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Veni vidi emptio!


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Reference Customer Implementation - A real world customer story. A win against
Solarwinds Orion: Monitoring 500 devices (5,000 interfaces) distributed across 15+ remote sites with OpManager Enterprise Edition - A unified console to manage your complete network

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Veni vidi emptio!

  1. 1. Veni, vidi, emptio! I came, I saw and I bought! A real-world win against Solarwinds Orion ManageEngine OpManager Reference Customer Implementation
  2. 2. Customer information• A leading services provider for the energy industry• Over 1000 employees spread across 15+ locations• A heterogeneous multi-vendor infrastructure with 500 devices (around 5,000 interfaces) to monitor
  3. 3. Now the Story
  4. 4. Need for NMS• The company was mostly using custom scripts and small tools to manage!• The business started rapidly expanding its operations, resulting in huge number of devices to manage
  5. 5. The Requirement Manage – 200 Routers, Switches, Firewalls & other NW devices – 50 physical servers – 25 VMware Hosts & 150 virtual machines – 50+ infrastructure devices. – MS Exchange, SQL and Active Directory monitoring – Monitor critical WAN links – Analyze traffic usage using NetFlow – Network Change, Configuration and Compliance
  6. 6. A call-to-advice LET ME TRY Solarwinds, MY BROTHER’S SUGGESTIONThe smart-admin was suggested to use Solarwinds NMS by his brother!
  7. 7. The smart check!The smart-admin wanted to check thealternatives available before deciding!
  8. 8. Veni – I came!Got to ManageEngine OpManager through “Google” search
  9. 9. Vidi – I saw!• OpManager is evaluated with the full load
  10. 10. Emptio – I bought!Now his brother is also using ManageEngine OpManager
  11. 11. It’s
  12. 12. ManageEngine OpManager A single console to manage your complete network Manage Networks, Physical and Virtual Servers, Essential Applications viz. Exchange, SQL & Active Directory and other Infrastructure devices For more info visit www.opmanager.comCartoon courtesy: