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Network Traffic Analysis at a financial institution with 788 branches for 3500 interfaces with NetFlow Analyzer


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A leading bank with over 780 branches across the United States had problems with monitoring network traffic across the Enterprise and in finding out the most resource-intensive applications. This Slideshare explains how they solved the challenge with ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer by monitoring real-time network traffic based on flow data and found out application-wise bandwidth usage.

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Network Traffic Analysis at a financial institution with 788 branches for 3500 interfaces with NetFlow Analyzer

  1. 1. Reference Customer Implementation A Leading Bank with 788 branches Monitors 3500 Interfaces with NetFlow Analyzer
  2. 2. Customer Details • Private bank with 788 branches (Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Maryland, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas and more) • Interfaces to be monitored – 3500 interfaces distributed at different locations • Cost of downtime – $2 Million/hour
  3. 3. Challenges before using NetFlow Analyzer
  4. 4. Real-time view of vital statistics
  5. 5. Challenges & Problems • What are the resource-intensive applications? • How do I view my distributed network from one point? • How do I monitor which applications use maximum bandwidth?
  6. 6. Customer’s network Site A Site B Site C Central Server Illustration not to scale
  7. 7. NetFlow Analyzer’s Capabilities
  8. 8. • Flow-based traffic analysis • Real-time traffic reports • Top Applications – Identifying resource-intensive applications • Probe-Server architecture for distributed monitoring • Threshold-based alerts NetFlow Analyzer’s capabilities
  9. 9. How NetFlow Analyzer helped the institution
  10. 10. • Identifying Top Applications • Application-wise bandwidth usage • Monitoring distributed networks • Top conversations in the network • Getting real-time traffic statistics • Centralized configurable dashboard How NetFlow Analyzer helped
  11. 11. Business value • Single console view • Better visibility • Faster troubleshooting of sluggishness • Minimum downtime • Optimized usage of resources • Delivery of critical applications
  12. 12. Thank you