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Retail conglomerate in Latin America monitors 8000+ app components with Applications Manager


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One of South America's retail industry giants uses ManageEngine Applications Manager for application performance monitoring.

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Retail conglomerate in Latin America monitors 8000+ app components with Applications Manager

  1. 1. Monitors over 8000 applications and services across multiple countries as part of their IT operations management. Retail Conglomerate in Latin America trusts Applications Manager
  2. 2. Industry Retail Services Offered Shopping centers, financial retail, supermarkets, home improvement and construction, department stores, family entertainment centers, insurance brokerage. Operates in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Peru and Colombia Employees 140000+ About the Customer
  3. 3. The company relies a lot on SAP systems for its business SAP provides them the information to manage their core business.
  4. 4. Any SAP downtime has a major impact on their business. • Longer waiting time for customers at shopping centers and supermarkets. • Users unable to submit insurance claims. • Services malfunction for end users. • Financial and credibility loss for the company.
  5. 5. Gaining performance visibility into their complex SAP environments was a major challenge for their IT team.
  6. 6. Apart from SAP systems, the IT team had a variety of systems to manage.
  7. 7. Their IT infrastructure was spread across multiple countries in South America
  8. 8. Many times the IT team was caught off guard by outages and performance problems • Applications crashing • Pages loading slow • Frequent session disconnects • Slow screen refreshes • Users unable to login
  9. 9. But they wouldn’t know where to start troubleshooting
  10. 10. Often they had war room situations with critical stakeholders And there would be a lot of finger pointing.
  11. 11. The IT team tried out a few solutions to address their monitoring challenges, but those didn’t work out the way they wanted. Too expensive Lot of work to get started Require community plugins Need to deploy agents and connectors Need to integrate multiple products No data correlation Alarm storms False alarms Requires programming knowledge Training required Gap in visibility
  12. 12. They continued to look out for monitoring options
  13. 13. That’s when they found Applications Manager
  14. 14. They found Applications Manager had a lot to offer for SAP admins
  15. 15. And, they decided to test Applications Manager
  16. 16. They were thoroughly impressed during their evaluation • Easy to set up and use • Flexible month-long evaluation period • Support for 80+ applications and servers • Forward compatibility with new enterprise apps • Fantastic tech support • Integration with other ManageEngine products
  17. 17. They quickly found out that Applications Manager could help with a lot more than SAP monitoring.
  18. 18. They bought an enterprise edition license of Applications Manager for one for their data centers in South America.
  19. 19. They moved Applications Manager successfully from a test set up to a production environment. Dev QA Prod
  20. 20. Applications Manager helped them overcome management challenges and stay on top of things.
  21. 21. The enterprise edition enabled them to scale horizontally, adding more managed servers as they expanded their deployment. Applications Manager Admin Server Managed server 1 Managed server 2 Managed server 4 Managed server 3 Managed server 5 They soon replicated their production set up in another country.
  22. 22. How Applications Manager helps
  23. 23. Gain deep visibility into SAP environments • Get notified when there are more than 20 dumps per minute. • Get a daily report of update errors. • Track excessive lock entries. • Become aware when spool request exceeds 5000 pages.
  24. 24. Understand performance from the context of business
  25. 25. Visualize relationships between application components
  26. 26. Track user experience of customer-facing applications
  27. 27. Get code-level diagnostics
  28. 28. Instant alerts according to the level of importance of the system
  29. 29. Allow access to multiple levels of users
  30. 30. View powerful and customizable dashboards
  31. 31. View reports on business service availability
  32. 32. View downtime summary
  33. 33. View reports on CPU utilization
  34. 34. Configure workflows for repetitive tasks • Execute corrective scripts • Raise a help desk ticket • Take a Java heap dump/thread dump • Trigger garbage collection • Send/Receive SNMP traps • Execute an MBean operation
  35. 35. Thank you Download a 30-day free trial