a spirit of competition that celebrates the greater good rather than the lucky few. It is this action that we hope to inspire in all who attend this conference today and in the future. BLOGGERS Opportunity Green would not exist without the extraordinary contributions of every single person who has committed time, sweat, genius and resources to the transformation of this conference from a “cool idea” to a spectacular reality. We extend our deepest heart-felt and sincere thanks to our speakers, sponsors, partners, hosts, ENVIRONMENTAL OFFICERS volunteers and board of directors for their collaborative efforts in helping us to think bigger and grow faster. GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS We also graciously thank the Anderson School of Management and the Harold ad Pauline Price Center for Entrepreneurial Studies, the UCLA Sustainable Resource Center and UCLA Catering for providing this spectacular venue and for supporting our monster vision. MINIUSA.COM/MINIMALISM Vehicle shown with options and accessories. © 2009 MINI, a division of BMW of North America, LLC. The MINI name, model names and logo are registeread trademarks. EDUCATORS NON-PROFITS INVESTORS VENTURE CAPITALISTS
  3. 3. WELCOME WELCOME FROM FROM THE MAYOR UCLA Dear Conference Attendees: Dear Conference Participants, It is my pleasure to announce the City of Los Angeles’ support for Opportunity Green’s Welcome to the 2009 Opportunity Green Conference. We are delighted to host this third annual green business conference being held at UCLA’s Anderson School of forum for students and professionals to share ideas on how businesses can address the Management on November 7th and 8th 2009. Inspiring a collaborative culture of new triple bottom line of financial, environmental and social performance. thinking and original ideas, Opportunity Green brings to light positive change through sustainable business practices, cutting edge technology and world class design. Our city Sustainability for a business or university is cross-functional. In addition to providing is excited to endorse one of the most relevant green business conferences in the nation world-class education and conducting research on sustainability, UCLA is addressing our and supports its mission of driving innovation, collaboration and inspiration amongst own footprint through a variety of initiatives in energy, waste management, transportation industry leaders and entrepreneurs. and housing, involving students, faculty and staff. Last year, UCLA released our Climate Action Plan, which outlines how UCLA will be able to reduce its greenhouse gas Driven by our goal of transforming Los Angeles into the greenest big city in the nation, emissions below 1990 levels by 2012, eight years ahead of state and University of we reached Kyoto’s targets for reducing greenhouse gases four years ahead of schedule California targets. Through energy efficiency measures and transportation demand and lunched the most aggressive Green Trucks program in the world. In addition, we management, UCLA has kept emissions essentially level for two decades despite a developed a comprehensive green building program that includes clean tech, air, water growing population and millions of square feet of new facilities. and land initiatives. Building a sustainable future requires us to work across disciplines and create In line with our commitment to promoting sustainability and increasing green jobs, we partnerships between the public and private sectors. UCLA is partnering with USC, support Opportunity Green as they provide business professionals with the insight, Caltech, the City of Los Angeles and local agencies on CleanTech Los Angeles to create inspiration and resources to balance the triple bottom line: people, planet and profit. jobs, stimulate demand, facilitate solutions and establish Los Angeles as the global leader in research, commercialization and deployment of clean technologies. Our We are proud to stand beside this pioneering conference. Leaders in Sustainability interdisciplinary graduate program brings together students from management, policy, planning, law, engineering and other areas of study to tackle issues of sustainability and develop the skills needed to be leaders in their fields. ANTONIO R. VILLARAIGOSA There are many opportunities for you to engage with UCLA on these issues. Through Mayor its Corporate Partners Program, the UCLA Institute of the Environment has established a new model for collaboration and communication on sustainability issues—bringing together companies with faculty, researchers, students and other firms in interactive relationships to explore the leading edge of business opportunities in sustainability and corporate environmental performance. Together we can find solutions to these global challenges and build a brighter future. I hope you enjoy the conference and your visit to UCLA. Sincerely, ! Gene D. Block Chancellor
  4. 4. WALKING THE WALK OPPORTUNITY GREEN TRACKS ITS OWN FOOTPRINT Businesses world-wide are facing new and growing challenges. External forces are squeezing profitability even as pressures increase to lighten corporate footprints. Business models need to be revised, or new models need to be adopted – that’s tough to do while remaining viable as a business in the real world. Opportunity Green is committed to presenting business leaders with information and approaches to increase their viability, performance and productivity. We see our event as a test-bed and a showcase for new approaches and best practices to green business. Opportunity Green believes that it’s time to take our footprint seriously – here’s how we’ll do it. Transparency is central to every green business model, so our intention is to make the footprint of our event easy for you to review and analyze. Our goal for 2009 is to accurately measure our waste, recovery rate and mitigation and to use those benchmarks to plan for, compare to, and report on our year-to-year performance. We’ll also let you know why we think our sponsors’ products and services help to reduce our event’s footprint. Our challenge is to measure and report our footprint simply, clearly and affordably. Transparency is daunting at any scale. Nobody’s perfect, and we’ve got a lot to learn. What’s important to us is that you understand what we’re measuring, how we’re measuring it, and why. Then we need you to point out where we can do better. In return for sharing your information we commit to produce a meaningful report outlining the footprint of our event. You’ll receive a copy electronically on January 15th, 2010. A copy will also be posted on our website. Thank you for helping us Walk The Walk. 2009 Opportunity Green Green Team Jeff Hayes – The Vector Group Barrent Roth – Sustainable Works Eddie Pakdaman – Sustainable Works ! !
  5. 5. Saturday, AGENDA November 7th DAY 1 2:05pm - 2:25pm Organic Refreshment Networking Break (Sponsored by California Fuel Cell Partnership) 2:25pm - 3:15pm 8:00am - 8:45am Concurrent Breakout Sessions (Select your track of interest) Registration & Organic Breakfast Marketing/Branding - 1 Storytelling for Change: Case Study /Grand Horizon Room 8:45am - 9:00am /Grand Horizon Room Annie Leonard, Jonah Sachs Welcome & Introduction // Bill Moses, Karen Solomon, Mike Flynn, Nurit Katz Our Hosts // Boise Thomas, Sandra Sanchez , Zem Joaquin Cleantech/Green Venture Capital /Northwest Auditorium 2 John Babcock, Colin Bryant 9:00am - 10:30am /Grand Horizon Room Morning Introduction // Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa Life Cycle Analysis Workshop - Nuts to Butter: a Sustainable Design Exercise 3 (Sponsored by Neenah Paper) /North Ridge Room Running the Numbers: Portraits of Mass Consumption // Chris Jordan Heidrun Mumper-Drumm Built to Really Last: The Implications of S ustainability in Management Behavior and Practice // Michael Hopkins 3:15pm - 3:30pm 10:30am - 10:50am Organic Refreshment Networking Break Organic Refreshment Networking Break 3:30pm - 4:15pm Concurrent Breakout Sessions (Select your track of interest) 10:50am - 11:20am /Grand Horizon Room Challenges and Solutions; Case Studies of Implementing Sustainability Design and Operations - Gain a Competitive Edge with The Next Generation in P&G’s Processes and Products // Len Sauers 1 Workplace (Presentation by Gensler Architects) /Grand Horizon Room Gervais Tompkin 11:20am - 11:30am /Grand Horizon Room Opportunities in Next Generation Transportation /Northwest Auditorium Event Greening Overview & Conversation // Jeff Hayes, Kevin Lew, Karen Solomon 2 Dan Neil, Rich Steinberg, Frances Arnold 11:30am - 12:15pm /Grand Horizon Room Ogilvy Earth presents the Hopenhagen Campaign - The Road to Copenhagen Creative Strategies - Workshop: Using Pattern Breaking 3 for Business Innovation (Sponsored by Neenah Paper) /North Ridge Room // Helen Walters, Jim Davis, Freya Williams Fridolin Beisert 12:15pm - 1:15pm Organic to Go Lunch 4:15pm - 4:30pm Organic Refreshment Networking Break 1:15pm - 2:05pm Concurrent Breakout Sessions (Select your track of interest) 4:30pm - 4:40pm /Northwest Auditorium Leilani Münter 1 When Sustainable Design and Business Converge /Grand Horizon Room Sarah Rich, Yves Behar, Julie Gilhart, Zem Joaquin 4:40pm - 5:00pm /Northwest Auditorium Chris Hacker (Johnson & Johnson) Sustainable City Clean Technology /Northwest Auditorium 2 Mark Fischetti, Rohit Aggarwala, Chris Spain, Joseph Kwasnick 5:00pm - 5:20pm /Northwest Auditorium An Open Dialogue with Opportunity Green Speakers In Depth Workshop - Calculating the Financial ROI of Business 3 Sustainability Efforts (Sponsored by UCLA Extension) /North Ridge Room 5:30pm - 8:30pm /Covel Commons Third Floor Terrace Dr. James Bassett, Nurit Katz SAP Being Green + Being Profitable After-Party (Open Bar)
  6. 6. Sunday, AGENDA November 8th DAY 2 8:30am - 9:00am 1:00pm - 1:45pm Organic Breakfast Concurrent Breakout Sessions (Select your track of interest) 9:00am - 9:05am /Grand Horizon Room What’s Hot, What’s Not, What’s Next: Welcome & Introduction //Bill Moses, Karen Solomon, Mike Flynn, Nurit Katz 1 Trends in Green Products /Grand Horizon Room Our Hosts //Boise Thomas, Sandra Sanchez Lewis Perkins, Sharon Greene, Adam Lowry, Tashion Macon 9:05am - 9:25am /Grand Horizon Room Clean Technology - The History of Our Future: Lessons learned from the Systems Thinking - Moving From the Quick Fix to the Lasting Solution // Joe Laur First 200 Years of Green Technology/Northwest Auditorium Alexis Madrigal 9:30am - 10:00am /Grand Horizon Room 2 Going Green: Unexpected Learnings //Beth Springer Innovation & Incentives - Productivity Breakthroughs with Incentive Prizes and Open Collaboration/Northwest Auditorium Peter Diamandis 10:00am - 10:20am Sustainability Management Maturity Workshop /North Ridge Room Organic Refreshment Networking Break 3 (Sponsored by Wirefly.com) Jamie Simon, Scott Johnson, Daniel Winokur 10:20am - 11:05am /Grand Horizon Room Opportunity Green Innovative Green Startup Competition: 1:45pm - 2:05pm Marc Alt and Opportunity Green Enterprises Present the OG 25 //Marc Alt, Sean Gourley Organic Refreshment Networking Break 11:05am - 11:15am /Grand Horizon Room Conversation with Opportunity Green 2:05pm - 2:50pm Concurrent Breakout Sessions (Select your track of interest) 11:15am - 12:00pm /Grand Horizon Room Implementing Sustainability in Behavior and Practice //Michael Hopkins, Lorrie Vogel Imagine a World: 1 Creating a Vision for the Future/Grand Horizon Room Llewellyn Wells, Clark Kellogg, Alex MacDonald 12:00pm - 1:00pm Organic Lunch Under the hood: Green Lessons Learned 2 and New Models for Green Business /Northwest Auditorium /Nortto Mark Heaney, Molly Dix, Jim Davis 2:50pm-3:40pm /Grand Horizon Room Closing Panel: Market Leading Social Media //Liz Heller, Jesse Dylan, Chris Adams, James Sutandyo
  7. 7. KAREN SOLOMON Co-Founder and CEO ! Karen has been named by Glamour Magazine as one of 70 Eco Leaders in Green, received a 2009 Women Who Mean Business Nomination by the Los Angeles Business Journal and is a 2009 recipient of the International Green Dot Award for Community and Policy. FOUNDERS As co-founder and CEO of Opportunity Green, Karen had a vision of leading the advancement of sustainable entrepreneurship, raising awareness of the importance of the triple bottom line and building strategic partnerships between global corporations, entrepreneurs and The Next Generation of Thought Leadership. It was clear that UCLA was the perfect setting for a green business conference - Los Angeles had the population, education, diversity, economy and most importantly, the desire for sustainability that could perfectly showcase this new initiative. Karen’s extensive background in politics, international sales, marketing, media, technology and project management for companies such as DataDirect Networks, Women In Technology and Wales Ltd (Israel), has provided her with the tools to take the initial success of Opportunity Green and extend it into an educational and networking platform that continues to grow beyond the conference level. Opportunity Green now includes salons, marketing events and eco-retreats. The near future vision includes the Opportunity Green Resource Center and the Business Conference / Road Show, bringing the leaders of sustainability together with the Greenest Generation at colleges and Universities across the country and eventually, the globe. Karen is a graduate of Rutgers College (BA), Rutgers University. Karen looks forward to 2010 in which she hopes to meet her heroes Oprah, Michelle Obama and Richard Branson, and to hold an Opportunity Green conference in China.
  8. 8. MIKE BILL FLYNN MOSES Co-founder and COO Chairman of the Board ! ! As co-founder and COO of Opportunity Green, Mike Flynn is on a Bill Moses has crafted a multi-faceted, green lifestyle that merges mission to remove the term “mutually exclusive” from conversations sustainable business/commerce with a rich, organic home life. He about social responsibility and profitability. currently owns and operates Casa Barranca Retreat Center in Ojai, CA, a national historic landmark estate and eco-retreat, hosting In 2007, Opportunity Green began its legacy as a sold-out green yoga and mediation groups as well as green businesses like Global business conference for 500+ attendees at UCLA, featuring the Green & Patagonia. Bill is also the owner and vintner for Casa masterminds behind Al Gore’s Global concert series, Live Earth. 2008 Barranca Winery, the first certified organic winery and vineyard in brought more participants, expanded the conference over two days California’s Central Coast. and included industry leaders from Patagonia, Nike, Wal-Mart and Whole Foods, along with pioneers from the design, education, Bill is the Chairman of Opportunity Green, a “green” conference technology, media, product and services arenas. in partnership with the UCLA Anderson School of Business. He is the co-founder and principal of Access Television Network Inc., After the initial success of Opportunity Green, Mike and four friends a cable concern now reaching 44 million households. Bill was the took a hiatus from corporate life to create Feral Green, where they founder and CEO of Recovery Television Network, an angel embarked on a humanitarian and ecological adventure and surf trip investor and former Chairman of the Board for Zhena’s Gypsy Tea, from California to the Chile tip of South America in a vegetable oil and Chairman of the Board and Principal Shareholder of Ego X burning 4x4 truck. The Feral Green mission was to educate and Studio’s Inc. Bill was Honorary Chairman of Cable Positive, a 501c3 promote alternative fuels and ecological conservation in classrooms that raises the awareness of AIDS via the media, along with fellow and communities throughout Latin America. Co-Chairs Jim Dolan, Ted Turner and John Sikes. Prior to this, he was managing director at Axiom Capital and before that, with Bear 2009 has brought with it not only another incredible lineup for Stearns & Co in NYC. Opportunity Green but also Mike being accepted to attend the exclusive TED conference in Long Beach, where he met with some Bill Moses is a Recipient of the Ellis Island Gold Medal of Honor for of the most talented and influential leaders in business and Humanitarian and Business leadership along with fellow recipients technology to collaborate and advance environmental sustainability. Dith Prawn, author of The Killing Fields, Former Secretary of State, Mike holds a B.S., Cum Laude, in Mechanical Engineering from UCLA, General Colin Powell, and Muhammad Ali. and is an avid surfer and snowboarder. He is passionate about education, productivity, fitness, local and unprocessed production food (to the extent possible), and living either off-the-grid, or on the Smart one, respectively. He is an avid fan of Green Dot Schools, Ashoka, The Skoll Foundation, An Inconvenient Truth and the Service Economy chapter in “Natural Capitalism”. Some of his other favorite books include “Predictably Irrational”, “Tribes”, “McMafia” and Ste- phen King’s magnum opus, “The Gunslinger”.
  9. 9. KEVIN LEW CHATHRI MUNASINGHE Operations Manager Director Social Media & Marketing The corpus callosum between the right and left brains that are Karen After graduating from USC Marshall School of Business with an Solomon and Mike Flynn. After stumbling upon the readings of Jared emphasis in Marketing, Chathri went on to work in the business of Diamond and E.O. Wilson as well as experiencing OG07, Kevin realized fashion as a footwear buyer for Robinsons-May. She expanded her that his passions for innovation, design, communication, and experience by taking on the Buyer - Sport Apparel & Accessories role sustainable development aligned with the manifesto and vision of for three years at luxury apparel company St. John in Orange County, Opportunity Green. After running off to China for the summer to California. Chathri recently graduated in June with an MBA with a focus continue studying language, martial arts, and pondering his future and on Strategy from the Paul Merage School of Business at UC Irvine. She purpose in life, Kevin has returned to the office focused and ready to currently oversees the Opportunity Green social media team, media explore the seemingly endless possibilities at Opportunity Green. partnership team, is the acting editor of the newly launched OppGreen Insights blog. JEFFREY EMILIE COWAN SOONTHORNVACHARIN VP Marketing & Business Development Financial & Accounts Director When Emilie worked for Senator Carl Levin in his Washington DC Jeffrey’s green perspective led him to study sustainable finance and office, on environmental policy, she quickly realized the importance investments around the world after graduating from the University of of being conscious about one’s community and how one should build California, Santa Barbara. He has traveled to and studied sustainability and design within it. While completing her Masters in Business issues in Europe, in addition to studying at the University of California, Communications, she worked for BHP Billiton Mitsubishi Alliance, Berkeley’s Haas School of Business and at the University of California, focusing on the development and implementation of a large Los Angeles. Jeffrey and Opportunity Green’s paths crossed in August Sustainable Development program throughout Australia. Upon moving 2008, and he has been part of the team since. Jeffrey hopes to help back to the US, she continued her career in high-end real estate sales and Opportunity Green pave the way in the coming years, and especially development for Starwood Hotels and Resorts. It was there that she in light of the current financial crisis, for corporations to look at refined her passion for new business operations, project management, sustainability and responsibility not merely as an ethical duty but also client relationship development and strategic partnerships. as a path to long term profitability. STAFF
  10. 10. Chris Adams is the founder of Orbit Media Group. A new media pioneer, entertainment industry executive and social entrepreneur, he has nearly twenty years of experience in creating partnerships, programming and relationships for entertainment and online brands. Chris helped create and produce “Facebook Diaries,” the first-ever hybrid user-generated video/reality TV show distributed on Facebook.com, Ziddio.com, Comcast VOD and the IFC Channel. Other clients include HBO, Comcast and Glam.com. ! Dr. Rohit Aggarwala is Director of Long-term Planning and Sustainability for NYC Mayor’s Office of Operations. He oversees long-term sustainability planning for the City’s continued prosperity, growth and health through 2030. On Earth SPEAKERS Day, 2007, his office released 127 separate initiatives, including: 1 million more New Yorkers housed affordably; increased access to parks, playgrounds and open spaces; reclaiming brown-fields; backup systems for NYC’s water network; expanding and upgrading existing power plants; and reducing water pollution for more recreational use. Marc Alt is principal of Marc Alt + Partners, a consultancy that creates value by aligning design, strategy and mission with environmental and social benefit. A founding co-chair of the AIGA Center for Sustainable Design, he serves on multiple design and green business advisory boards. Marc is a partner in Opportunity Green Enterprises, a platform to advance clean technology investment, social entrepreneurship, and sustainable economic and community development through training, education, events and competitions. Dr. Frances Arnold is Principal Investigator for the Frances H. Arnold Research Group, focused on engineering new biological systems through laboratory evolution and the production of renewable fuels and chemicals. She is a member of the National Academy of Sciences, the National Academy of Engineering and the Institute of Medicine. She is one of only 8 persons elected to all three branches of the National Academies, and the only woman awarded this distinction. She is the Dick and Barbara Dickinson Professor of Chemical Engineering, Bioengineering and Biochemistry at the California Institute of Technology.
  11. 11. John Babcock is a Founding Partner at Rustic Canyon Colin H. Bryant is a Vice President of Paladin Partners, where he focuses on investment opportunities in clean Capital Group, a venture capital and private equity investment firm, technology, software, and advanced building materials. An where he is actively involved in the firm’s portfolio companies and experienced venture investor, John currently sits on the boards of principal investing activities. His investment experience Foodlink Online, Leads360, Pentadyne, Serious Materials, and includes growth investments in technology, middle-market Transonic Combustion. John’s previous investments include buyouts, industrial project finance and public company M&A. SiliconSystems (sold to Western Digital), HomeGain (sold to His industry-specific experience spans the renewable energy and Classified Ventures), and Cyrano Sciences (sold to Smiths Group PLC). clean technology sectors, including solar, biodiesel, ethanol and next- generation biofuels. James Bassett is a business economics professor for the Jim Davis is Executive Director of Sustainability, Energy & Cal Poly Center for Regenerative Studies where he teaches courses in Climate Impact Solutions with SAP, the world’s leading business appli- sustainable development. He serves as a senior member of the Santa cations software company. He directs partnerships, alliances, business Monica Chamber of Commerce’s Environmental Affairs Committee, an development and thought leadership for SAP’s rapidly growing port- initiator of Santa Monica’s Green Business Certification Program, folio of sustainability solutions for private and government industry. a sustaining member of Santa Monica’s Sustainable Quality Award Formerly, Jim consulted on EPRI’s environmental research programs in committee and a founding member of the Santa Monica Public acid rain, emissions trading, competitive energy markets and climate Library’s Green Prize for Sustainability Literature. change policy solutions. Yves Behar is the founder of fuseproject, designers of the Dr. Peter Diamandis is the Chairman and CEO world’s first $100 “XO” laptop for Nicholas Negroponte’s One Laptop of the X PRIZE Foundation, a non-profit focused on designing and Per Child organization. Yves’ commercial projects include the Herman launching large incentive prizes to drive radical breakthroughs for Miller LEAF Lamp, the Aliph Jawbone and, most recently, Y Water. the benefit of humanity. Best known for the $10,000,000 Ansari Yves award-winning work resides in museums worldwide, including X PRIZE for private spaceflight, the Foundation is now launching MOMA, the Musee d’Art Moderne/Pompidou Center, Chicago Art prizes in four groups: Exploration, Life Sciences, Energy & Institute and the Munich Museum of Applied Arts. Environment, and Education/Global Development. Diamandis is the co-Founder & Managing Director of Space Adventures, the only company brokering launches of private citizens to the International Space Station. Fridolin Beisert is an associate professor at the Art Molly Dix With over 17 years of technology commer- Center College of Design in Pasadena. An expert in creative problem cialization experience for corporate, government, and academic solving, design thinking methodologies, cross-disciplinary team clients, Molly Dix has managed RTI’s commercialization activities projects and sustainable design strategies, Fridolin is a practicing for NASA, Kellogg Co., Kimberly-Clark, Whirlpool, Osram Sylvania, design professional who also conducts workshops and lectures for Ballistic Missile Defense Organization and the U.S. Department of global corporations and executive education institutions. He has a Energy. She has won six national awards for her exceptional Master’s of Science in Industrial Design on the topic of Creative performance, three of them from NASA. She is currently working Strategies. with commercial clients on defining issues associated with sustainability and specific enabling technologies.
  12. 12. The Ritz-Carlton Hotel & Residences and JW Marriott at L.A. LIVE LEED Registered NEXT GENERATION WORKPLACE The results of Gensler’s Workplace Survey show that the physical work environment is an asset with a specific and quantifiable impact on business success. Top-performing companies—those with higher profits, better employee engagement and stronger market and brand position—have higher-performing work environments than average companies. Please look for the Next Generation Workplace exhibits throughout the Opportunity Green conference venue. SOCIALIZE FOCUS SOCIAL CAPITAL PRODUCTIVE CAPITAL WORK INTERACTIONS THAT CREATE WORK INVOLVING CONCENTRATION COMMON BONDS AND VALUES, AND ATTENTION TO A PARTICULAR COLLECTIVE IDENTITY, COLLEGIALITY TASK OR PROJECT AND PRODUCTIVE RELATIONSHIPS Thinking, reflecting, analyzing, Talking, laughing, networking, trust- writing, problem-solving, quantitative building, recognition, celebrating, analysis, creating, imagining, reviewing, interacting, mentoring, enhancing assessing relationships LEARN COLLABORATE INTELLECTUAL CAPITAL INNOVATIVE CAPITAL WORKING TO ACQUIRE NEW WORKING WITH ANOTHER PERSON OR KNOWLEDGE OF A SUBJECT OR SKILL GROUP TO ACHIEVE A GOAL For more than 35 years, we’ve made sustainability our business, THROUGH EDUCATION OR EXPERIENCE Training, concept exploration and Sharing knowledge and information, discussing, listening, co-creating, showing, not just our mantra. development, problem-solving, memorizing, discovery, teaching, brainstorming Interactions may be face-to- face, by phone, video, or through virtual reflecting, integrating and applying communication knowledge 920 LEED® Accredited Professionals and counting... www.gensler.com www.gensler.com
  13. 13. events.com THE DESIGN TEAM The Founders of Opportunity Green are thrilled to present this year’s outstanding design team. While we have received extraordinary individual participation in past years, we have never had an entire team devoted exclusively to the design element of cutting edge design our conference. With the help of amazing artists, our team has committed their valuable time and limitless talent to the creation of groundbreaking projects that have ultimately succeeded in giving Life to Vision. PREVIOUS CLIENTS INCLUDE : We extend our most ecstatic thanks to this incredible group of professionals for their tireless creativity, vision and commitment. Karin Haase Creative Director Linda Graveline Design Consultant/ Team Manager Bart Kresa Projection Designer “I feel that it must be possible to harmonize the old Jenny Chan Graphic Designer Mike Hill Sign Design and Printing and the new in our civilization.” Ludwig Mies van der Rohe Jenda Michl Designer Fridolin Beisert Designer Linn Gelert Designer DESIGN TEAM Nellie Reid Sustainability Consultant © 2009 Knoll, Inc. knoll.com Anne Alexande Designer Dianne Kraus Designer Lauren Gropperr Design Consultant
  14. 14. Jesse Dylan is a filmmaker, Creative Director and CEO of Sharon Greene is Managing Director of RISC commercial production company Form, and its social media offshoot, International, a consumer behavior and trends consultancy FreeForm. He has created award-winning commercials for Nike, assisting global companies to design long term business Nintendo, Motorola, American Express, NFL, MTV and the Emmy strategies. She is a regular speaker at international conferences, Award winning video, YES WE CAN SONG, inspired by Barack offering original and thought provoking comment and advice on Obama. Other projects include Bonno’s ONE, (RED) campaign and topics that include mobile technology trends, food purchasing micro-lender KIVA.org. He is an active member of TED where he changes, corporate/ethical/green responsibility trends and the creates marketing materials and short films for TED Prize Winners. responsive action corporations should take today. Mark Fischetti is an editor at Scientific American Chris Hacker leads all creative processes for brand magazine, overseeing its energy and environmental coverage. He identity, packaging design and brand imagery at Johnson & Johnson has written for The New York Times, Smithsonian, Sports Illustrated Consumer. As the former Senior VP of Global Marketing and Design and Fast Company. His 2001 Scientific American article, Drowning for Aveda™ Chris led Aveda to the 2004 National Design Award for New Orleans, predicted the widespread disaster that a storm like Corporate Achievement from the Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt National Hurricane Katrina would impose and described comprehensive Design Museum. Other previous collaborations include Warner Bros, projects that could save the city and the Mississippi delta. After Steuben Glass, Dansk International Design, GAF, JCPenney and Henry Katrina hit, Mark appeared on CNN, Meet the Press, the History Dreyfuss Associates. Channel, NPR News, and international media. Julie Gilhart is the SVP and Fashion Director of Mark Heaney , vice president, has managed large en- Barney’s, the most forward-thinking big store in the city. vironmental programs for the EPA and private sector for the past 20 Responsible for providing customers with a constant diet of years, focusing on best practices, resource management, preservation innovative, lust-worthy design, she makes the trek to designers’ and restoration of facilitates throughout the United States. Mark leads studios and then champions those she thinks have the proper support efforts for the EPA’s Resource Conservation Challenge pro- balance of real design skill and luxury. Her discoveries include gram, partnering with the private sector to prioritize resource conser- Alber Elbaz (now a star at Lanvin), Proenza Schouler, Olivier vation, waste and chemical pollutant minimization, energy saving and Theyskens, Goyard, and Project Alabama. As Barneys expands greenhouse gas reduction benefits. When Mark is not helping clients across the country, Gilhart’s effect is going national. save resources, money and the environment, he and his wide are on a soccer field or in a swimming pool helping their two daughter and one son pursue Olympic dreams. Sean Gourley is a physicist, political advisor and Liz Heller is the Founder and CEO of Buzztone, an agent co-founder of the startup Younoodle. Originally from New Zealand, he of popular culture, raising the bar for next-generation product has run for National elected office and helped start New Zealand’s first marketing. Clients include Fox Television, Coca-Cola, Atlantic nanotech company. Sean recieved a PhD from Oxford for his research Records, Electronic Arts, and Warner Bros. As Executive Vice on the mathematical patterns that underlie modern war. This research President at Capitol Records, Ms. Heller forged early alliances with was recognised with the award of a TED fellowship. Previously Sean Microsoft, Macromedia, Liquid Audio and Apple. She produced, worked at NASA designing self repairing nano-circuits and is a two The Basketball Diaries, starring Leonardo DiCaprio and at MCA time New Zealand track and field champion. Records, launched the music video department and executive ! produced over 1,200 video for artist such as Bobby Brown, Tom Petty and New Edition.
  15. 15. THANK YOU The OPPORTUNITY GREEN Opportunity Green extends its ROCK STAR INTERNS! deepest thanks to the Gensler Design Team for their tireless pursuit of perfection, their authentic dedication to sustainability, their solemn AoSA is commitment to community and their pursuit of form, function Waterbased Printing Thank you for your and beauty in all that they do. incredible contribution. Web DNA Nellie Reid You are the lifeblood of our Sustainable Design community and an inspiration Dianne Kraus Anne Alexander a o s a i m a g e . c o m for future generations! Lauren Gropper Andrew Miller Jeff Horowitz Adrienne Beitcher Jenny Kim Benjamin Upham Joshua Green Brady Gibson Justine Suh Brent Remby Katie Virk Casey Ly Mariele Atienza Clayton Su Mary Qin Cory Johnson Matt Li Diana Ong Michael Chandra Gaia Dempsey Steven Buller Jay Shah Taylor Zisfain
  16. 16. Michael S. Hopkins is Editor-in-Chief of the Nurit Katz is a sustainability professional focused on MIT Sloan Management Review, the leading print and web building multi-sector and interdisciplinary collaboration. She was publication bringing ideas from the world of thinkers to the recently hired to lead UCLA’s sustainability efforts as the university’s executives and managers who build businesses. Since joining the first Sustainability Coordinator, where she will foster partnerships Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the Review in 2007, among academic, research and operational departments to further Hopkins has focused the publication on the innovative benefits of campus sustainability. sustainability. Hopkins’s early career in media includes the Wall Street Journal and Inc. Magazine. ! Zem Joaquin is the Founder/Editor in Chief of Clark Kellogg is a partner in the San Francisco based EcoFabulous and the eco luxury specialist for Planet Green’s Alter social innovation firm, Collective Invention/Innovation for the Eco. A past eco-editor to House & Garden, Domino and Common Good™, which applies known art about innovation and Architectural Digest, she received the 2009 Global Green design thinking to sustainability, education, and health. A designer Millennium Founder’s Award for her contributions as a Global who has worked across architecture, graphic, product, Green board member and Founder of their Annual Fundraiser communication and organization design, he currently teaches and Ecofashion event. Zem is also an active board member of “What a Sustainable World Demands of Design(ers) and How Healthy Child Healthy World, Teens Turning Green, and We Can Respond” at UC Berkeley. Architecture for Humanity. Scott Johnson is a consultant at Fair Ridge Group. With Joseph Kwasnik is a senior consultant at AlterEcho, over 20 years of management consulting experience, working with a group of scientists, engineers and business strategists who create Andersen Consulting, Axiom Management Consulting and Cambridge systems and strategies for government, municipal, institutional and Technology Partners, Scott’s career has focused on business transfor- even sports entities. Clients include Georgia Air Force Base, Habitat mation through the optimization and innovation of processes. Scott for Humanity and US EPA. As a 30 year expert in the utility services has collaborated with Motorola, Levis, Caterpillar, Honda, Textron, Red environmental and climate change arena, Mr. Kwasnik developed the Bull, Catholic Healthcare West, MD Anderson, BT, Silicon Graphics, Climate Change Initiative which included an 80% reduction of GHG Cisco Systems, Dell and HP, SGS, California State Automobile emissions by 2050 and carbon budgets linked to management Association and EPRI. compensation. Chris Jordan is an internationally acclaimed Joe Laur is Vice President of Content for Greenopolis, photographic artist and cultural activist whose work explores the a web based social network fostering learning and collaborative frightening waste of our mass culture. His compelling photographs action on green issues. He is a founding partner of SEED Systems reveal the staggering weight of global statistics, inviting the and a co-founder of the SoL Sustainability Consortium, which viewer to see every detail of our hypermodern society. Jordan’s includes members from BP, Ford, Coca Cola, Harley-Davidson, work is exhibited widely in the US and Europe, and has been Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Nike, 7th Generation and Waste featured in print, online, and in film and television. He has Management. He is co-author of Learning for Sustainability and exhibited and spoken about his work to more than fifty audiences The Necessary Revolution: How Individuals And Organizations Are in North and South America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Working Together to Create a Sustainable World.
  17. 17. Get an Edge on the Competition Enroll in UCLA Extension’s new Global Sustainability Certificate Need an environmentally focused program that offers quality instruction and a flexible format? Our new program can help your company: Enroll now for winter courses! uclaextension.edu Be sure to visit our booth at the conference! ® eConnect Group SPECIAL THANKS TO CHATHRI Introduces IOS Technologies. The future of sustainable lighting. Doing our part to save the MUNASINGHE planet one event at a time. FOR YOUR NEVERENDING PASSION AND COMMITMENT TO SPREADING THE GOOD WORD Phone: (310) 202-0011 Coming January 2010 visit us at ioslight.com
  18. 18. Annie Leonard is the producer, writer and founder Alexis Madrigal is a clean technology writer for Wired of The Story of Stuff. She is an expert on international Science, which he has helped turn into the largest science blog in the sustainability and environmental health issues with more than 20 world and has been nominated for best magazine blog by the MPA years of experience investigating factories and dumps around the and best science website for the 2009 Webby Awards. He’s hard at world. Coordinator of the Funders Workgroup for Sustainable work on a book about the history of green technology and is a visiting Production and Consumption, Annie communicates worldwide scholar at UC-Berkeley’s Office for the History of Science and about the impact of consumerism and materialism on global Technology. He’s been invited to speak at South by Southwest, economies and international health. Berkeley Journalism School, Stanford Law School and is a regular guest on NPR. Adam Lowry is the co-founder and Chief Greenskeeper Heidrun Mumper-Drumm is an of Method Products, Inc. - the leading innovator in hip, healthy, home associate professor and Director of Sustainability Initiatives at Art care products. Adam brings sustainable innovations to the Method Center College of Design. Since 2003, her focus has been on the business through product design, sourcing, production, and incorporation of sustainability principles into design education and marketing. Prior to founding Method, Adam worked as a climate sci- the design process. As a former environmental engineer for entist at the Carnegie Institution. Adam has been honored as one of Bechtel and Parsons Engineering, her background includes Vanity Fair’s Global Citizens and PETA’s Man of the Year for his nuclear, geothermal, solar and wind energy projects, as well as pioneering work on sustainable business and product design. environmental management for NASA and the US Air Force. Alex MacDonald is a research faculty member at Leilani Munter is an Environmentalist, Race Car Carnegie Mellon University and serves as the senior economist at Driver, founder of Carbon Free Girl and the fourth woman in history the NASA Ames Research Center. He was an economic advisor for to race in the Indy Pro Series. She adopts an acre of rainforest for NASA’s Commercial Reusable Suborbital Research program. His every race to offset her carbon footprint and has met with Oxford Doctoral dissertation, “The Remote Space Age: An Economic members on Congress on behalf of the Climate Security Act. She History of Space Exploration from Galileo to Gagarin” is the first has spoken on behalf of climate action alongside Senators Barbara long-run historical analysis of the economics of space exploration. He Boxer and John Kerry and is an Ambassador for the National haspresented at the United Nations and worked on spacecraft mission Wildlife Federation. Leilani is currently working to engage millions ! designs for coral reef health monitoring, earthquake early-warning, of NASCAR fans in making eco minded changes in their daily lives. urban development mapping, and asteroid rendezvous. Tashion Macon is the Senior Manager of David Muyres most recently held the position of Vice Partnerships and Promotions for T-Mobile USA, Inc., where she President, Educational Initiatives, for Art Center College of Design is responsible for driving brand strategy across all T-Mobile in Pasadena, California. In this capacity, Muyres was responsible for platforms, propriety products, partner products and services. Prior developing new strategic offerings for the college. These ranged from to joining T-Mobile, she held a position at Equity Marketing, Inc., educational programs targeted to business executives in order to dem- where she developed entertainment partnerships for Burger King onstrate the value of creative process and design thinking, to ArtCen- and before that, at Davie-Brown Entertainment where she planned terPRO, a unique program in which companies, as sponsors, collabo- strategic promotions for Fortune 500 brands. ! rate with Art Center students to create real-world design solutions.
  19. 19. OG 25 THE TWENTY-FIVE MOST INNOVATIVE GREEN START-UPS The original concept and vision for Opportunity Green included bringing to light the best and the brightest in green business, design and technology. This year, as part of that vision, we founded OG25, a peernominated, interactive quest to seek out the rising stars and innovative enterprises redefining our future and proving that business is a real force for change. OG25 is a Business Competition, open to the most promising start-ups committed to building the new green economy. OG25 highlights the importance of initiatives Premium water doesn’t have to in clean technology, product design, mobility, social be wasteful. Everpure filtration innovation, water and resource conservation, food cartridges are 100% Recyclable. THANK YOU systems, community development and more. MARC ALT Congratulations to the 2009 OG25 Finalists! FOR LEADING Balquon Corporation BIXI iCel Systems Kolpali Organics BottleStone Levant Power Brad’s Raw Chips Novomber BTTR Ventures Powerzoa sip . save . recycle CleanFish Double Helix Tracking Technolo- Project FROG RecycleMatch gies Regen EvocativeDesign RoofRay Visit an Everpure Hydration Station IN NYC EnergyHub Green Box SRS Energy Touch for complimentary greensulate Wattbot Pentair Water premium filtered water. www.everpure.com/recycle h.u.m.a.n healthy vending WiTricity
  20. 20. Dan Nell is a Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist and staff Jonah Sachs is the Co-Founder/Creative Director of writer for the Los Angeles Times where he currently writes three Free Range Studios, helping hundreds of progressive organizations columns: “Rumble Seat,” about automobiles and car culture, break through the media din with strategic, inspiring messages. “Mindshare” about advertising and marketing, and “Major Domo” Jonah’s visionary use of viral marketing has been featured on CNN, focused on home technology. As one of the Times’ signature Fox News, MSNBC, NPR, CBC, The New York Times, Washington voices, his byline appears in almost every section of the paper, Post and LA Times. He is responsible for anti-meat industry web including Op-Ed, Travel, Sports, Entertainment and online video smash hit, The Meatrix and is the creative force behind the web content. He has contributed to Esquire, Time, Car and Driver presences of the ACLU, Heifer International and Environmental and The New York Times and has been a weekly commentator on Defense. KCRW and “Marketplace,” by American Public Media. Lewis Perkins is a Sustainable Strategist for New House Sandra Sanchez is a producer and seasoned reality LLC. and works with large and small companies on creating programs TV host for E!’s “That Morning Show”, “New Music Tuesday” on and awareness for environmental and social initiatives. Over the past FOX’s action sports channel and on Fuel TV. Sandra is the creator several years, Perkins led the “green” charge as director of of orGLAMic.com, the online resource for all things “almost always sustainable strategies for The Mohawk Group, a leading carpet organic – always glamorous!” The popular site had become a go- manufacturer. Perkins helps drive strategic marketing communications to source for discriminating eco-shoppers. She is a traveling for all of his customers through partnerships with philanthropic correspondent on “G Word” and a producer on “Hollywood Green organizations such as Global Green USA, Easter Seals and with Maria Menounos,” both for Discovery Channel’s Planet Green. Susan G. Komen. She is an enthusiastic host for this year’s Opportunity Green. Sarah Rich is leading voice in the fields of sustainability, Len Sauers is Vice President for Global Sustainability at design and new media. She has been an editor at Dwell magazine Procter & Gamble. A 23-year veteran of P&G, he works closely with since 2007. Prior to joining Dwell, Sarah was the founding manag- executive leadership to develop and ensure the company’s ing editor of Inhabitat.com and the managing editor of World- sustainability goals. Len also leads the Human and Environmental changing.com, where she co-authored the book Worldchanging: Safety, Regulatory Affairs, and Corporate Biotechnology organizations A User’s Guide for the 21st Century (Abrams, 2006). She founded worldwide, responsible for conducting human and environmental risk the food politics blog CivilEats.com in 2008 and sits on the board assessments, ensuring regulatory compliance and conducting of advisors for Project H, a non-profit dedicated to addressing upstream basic research. humanitarian issues through industrial design. Ken Rutkowski is the Host and President of Ken- Jamie Simon is the Director of Sustainability. Her Radio Broadcasting. Part pundit, part matchmaker, part strategist, primary responsibility is to identify programs that restore the Rutkowski helps startups and multinational corporations environment, increase profitability, reduce risk, and improve brand understand the trends shaping their industries. His daily radio and value. As a former World Champion and Red Bull athlete in Internet show, World Tech Round-Up, is a source of inside Freestyle kayaking, Jamie has a deep connection to nature. Her information for listeners in more than 40 countries. He is a founding goals include finding the intersection of nature and business, where member of the Streaming Media Executive Committee and appears they profit most, and delivering this unique intersection through her regularly as a guest correspondent for KTTV Fox 11 and Fox’s Good work in corporate social responsibility. Day LA.
  21. 21. Ad:Layout 1 10/15/09 2:50 PM Page 1 “Sustainability is not just about sustainable materials. It’s about good design. Good design prompts people to keep something longer.” Eric Barnes Founder and CEO, KOR Water Made from Eastman Tritan™ copolyester
  22. 22. Chris Spain is Chairman of the Board and Chief Lorrie Vogel is General Manager for Nike Considered, Strategy Officer of HydroPoint Data Systems. Mr. Spain where she leads the team responsible for introducing sustainable co-founded HydroPoint in 2002 with the vision of providing smart products and business models. Prior to this, Lorrie was the Innovation water management for sustained conservation and cost savings. Director for Nike Footwear, Apparel and Equipment. Her innovative Today HydroPoint is regarded as a proven leader in clean thinking has lead to several new product technologies with patents to technology, with top-tier venture and strategic partnerships. prove it. Her passion for design, innovation and sustainability brought her to the role as a leader in bringing sustainability to all facets of Nike product. ! ! M. Beth Springer is Executive Vice President of Boise Thomas is the fresh face of Adrian Grenier’s International and Natural Personal Care at Clorox Corporation. Alter Eco, show on Planet Green. He is a former host of G Living, She is responsible for creating an overall, enterprise perspective where he wrote, produced and hosted over 100 environmentally- on long-range strategy and business planning functions. A 19 year focused shows. Boise has interviewed many celebrities and veteran at Clorox, her past duties include growth planning, covered numerous environmental events, including the premiere acquisitions, partnerships, the corporate Eco Office and Vice of Leonardo DiCaprio’s The 11th Hour and E!’s 2007 President and General Manager for the Glad Products division of Environmental Media Awards. Boise has starred in more than 71 The Clorox Co. television spots for major brands and advertisers and has hosted Opportunity Green since 2007. Rich Steinberg is the Director of the MINI E Gervais Tompkin is the Principal and leader of the Program for MINI USA. Rich was responsible for the introduction Gensler Consulting Practice Area, which applies a research based of the MINI E to the US market and is currently managing Sales, design process to complex design problems. Recent projects Marketing & Product Strategy on EV topics for the BMW Group. include: rethinking how multi-disciplinary scientific communities Rich joined the BMW Group in 1997 with their Financial Services collaborate (SRI), supporting a shift from post crime forensics to division, and then started up the MINI division in 1999. He spent pre crime intelligence (FBI), reducing the carbon footprint at work by 13 years at Nissan North America before joining BMW. reorganizing the workspace for mobility (HP) and using ethnographic design processes to mitigate the negative experiential effects of increased airport security processes (San Jose Airport). James Sutandyo is in charge of Strategic Antonio R. Villaraigosa is the 41st mayor of Development for Causecast, where he oversees mobile and social the city of Los Angeles. He is best known for his exceptional skill media. His primary focus is on developing tools and best practices at building broad bi-partisan coalitions and is considered one of that allow nonprofits to focus on what really matters - making change. the leading progressive voices in the country. His mayoral platform He has worked to grow Causecast’s online social influence through focuses on solutions to education, transportation, public safety, design and development of online campaigns, fundraising widgets economic development and sustainable best practices. Mayor and the launch of Causecast Mobile Fundraising. A frequent speaker Villaraigosa has been working closely with President Obama on on social media for nonprofits, he recently spoke at the Blog World ! implementing the stimulus package. One of his main goals as Expo ‘09. mayor is to make Los Angeles the greenest city in the nation.
  23. 23. Helen Walters is the editor for BusinessWeek.com’s Innovation and Design Channel. She is also a contributing editor to British design magazine Creative Review. Walters is the author of Special thanks several books, including a survey of experimental animation short films and a series of titles looking at the world of T-shirt design. to our generous BOARD MEMBERS Bill Moses Heidrun Mumper-Drumm Marc Alt Ken Rutkowski Llewellyn Wells is the Vice President of Jose Caballer Lex Heslin Communications for the Rocky Mountain Institute and ensures the clear and effective messaging of RMI’s work. His leadership in communications, branding and large-scale media campaigns has Chip Conley Jamie Simon helped the organization reach a significantly wider audience. His producing credits in film and TV include “Bagdad Cafe,” “The Bruce Brandfon Chris Ursitti Grifters,” “Dogfight,” and “Under Suspicion” and he has been honored with five Emmy Awards as one of the original producers Gay Browne on “The West Wing,” Freya Williams is co-founder and global planning director of OgilvyEarth, the advertising arm of Ogilvy and Mather’s sustainability practice. OgilvyEarth advises clients like Dove, Kodak, Kimberley Clark, AT&T Wireless and Goldman Sachs on how sustainability creates relevance and cultural currency for their brands. Freya founded the practice with partner Seth Farbman in 2007 on a belief that sustainability is not only an ethical and business mandate, it is the biggest business opportunity of the 21st century. PROUD TO BE A PART OF OPPORTUNITY GREEN Daniel Winokur is a Strategic Sustainability 2009 Consultant for Fair Ridge Group. An expert in sustainable technologies, systems, and management practices, he has implemented basic efficiencies into management practices and strategy focused on quantifying the financial impact of sustainability. Daniel has recently collaborated with Red Bull of North America to Learn more at reduce costs through better fleet management, renewable energy, waste reduction, efficiencies, and strategic integration. Ecodrivingusa.com
  24. 24. Sustainability… meet Sensibility. Start the conversation… Info @ GreenNurture.com 1.877.687.6946
  25. 25. Choose Brilliance™ with ELS
  26. 26. What’s next What’s What’s not hot? Trends in green products OPPORTUNITY GREEN THANKS WE WOULD LIKE TO EXTEND Panel led by Featuring EXTRA THANKS AND APPRECIATION Lewis Sharon Greene TO CAROL, BOB, ADRIENNE Perkins RISC International AND THE WHOLE BEITCHER FAMILY Sustainability Strategy, Adam Lowry + Method Products, Inc Consultant to NURIT KATZ, UCLA SUSTAINABILITY COORDINATOR The Mohawk Group Tashion Macon T-Mobile Michaela Opportunity Green Business Conference + JAMIE SIMON, EXEMPLARY BOARD MEMBER Sunday, November 8th, 1pm - 1:45pm UCLA Covel Commons - Los Angeles, CA O’Connor Abrams AND RED BULL SUSTAINABILITY OFFICER FOR HER SUPPORT WITH TOUR DE OG and OPPORTUNITY GREEN IS HONORED TO PRESENT AlterEcho GreenNuture PeopleTowel for their support and LAUNCHING AT THIS YEAR’S CONFERENCE visionary leadership CONGRATULATIONS!
  27. 27. Opportunity Green acknowledges the Mohawk Emerging Leaders of 2009: OLGA BESPALOVA CHEYNE BROWN NAKIA EDMUNDSON JAMES KERRIGAN We’re proud to recognize these four young “Your Environmentally Friendly Print Alternative” architects for their for commitment to sustainability. Proud Sponsor of The 2009 IGERT Conference Special thanks to KEVIN LEW Without your For Earth Friendly Printing leadership, vision and creativity this Contact Dan conference would at not be possible. We love you! Green Earth Print and Design 310-237-5902 www.greenearthprintanddesign.com We Use High Content Recycled And Tree Free Stocks
  28. 28. Committed to helping euse cycle : R create a healthier, more Redu ce : Re our sustainable future by utlet for connecting science rov ides an o old cell phones. Wirefly p cycle their and business. c onsum ers to re Catering that tastes as good as it is. 800.304.4550 for more info please visit www.wireflytradeins.com RTI uses Open Innovation techniques to help companies “go green.” To learn more, join us at the Green Lessons Learned session, or visit us on the web. www.rti.org/openinnovation RTI International is a trade name of Research Triangle Institute. Southern California Edison, a national leader in energy efficiency and renewables, is proud to support Opportunity Green Conference 2009.
  29. 29. Opportunity Green CONGRATULATES our Tour de OG Trail Blazers! Nick Aster Juergen Dold Greg McQuaid Shaheen Marcus Castai Joshua Hickman Dana Prieto Sheik-Sadhal, Esteban Chavez Jason Kibbey Sue Rigler Anna Cummins Sandra Kwak Daryl Spano Esq :: 310.455.6761 :: shaheen@sheiksadhal.com San Francisco -> Los Angeles :: the union of profitability, positive social impact, and the law :: November 1 - 5, 2009 Cycling for Sustainable Business 5 Days, 400 Miles, Infinite Possibilities Tour de OG is Opportunity Green’s first cycling tour de force to raise awareness and generate social media buzz for green business. Led by a posse of green business influencers, this 5 day, 4 night, 400 mile bike blaze kicked off in San Francisco on November 1st and ended in Los Angeles, just in time for the 3rd annual Opportunity Congratulations Green conference. Along the way, Tour participants utilized the power of social media platforms: facebook, twitter, mobile phone applications and the blogosphere to engage 2009 MBAs a global audience, gather support and blast an enlistment message for positive change. Their flaming path included drive-bys at cutting edge companies and organizations Board Member dedicated to advancing corporate social responsibility and conscious business. They were met at the finish line by media and sponsors to celebrate their considerable JAMIE SIMON accomplishment. from Presidio Opportunity Green supported Tour de OG participants through: - Organic Meals, Snacks & Beverages Director of - Campsites & Lodging Accommodations - Promotional Biking & Outerwear Accessories Social Media, - Discounted Attendee Registration for the 3rd annual Opportunity Green Conference CHATHRI - An experience of a lifetime MUNASINGHE from UC Irvine Support Team Extraordinaire: Mario Panagiotopoulos (Driver - Support Vehicle) Laura Spano (Volunteer Support - Driver - Support Vehicle 2) Paul Tabladillo (RN/On Call Medic Volunteer) Annette OerLemans (On Call Medic Volunteer)