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OpManager - A smart alternative to complex network management frameworks


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Get to know about why more and more organizations are choosing OpManager- A Smart alternative for replacing complex and expensive network management frameworks that cost millions of dollars.

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OpManager - A smart alternative to complex network management frameworks

  1. 1. *ManageEngine OpManager provides comprehensive network, serverand virtualization monitoring functionality. It offers advanced fault andperformance management across your critical IT resources such asRouters, WAN links, Switches, Firewalls, VoIP call paths, Physicalservers, Virtual servers (VMware/ Hyper-V), Domain controllers, MSExchange, MS SQL and other IT infrastructure devices.
  2. 2. * Probe-Central Architecture Deploy remote probes to collect the data locally in remote sites and push the collected data and events to the central location.*If you have a solid VPN/ MPLS connectivity, have less than 500devices or 10,000 interfaces to monitor and wish to monitor thecomplete network from the central location, you can tryOpManager Standalone Edition
  3. 3. * Built for Large Enterprise network management• Monitor up to 5,000 devices or 50,000 interfaces• Monitors devices across distributed remote sites using Probe-Central architecture• Visualize events and performance data across remote sites on a centralized console• Ensure 100% data integrity, even when there is a connection loss between the central & probe servers using local database support
  4. 4. • Network Maps• Network Performance Management• Server Performance Monitoring• Virtualization Performance Monitoring• Essential Application Monitoring• Network Fault Management• IT workflow automation• Performance Reporting• Integration
  5. 5. Google Maps Traffic Weather Custom Maps Maps L2/L3 Network Infrastructure Topology Mapping Maps ViewWith the help of network maps you can visualize your completeIT infrastructure. Spot any network problems at-a-glimpse andQuickly drill down to the problematic device. Create and shareapplication or location specific network diagrams and many more
  6. 6. Best-in-class Virtualization monitoring with over 100 deepperformance metrics for &
  7. 7. Active Directory monitoringExchange Server SQL ServerMonitoring Monitoring TCP Service,Website Windows servicemonitoring monitoring File/ Folder monitoring Script monitoring Process monitoring
  8. 8. Email IT Workflow SMS AutomationRemote device RSS connection Run Script or Smart Remediation Patch Phone UI Log a ticket with ServiceDesk Plus
  9. 9. Smart workflow engine to robotize the first level network event andfault troubleshooting – Helps achieve operational efficiency andeffectiveness by reducing MTTR and MTBF. Intuitive drag-n-drop, code-free workflow builder to automate repetitive and laborious IT management tasks.
  10. 10. • Over 100 inbuilt availability and performance reports• Reports on a Daily, Weekly, Monthly and custom period basis• Reports exportable to HTML,PDF, CSV formats
  11. 11. REST APIOpManager offers REST APIs for adding and fetching data fromOpManager. Using these APIs, you can integrate OpManager with3rd party IT management/service desk software.
  12. 12. OpManager integrates with other ManageEngine products toprovide a complete IT Management solution.Integrated Management of:Apps: SAP, Oracle Apps, etc…App Server: Weblogic/ WebsphereDBs: Oracle, DB2, etc…ITIL Helpdesk & Asset Firewall Logmanagement analysis
  13. 13. OpManager has a very active user community where peerOpManager users share best practices, tips and tricks, customtemplates, custom monitors, workflow templates, etc.Visit
  14. 14. OpManager - Powerful Network Monitoring andManagement, made easy and affordable