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Leading manufacturing & logistics company monitors 2500 interfaces with NetFlow Analyzer


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This case study is about how a leading manufacturing and logistics company monitored 2500 interfaces with NetFlow Analyzer to ensure enough bandwidth for critical applications such as email, CRM, ERP etc. and performed WAN RTT monitoring through Cisco IP SLA monitoring.

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Leading manufacturing & logistics company monitors 2500 interfaces with NetFlow Analyzer

  1. 1. Leading manufacturing & logistics company uses NetFlow Analyzer for monitoring network traffic Reference Customer Implementation
  2. 2. 80 countries 13,000 employees ABOUT THE COMPANY Manufacturing & Logistics services 13,000 employees 80 countries $9 billion revenue
  3. 3. IT network – The Spine
  4. 4. Challenges • Multiple Locations to be monitored • Non-affordability of downtime • Proactive detection of factors causing slowdown
  5. 5. Impact of slowdown • Temporary loss of access to critical applications becomes a problem • Slipped delivery schedules • Inability to respond to customer queries • Loss of access to tracking shipments • Panic across and among different departments
  6. 6. The Solution • A real-time bandwidth & traffic monitoring tool • Periodic scheduling of reports to ensure network is in good health • WAN RTT monitoring • Extremely high scalability
  7. 7. Implementation Router 1 Router 2 Router 3 Router 4 Router 5 Router 6 Router 1 Router 2 Router 3 Router 4 Router 5 Router 6 Flow exports Flow exports Flow exports Flow exportsCollector A Collector B Central Server Site 1 Site 9 9 collectors 2500 Interfaces 400 routers 6000-8000 fps/collector Across US,UK,Asia,Aus
  8. 8. WAN RTT Monitor – For availability Paths violating the threshold limits Severity status & a message indicating RTT and the threshold limit
  9. 9. WAN RTT Monitoring
  10. 10. WAN RTT – Availability & threshold violation
  11. 11. The Advantages • Easy monitoring of distributed networks • High scalability • WAN RTT monitoring through IP SLA monitoring to ensure round-the-clock connectivity • Scheduled reports
  12. 12. Business benefits • Makes the IT team proactive to network slowdowns • Easy deployment • Automatic scheduling of reports makes monitoring at periodic intervals a simple task • WAN RTT monitoring ensures that the network is up and running at all times at all places • Applications required to run the business receive adequate network resources
  13. 13. Benefits to the Company • Assured availability of bandwidth for critical purposes such as office email, CRM, ERP, Support portal, Tracking system • Increased control over the IT network • A proactive approach to solve real-time emergencies rather than a reactive approach • Faster troubleshooting and cost-cutting due to saved troubleshooting time
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