The Principle of Emptiness


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The Principle of Emptiness

  1. 1. The Priciple of Emptiness Photos by the Canadian A rtist Gregory Colbert [email_address] opp 4 wealth
  2. 2. Dear friend... I dare to present you this beautiful message of the author Joseph Newton... In addition to a small but wonderful compilation of photos by the worldwide famous Canadian photographer and filmmaker... Gregory Colbert. I’d like you to learn something of his extensive artwork of photography. “ When I started “Ashes and Snow” in 1992, my intention was to explore the relation between humans and animals from the inside out”... “ Gregory Colbert” [email_address] opp 4 wealth
  3. 3. Do you have the habit of collecting useless objects thinking that one day... (you don’t know when) ... you will need them? [email_address] opp 4 wealth
  4. 4. Do you have the habit of collecting money just for not spening it because you think that in the future you might lack of it? [email_address] opp 4 wealth
  5. 5. Do you have the habit of keeping cloth, shoes, furniture, domestic items and other stuff that you are not using since long? [email_address] opp 4 wealth
  6. 6. And inside of you...? Do you have the habit of keeping scrap, resentment, sadness, fear and that sort of thing? [email_address] opp 4 wealth
  7. 7. Don’t ever do that! It’s against your prosperity! [email_address] opp 4 wealth
  8. 8. It’s necessary to leave a space, an emptiness, for new things to come to your life. [email_address] opp 4 wealth
  9. 9. It’s necessary that you get rid of all useless stuff that’s in your life, for the prosperity to come to you. [email_address] opp 4 wealth
  10. 10. The power of this emptiness is what absorbes and attracts everything you want. [email_address] opp 4 wealth
  11. 11. While you are materially and emotionally charged with old and useless feelings you’ll have no space for new opportunities. [email_address] opp 4 wealth
  12. 12. Possessions and wealth need to circle... Clean out the cases and drawers, the closets, the tools room, the garage... [email_address] opp 4 wealth
  13. 13. Donate everything you’re not using now... [email_address] opp 4 wealth
  14. 14. The attitude of keeping a heap of useless things only chains your life. [email_address] opp 4 wealth
  15. 15. It’s not the kept things that stall your life... [email_address] opp 4 wealth
  16. 16. ... but the attitude of keeping! [email_address] opp 4 wealth
  17. 17. If you keep things, you consider the possibility of need, of deprivation... [email_address] opp 4 wealth
  18. 18. You think that tomorrow you might lack of things and that you will have no way to cover those needs... [email_address] opp 4 wealth
  19. 19. With this idea in mind you’re sending out two messages to your brain and to your life : [email_address] opp 4 wealth
  20. 20. a) That you don’t trust in tomorrow... [email_address] opp 4 wealth
  21. 21. and b) that you think that the new and the better are NOT for you. [email_address] opp 4 wealth
  22. 22. That’s why you enjoy keeping old and useless things. [email_address] opp 4 wealth
  23. 23. Get rid of what has lost its color and shine... [email_address] opp 4 wealth
  24. 24. Let the new get into your house... and into yourself ... [email_address] opp 4 wealth
  25. 25. That’s why... after reading this... don’t keep it... [email_address] opp 4 wealth
  26. 26. Make it circle... so that prosperity and peace can soon come to you . [email_address] opp 4 wealth
  27. 27. Amen... [email_address] opp 4 wealth