MitsubishiWD-92742                                            2012Review Mitsubishi WD-92742 92-Inch 3D DLP Home Cinema HD...
Mitsubishi WD-92742 92-Inch 3D DLP Home Cinema HDTV                     2Review Mitsubishi WD-92742 92-Inch 3D DLP Home Ci...
Mitsubishi WD-92742 92-Inch 3D DLP Home Cinema HDTV                    3picture brightness. Fast moving images on the sub-...
Mitsubishi WD-92742 92-Inch 3D DLP Home Cinema HDTV                4Mitsubishi WD-92742 92-Inch 3D DLP Home Cinema HDTVPro...
Mitsubishi WD-92742 92-Inch 3D DLP Home Cinema HDTV                5Live It Large!With the worlds largest 3D HDTVs for the...
Mitsubishi WD-92742 92-Inch 3D DLP Home Cinema HDTV               6Your PC Desktop on Your TV Using VNC                   ...
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Review Mitsubishi WD-92742 92-Inch 3D DLP Home Cinema HDTV by [OPOD]


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Review Mitsubishi WD-92742 92-Inch 3D DLP Home Cinema HDTV
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Review Mitsubishi WD-92742 92-Inch 3D DLP Home Cinema HDTV by [OPOD]

  1. 1. MitsubishiWD-92742 2012Review Mitsubishi WD-92742 92-Inch 3D DLP Home Cinema HDTVRead more for Mitsubishi WD-92742 at
  2. 2. Mitsubishi WD-92742 92-Inch 3D DLP Home Cinema HDTV 2Review Mitsubishi WD-92742 92-Inch 3D DLP Home Cinema HDTV One of the largest display screen sizes on the HDTVs available in the market are directly pertinent to the Mitsubishi WD-92742 Home Cinema HDTV, with an impressive 92-inch display that will capture your sight into new dimensional levels when it comes to home entertainment. The great features and amazing characteristics of the Mitsubishi WD-92742 will make your purchase quite rewarding since you will be directly linked to a new level of technology where your expectations will go far beyond satisfied of what you consider the best standards for a personal home cinema HDTV. Starting off with the technical details of the Mitsubishi WD-92742 lie the basic inputs of what describes the actual HDTV, which mainly consistsof a 92-inch display screen size optimal for any kind of viewing experience as well as a largedisplay ideal for a home cinema installation on your living room or within a selected location whereyou would install a precise home theater system based upon the location where you desire it to beinstalled within your residence.The dimensions of the Mitsubishi WD-92742 are 25 x 82.8 x 54.4 inches and a total combinedweight of 186.1 pounds, with a total shipping weight of an estimated 233 pounds. The ASINnumber or code for the Mitsubishi WD-92742 is B007TGKLFM where two specific AA batteriesare required for the remote controller. This particular HDTV is quite recent since it was launched tothe market on April 20, 2012.Considering the basic features of the Mitsubishi WD-92742 lie the power of technology along withits innate representation in complete simplicity, one of the most highly rated features of theMitsubishi WD-92742 is the ability to stream TV internet media and 3DTV applications. You caneasily stream any kind of movie, TV program, show or even a series directly onto the HDTV andenjoy it from the comfort of your home. The HDTV also comes equipped with a controller appwhere you can directly connect your iPhone, iPod Touch or your iPad to be the remote controllerinstead of using the actual remote controller; this feature is highly regarded as being one of the bestcharacteristics of the Mitsubishi WD-92742 since most people now demand excellence in terms ofcompatibility with popular handheld devices.The Mitsubishi WD-92742 also has a built-in 3D emitter that effectively enables you to watchvirtually any kind of show within a 3D fashion. Advanced video calibration, crisp image quality andhigh resolution are also important features that this particular HDTV offers, ensuring its owner toexperience the most remarkable degree of reliability in the long run without any kind inconveniencewhatsoever or having the inability to see reliable image quality regardless of the overall projectionbeing watched. As the last basic feature, the Mitsubishi WD-92742 offers a wireless internet readyoption which you can effectively browse the internet, see movies online and use many of the specialcapabilities that the HDTV offers you.Going a little further to the overall features of the Mitsubishi WD-92742 lies the special feature of abrilliant, colorful and intense color spectrum, providing a 6 color processing and an efficient way toexperience the most visually appealing colors without compromising the level of contrast and 2 Mitsubishi WD-92742 | Read more
  3. 3. Mitsubishi WD-92742 92-Inch 3D DLP Home Cinema HDTV 3picture brightness. Fast moving images on the sub-frame rate encompass a great feature on theHDTV in which all fast moving images appear smoother and more fluid, eliminating the motionblur and doubling every traditional frame to the best of its ability.The reviews for the Mitsubishi WD-92742 have been nothing more than exciting and positive, bothat the professional and customer levels. Many professional reviews have expressed excellentcharacteristics of the Mitsubishi WD-92742, citing its spectacular 92-inch display as one of themost enigmatic viewing experiences that can ever be achieved as well as giving many otherincentives regarding the true special qualities of the 6 color processing feature. At the professionallevel, the Mitsubishi WD-92742 has received a great deal of prestige and excellence for beingamong the best and largest home cinema HDTVs available in the market.Customer reviews have also been quite favorable in terms of customer satisfaction and obtaining agreat level of reward due to the magnificent features and affordable cost of the Mitsubishi WD-92742. Many customers have expressed their contentment with the incredible degree of reliabilityof the HDTV, its competitive and affordable price and the overall excellence when it comes toobtaining the most favorable features that keep hand to hand with the latest technological advanceswithin the scope of HDTVs.As already mentioned, the features equalize the great number of benefits for the Mitsubishi WD-92742, an incredible 92-inch display HDTV that can ultimately make your home cinema system aremarkable and spectacular system for you to enjoy every night that you like. With these givenconsiderations in mind, the benefits of having such a large and reliable HDTV do not onlyencompass a true uniqueness but also a great level of bang for your buck. The Mitsubishi WD-92742 has been priced at a very competitive cost compared to other similar HDTVs, giving you agreat incentive to purchase a piece of modern day HDTV technology for a great price withoutcompromising the overall reliability and features expected.We strongly recommend you to consider purchasing the Mitsubishi WD-92742 if you are currentlylooking for the best HDTV beyond 90 inches of display. Its fascinating characteristics and featuresmake it unlike any other HDTV available in the market, not only giving you a great feasibility whenit comes to purchasing it for a great affordable cost but also for a potential home cinema system thatwill give you countless hours of entertainment with all the expected results and features like youwant. 3 Mitsubishi WD-92742 | Read more
  4. 4. Mitsubishi WD-92742 92-Inch 3D DLP Home Cinema HDTV 4Mitsubishi WD-92742 92-Inch 3D DLP Home Cinema HDTVProduct Features  Stream TV Internet Media, 3DTV  iPhone/itouch/iPad remote control app  Built in 3D emitter  Advanced Video Calibration  Wireless Internet Ready (Optional Adapter)Technical Details  Brand Name: Mitsubishi  Model: WD-92742  Display Technology: DLP  Display Size: 92 inches  Image Aspect Ratio: 16:09  Image Contrast Ratio: 40000:1  Speaker Count: 2  Resolution: 1080p  Refresh Rate: 120 Click for read customer reviews!!Mitsubishi WD-82742 82-Inch 3D DLP Home Cinema HDTVA Fully Immersive, Large Screen 3D Experience All 2012 Mitsubishi 742 Series 3DTVs utilize the same core DLP technology that power the vast majority of 3D Cinemas With picture performance that outpaces todays smaller flat panels, Mitsubishi 742 Series 3D DLP Home Cinema TVs offer a larger than life, intensely vivid 2D and fully immersive 3D viewing experience. In huge 73", 82" and 92" Class screen sizes, Mitsubishi 3D DLP Home CinemaTVs deliver incredible picture performance at an exceptional value, and completely define thelarge screen 3D entertainment category.Learn more about 3D, how it works, and exactly what youll need to enjoy 3D at home at our3D Center. 4 Mitsubishi WD-92742 | Read more
  5. 5. Mitsubishi WD-92742 92-Inch 3D DLP Home Cinema HDTV 5Live It Large!With the worlds largest 3D HDTVs for the home, Mitsubishis 1080p DLP Home CinemaHDTVs offer many times the viewing area of smaller screen flat panel TVs. A 92" ClassMitsubishi Home Cinema HDTV has 4 times more picture than a 46" Class set. And DLPtechnology is up to 1,000 times faster than LCD technology--providing for a more realistic,sharper 2D and 3D viewing experience. Mitsubishi DLP Home Cinema HDTVs are simply thebest option for enjoying 3D content in the home.Brilliant, Colorful, IntenseConnect to the Internet with StreamTVPress the Internet button on the remote control to instantly access a wide variety of internetservices. Enjoy the largest library and newest releases of streaming 1080p movies with 5.1surround sound from VUDU. Or stream your favorite music on demand and check in on yoursocial network accounts like Twitter and Facebook.Learn more about "smart" TVs, how they work, what services are offered by differentmanufacturers, and exactly what youll need to get started at Amazons Smart TV Center . 6 Color Processing delivers bright, intense color 6 Color Processing Mitsubishis 6 Color Processor takes color twice as far. Instead of standard RGB processing, 6 Color Processing splits the signal into red, green blue, cyan, yellow, and magenta, processingthem all independently of each other. This more efficient way to process color creates moreaccurate primary colors, and a wider range of secondary colors. And because white isachieved by mixing all available colors, the 6 Color Processor delivers whiter whites thanconventional 3 color systems. All without sacrificing picture brightness. Literally, billions ofcolors are possible in every frame.A Film-like Picture with Smooth120Hz™ Sub-Frame RateSmooth120Hz™ Sub-Frame Rate makes fast-moving images appear smoother and more fluid,free from motion blur. It does this by doubling the traditional progressive scan frame rate andcreates new frames of video between the traditional frames. The result is smoother movingimages with no motion blur. And because DLP technology is up to 1,000 times faster than LCDtechnology, expect a razor sharp picture no matter how fast the action.Versatility and ControlUse Mitsubishis free app to take control with your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch 5 Mitsubishi WD-92742 | Read more
  6. 6. Mitsubishi WD-92742 92-Inch 3D DLP Home Cinema HDTV 6Your PC Desktop on Your TV Using VNC VNC is remote control software which allows you to view and fully interact with any computer desktop connected to your home network. Connect a wireless keyboard to your Home Cinema TV and view photos, answer email, update your social network status, or surf the web on any computer in the house without ever leaving your favorite chair. iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad Remote Control AppUse your iPad or iPhone to control your Mitsubishi Home Cinema TV with Mitsubishis simpleto use app. Download the free app from the iTunes store and use your Wi-Fi network to easilycontrol your TV. Change channels, select audio and/or video functions, access your internetStreamTV, select inputs and more from the comfort of your couch.Advance Video CalibrationUse Advanced Video Calibration to fine tune the picture for any connected device. Makeprecise adjustments to brightness, contrast, color and other controls for your Blu-ray player,gaming console or anything you plug in. Advanced Video Calibration is the easy way to makean immediate improvement on your digital cable or satellite picture. Simply use your remotecontrol and the on-screen user interface to make professional, studio-grade pictureadjustments for improvement in detail and color reproduction.2012 Model Feature Comparison Feature C12 Series 642 Series 742 Series6 Color Processor Yes Yes Yes120Hz Sub-Frame Rate Yes Yes YesBrilliant/Bright/Natural/Game Modes Yes Yes YesHDMI Input 2 3 3Rear Component/Composite Video Input Yes Yes YesHDMI-PC Compatibility Yes Yes Yes3DTV (VESA Jack and DLP Link) Yes YesAdvanced Video Calibration Yes Yes2D + Depth (2D to 3D Conversion) Yes YesInternal 3D Glasses IR Emitter YesStreamTV Internet Media (Vudu Apps) YesWireless Internet Ready (Optional Adapter) YesiPhone/iPod Touch/iPad Remote Control App YesRemote PC Desktop - VNC YesClear Contrast Screen 92" Only 6 Mitsubishi WD-92742 | Read more