ManageEngine OpManager - OEM on-boarding document


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An on boarding document for ManageEngine OpManager OEM. This document explains the about the prospect, product and the possible customizable modules in an OEM version of OpManager.

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ManageEngine OpManager - OEM on-boarding document

  1. 1. OpManagerOEM on-boarding document Click to edit Master title style
  2. 2. The intended audienceA manufacturer of IT equipment (e.g. Pingable IT devices viz.wireless access point, IP cameras, IP Sensors, etc..) looking tobundle a monitoring/ management software as a part of theirsolution offering to manage their devices. 2
  3. 3. Why should you consider OpManager OpManager is an award winning Network Management System with a market presence of over a decade. It supports monitoring and managing of over 700 device types out-of- the-box. The product leverages a wide range of industry standard management protocols viz. SNMP, SNMP Trap, WMI and CLI (Telnet/ SSH based connection). In addition, supports Syslog, Event Log and Script monitoring. Further, it inherits decades of experience from the Web NMS platform, a pioneer in EMS framework. 3
  4. 4. OpManager OEMThis presentation is a guide to understand what is possible in anOEM version of OpManager.The following slides will cover the below modules:  Install shield and Installation wizard  Startup flash screens  Web-client changes  Uninstallation wizard 4
  5. 5. Install shield & Installation wizard The company name, brand name, product name, its build number and version. The product’s .exe/ .bin file name change Installation Wizard’s License agreement Edition selection screen Language preference Installation directory information Windows NT service name Windows startup menu items name Lead capturing and email address to report the captured information from the installation wizard Technical support email address Read-me file redirection after installation 5
  6. 6. Few sample screenshotsInstallation wizard – Home screen and License agreement screen 6
  7. 7. Few sample screenshotsInstallation wizard – Language selection 7
  8. 8. Few sample screenshotsInstallation wizard – Destination folder settings 8
  9. 9. Few sample screenshotsInstallation wizard – Lead capturing screen and Finish screen We can change the lead capturing as mandatory. In this sample screenshot it is optional. 9
  10. 10. Product startup – A sample Flash screenshot Initiating modules……. 10
  11. 11. Web-client changes Remove or change the ‘Get quote’ and ‘Buy now’ options in the top band for trial installation. Remove ‘Latest version’ details from the ‘About’ page. To include ‘Support  Help’ documents in the product as local help files. Remove or change the KB/ FAQ quick links from bottom of the page. Support tab changes. Remove ‘Add-on product settings’ and ‘Jump-to’ options in the GUI. Remove ‘Rebrand’ options under ‘Admin’ tab. Remove ‘Sharing’ or ‘Shared’ options under Device Template, Workflows, and Script monitoring modules. URL change for the ‘API reference’ screen under ‘Admin’ tab  REST API option Top navigation tab changes. Removing plug-ins and ManageEngine product integrations from the device snapshot and interface snapshot pages. Removing ‘Random Tips’ options from the ‘Custom dashboard’ widgets. 11
  12. 12. Few sample screenshotsWeb-client – Get Quote/ Purchase, License registration screen and options to Jump-To other ManageEngine products 12
  13. 13. Few sample screenshots Web-client about page 13
  14. 14. Few sample screenshotsWeb-client – Support Tab and How Tos/ KB/ FAQ links 14
  15. 15. Few sample screenshotsWeb-client – Device Template ‘Share Template’ option and ‘Random Tip’ widget in Custom Dashboards 15
  16. 16. Few sample screenshotsWeb-client – ‘Admin’ tab ‘Rebranding’ option 16
  17. 17. Product Uninstallation Wizard – A sample screenshotUninstallation feedback page can be directed as desired or even discard such action. 17
  18. 18. Thank you A detailed document is available at documents-and-for reaching this far agreements.html For more information, please write to us at or 18