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NetFlow Analyzer Product Overview


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NetFlow Analyzer captures flow data and monitors interface bandwidth usage in real time. This product overview will help you get the most out of NetFlow Analyzer v12.

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NetFlow Analyzer Product Overview

  1. 1. NetFlow Analyzer v12 Product Overview Network traffic and bandwidth monitoring software NetFlow Analyzer
  2. 2. NetFlow Analyzer v12 Increased Visibility Great Control NetFlow Analyzer, a complete traffic analytics tool, leverages flow technologies to provide real time visibility into the network bandwidth performance. Now packed with new UI for increased visibility and better control. It takes bandwidth monitoring and traffic analytics to next level, with ease of monitoring.
  3. 3. Leverages on flow technologies NetFlow Analyzer collects and analyzes flows from major devices like Cisco, 3COM, Juniper, Foundry Networks, Hewlett-Packard, extreme and other leading vendors in the market. IP FIX NetFlow NetStream AppFlow sFlow J-Flow
  4. 4. Key features - Provides detailed visibility into who, when and what of the network traffic. - Create groups for cumulative traffic. - Set alerts to know about the issue in real-time. - Apply ACL and traffic shaping for unnecessary traffic usage. - Troubleshoot bandwidth issues with reports. - Generate short-term and long-term network usage trend report. - Monitor the cost of bandwidth usage with billing
  5. 5. Know the who, when and what of your network traffic Gain detailed visibility into traffic usage by • Applications • Protocols • QoS • Source • Destination • Conversation
  6. 6. Dashboard Dashboard provides summary on traffic details such as top applications, top conversations, top QoS, top protocols and recent alarms. Drill-down option from dashboard view will give in-depth traffic details.
  7. 7. Get detailed view of router/switch traffic to know the total bandwidth consumption by the selected device and view its interface traffic, applications, top source/destinations, QoS, conversations and AS view. Visibility into device traffic from Inventory
  8. 8. Visibility into interface traffic from inventory Get detailed view of traffic information for interface with IN/OUT traffic chart
  9. 9. Visibility into application traffic from inventory Get detailed view of traffic information for interface with application associated to that interface chart
  10. 10. Visibility into top source and destination Get detailed view of traffic information for interface with top source/ destination & conversation
  11. 11. Visibility into QoS traffic Control bandwidth usage with QoS monitoring and set different priorities based on bandwidth consumption. View QoS traffic in this tab.
  12. 12. Visibility into device specific traffic You can view other details such as Top QoS, CBQoS, NBAR2 app, multicast traffic, medianet traffic, HTTP host, QoS stats, ART etc.
  13. 13. Gain visibility into NBAR2 applications with Cisco AVC monitoring (Application Visibility and Control). Visibility into Layer 7 applications
  14. 14. Visibility into wireless traffic with WLC monitoring Monitor WLAN Controllers for bandwidth related statistics and drill down further to view reports on WLAN controllers, SSIDs, APs and QoS.
  15. 15. Monitor combined bandwidth usage to get better picture of traffic consumption and sort traffic by devices, interfaces, IP, applications and DSCP. Sort traffic usage by groups
  16. 16. Increased network security with ASAM ASAM module gives the ability to pinpoint unwanted behavior of network traffic and detects possibility of zero-day attacks and. Enable/disable list of problems, resources, algorithms, thresholds & alert profiles.
  17. 17. Class-based quality of service monitoring gives you the ability to easily view and report on the effects of the class-based QoS policies that is enabled on CBQoS- capable cisco devices. CBQoS monitoring
  18. 18. Set alerts to know about the issue in real-time It is easy to set an alarms based on threshold and get notified when traffic utilization exceeds threshold settings.
  19. 19. Apply ACL and service policies Allow certain IPs and deny unwanted traffic with ACL for non-business application. Also, you can reduce bandwidth utilization with traffic shaping.
  20. 20. Troubleshoot bandwidth issues with reports Consolidated Custom search IP group and protocol Capacity planning Compare Forensics NetFlow Analyzer reports help you drill down to any specific details with criteria-based search. Automate and schedule reports at any specific time; receive notifications about reports and save reports and export them to PDF or CSV files to share them with upper management.
  21. 21. Search report Search report and custom search reports helps troubleshooting and helps the user to search your network traffic for a particular sort of traffic, which can be defined by the user.
  22. 22. Compare report Compare reports ' facilitate comparing multiple devices at a given point of time. This enables measuring how different devices perform for the same amount of time.
  23. 23. More reports More reports provides more functionalities to generate customized reports to troubleshoot better covering time periods even shorter than 30 days. It includes consolidated report, protocol distribution, IPGroup, and capacity planning.
  24. 24. Diagnose network slowdowns and outages with forensic reports. It gives you the flexibility to select how far you want to be able to go back to the past and get the required actionable information , which ultimately helps you achieve efficient use of your network bandwidth. Forensics report
  25. 25. Highlights trends in network traffic, enabling you to plan bandwidth capacity needs, analyze traffic patterns with capacity planning reporting. Capacity planning report
  26. 26. Billing Usage/volume based billing measure bandwidth usage of particular IP group based departments. The large enterprises can form departments using IP groups and associate these IP groups to certain bill plans, varying with projects and clients.
  27. 27. Thank you!