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UniCredit Leasing uses Applications Manager to deliver seamless services worldwide.


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Find out how UniCredit Leasing, an international financial corporation, delivers seamless services to their worldwide user base with Applications Manager.

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UniCredit Leasing uses Applications Manager to deliver seamless services worldwide.

  1. 1. How UniCredit Leasing uses Applications Manager to deliver seamless services to its worldwide users.
  2. 2. UniCredit Leasing is an international financial corporation that deals with property, vehicle and technology leasing. It is a subsidiary of UniCredit Group, an Italian global banking and financial services company with network spanning 50 markets in 17 countries, with more than 8,500 branches and over 147,000 employees. About UniCredit Leasing...
  3. 3. Products:  Financial leasing  Operational leasing or rental  Credit for foreign acquisitions  Limit for investments with joint destination  Fleet management  Insurance Primary Operations: Financed assets:  Cars  Light commercial vehicles  Trucks and trailers  Industrial technology lines  Agricultural equipments  Construction equipments  Medical equipments  IT equipments  Industrial and commercial real estate
  4. 4. > Acquiring, maintaining and also developing the infrastructure/business logic inside the organization. > Shifting from physical servers to a fully virtualized environment. > Ensuring the availability and flexibility of Microsoft and VMware products that serve as the backbone of daily operations. > Monitoring all servers regularly to minimize outages that could impact the organization's revenue. Their IT department is focused on:
  5. 5. Roman is the lead IT Administrator at UniCredit Leasing with over 10 years of experience in the software field. He is responsible for exploring, procuring and successfully deploying new software to ensure the reliable operation of the organization's servers. Roman Kucman IT Administrator UniCredit Leasing
  6. 6.  MS SQL  MS Exchange  SharePoint  CRM We were looking for a comprehensive monitoring tool for our business critical servers like, and our admins didn't have to look too far to find the right solution to monitor all servers.  VMware servers  Skype for Business  IBM AS400 - Roman Kucman UniCredit Leasing " "
  7. 7. We needed something convenient to manage and easy to configure and understand, and the first hit was Applications Manager. We tried it in the demo mode and immediately wanted to buy it. - Roman Kucman UniCredit Leasing " "
  8. 8. > Monitor a wide range of servers > Ensure maximum uptime and availability of servers > Notify IT administrators instantly about outages > Detect and eliminate the root cause of an outage > Track important metrics to improve server response time > Automate tasks > Generate intelligent reports With Applications Manager, UniCredit Leasing can now,
  9. 9. Minimizing outages, their frequencies and longevity requires detecting and eliminating the root cause of an outage. IT admins no longer have to deeply go through an outage to learn and apply appropriate knowledge to monitoring. With Root Cause Analysis, they can exactly pinpoint the source of the problem and rectify it.
  10. 10. Monitoring all key metrics gives admins a clear insight into ongoing operations and allows them to troubleshoot adequately in case of unplanned outages.
  11. 11. With the dependency mapping feature, admins can have an overview and control over almost all servers and make informed decisions.
  12. 12. Automatic reports help in analyzing trends, identifying bottlenecks, and in planning IT requirements. Comprehensive performance reports and real time graphs whenever required.
  13. 13. The intelligent dashboards allow admins to view and control almost every action from a single page, saving hours of time everyday.
  14. 14. With Applications Manager, UniCredit Leasing can now ensure that their data centers are always up and their branches in various countries deliver uninterrupted services to their customers worldwide.
  15. 15. The most compelling reason to chose Applications Manager was the ease of use. After the first install, virtually in a minute we were able to monitor our infrastructure. The more monitors we added, the more we loved the product. Not to mention, the price was an important factor too. " " "We live in a complex world and that is true for many monitoring products, in ManageEngine, we found polished simplicity. " - Roman Kucman IT Administrator UniCredit Leasing
  16. 16. Thank you Download your 30-day free trial