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Managing 4,000 devices across 20+ remote sites on a single console


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Reference Customer Implementation: Monitoring 4,000 devices distributed across 20+ remote sites made easy with OpManager Enterprise Edition - A unified approach to manage the complete IT

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Managing 4,000 devices across 20+ remote sites on a single console

  1. 1. US-based automobile manufacturer manages 4,000 devices across 20+ remote sites with OpManager Reference Customer Implementation
  2. 2. Customer details • A leading automobile manufacturer in USA having presence in Americas, Europe & Africa.
  3. 3. Challenges!
  4. 4. Decentralized IT Network management happened in silos leading to no or limited visibility across IT infrastructure.
  5. 5. MTTR suffered with diverse set of tools! Identifying root-cause took longer time with disparate network monitoring tools & custom products leading to increased resolution time (MTTR).
  6. 6. Scalability Not every tool they used had the ability to scale across remote offices and manage such huge monitoring load. 4,000 devices to monitor | Around 20,000 interfaces | Across 20+ remote offices
  7. 7. Solution
  8. 8. The evaluation criteria • A scalable architecture • High availability engine • Ability to monitor devices across remote sites • A unified alarms console • Ability to extract reports across remote sites or for a specific site from the central location • Provide user access to remote-site admins and the central admins for faster incident identification and resolution
  9. 9. The evaluation criteria • 4,000 devices performance monitoring – Network devices, Windows and Linux Servers, VMware ESX/ ESXi Monitoring & other IT infrastructure devices • 1000 interfaces flow based traffic analysis – NetFlow, sFlow, IP FIX • 2,000 Network devices change, configuration and compliance management
  10. 10. The product chosen over Zabbix and Solarwinds Orion NPM
  11. 11. Result
  12. 12. A unified network management • Offers a unified alarm console for the complete IT infrastructure • Aggregates performance data across remote-sites to present historical trend reports for the complete IT infrastructure or specific device type or a particular remote site
  13. 13. Faster identification and resolution of network faults • The multi-layer fault identification and resolution helps admins curb potential performance bottlenecks before it impacts the business
  14. 14. The one tool to spot fault root-cause • Unambiguous root-cause identification resulting in reduced MTTR (Mean-Time-To- Resolve)
  15. 15. Scalability • The organization has now gained the visibility they need across multiple-remote sites. A scalable probe-central architecture that’s capable of monitoring over 50,000 interfaces or 5,000 devices on a single unified console. Each probe scales up to 10,000 interfaces or 1,000 devices comfortably.
  16. 16. 24x7 monitoring They have configured Failover for their probes for high availability and 24x7 monitoring
  17. 17. A comprehensive network management functionality
  18. 18. Easy to deploy • The product deployment is pretty straightforward, for a 4,000 devices network it takes lesser than two weeks to deploy • The GUI is carefully built to be intuitive and easy-to- use, even a new IT hire can navigate to the root-cause quickly • The out-of-the-box monitoring, quick configuration wizards & view, smart probe upgrade make it easy to maintain
  19. 19. Affordable & Faster ROI • The scalable architecture leaves lesser than datacenter footprints to manage • Not a million dollar renewal. You can own the product at the fractions of Big4 products renewal cost.
  20. 20. More @ Thank you