Single Console for viewing OpManager & DeviceExpert Alarms


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Single Console for viewing OpManager & DeviceExpert Alarms

  1. 1. Network Configuration Team Performance Monitoring & alerting Team Is this how youmanage your IT? Uses any of the following point products: IBM Tivoli, Alterpoint, Uses any of the following point products: OpenView, BMC, ManageEngine DeviceExpert ManageEngine OpManager
  2. 2. Problem Point products work well, but with does not offer a this unified approach towards problem model solving!
  3. 3. Even Unable to access the Me too! a small CRM router config. change can stall yourbusiness! Sales team in Branch Office 1
  4. 4. The server & the CRM are running good. Not sure what’s the issue! Utterchaos! The Configuration team must have changed any router config. Willblame check with them now. gamebegins! Performance Monitoring Team, HO
  5. 5. John, did you change the branch office router configuration? Looks like Dan had changed the config. of Cisco 2900. I did not authorize this. Anyways, No will ask him to revert.Automation! Loss ofproductivity Network Configuration Team, HO
  6. 6. It’ll be great if such configuration changes are automatically added as events in my monitoring software. NoAutomation! Loss ofproductivity
  7. 7. Comprehensive Network ManagementSolution to avoid such config.change ManageEngine OpManager chaos ManageEngine DeviceExpert Unified approach with OpManager & DeviceExpert
  8. 8. OpManager is enterprise ready, network, server & virtualization monitoring software Support 600+ Offers High About device types availabilityOpManager Includes Scales over Faster 50,000 Discovery interfaces Engine OpManager
  9. 9. DeviceExpert is multi vendor network change, configuration & compliance management softwareAbout Approval mechanism for Real-time configuration configurationDevice upload trackingExpert Configuration Scheduled versioning & configuration Comparison backup DeviceExpert
  10. 10. How doesOpManager raises alarms for config. changes done in Device Expert?
  11. 11. SNMP Traps OpManagerOpManager’s Powerful Trap Processor • OpManager’ SNMP trap processor receives traps sent by third party applications and devices. • Converts such traps into alarms
  12. 12. Config. changes Alarm is Raised are Configuration change added as Sends SNMP Traps OpManager alarms in DeviceExpertOpManager
  13. 13. Steps • Add the device in both OpManager & DeviceExpert to 1 forward • Create a change management rule in traps 2 DeviceExpert to send traps to OpManager from • Traps will be sent from DeviceExpert to Device 3 OpManager whenever a configuration is changed Expert • Create a Trap Processor in OpManager to convert to 4 the received traps in to alarmsOpManager
  14. 14. When Cisco Cisco 2900’s device configuration is changed 2900’s config. ischanged in Device Expert
  15. 15. Alarm is raised for the configuration change An alarm is raised inOpManager
  16. 16. Work Server down alarm intandem Configuration change alarm with other IT CPU utilization threshold violation alarm teams OpManager’s unified alarm console
  17. 17. Thank youIf you need any clarification, please contact