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Leading American Entertainment Company implements OpManager


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A Case Study of a US entertainment company implementing OpManager to address it IT issues

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Leading American Entertainment Company implements OpManager

  1. 1. Leading American Entertainment Company implements OpManager Monitors 350 devices with OpManager
  2. 2. About the Customer Founded 1988 Number of Employees – 255 Industry - Entertainment, Toys and Games Products – Comics, Animation, Games, Movies, Television
  3. 3. IT Requirement: • The company required monitoring solutions specially for their virtual servers based on VMware • Prior to OpManager, multiple open source tools were employed for server monitoring, flow analysis etc. • They were looking out to reduce complexities caused by the different network monitoring tools
  4. 4. Network Monitoring Server Monitoring VMware Monitoring 100 Network Devices 250 VMware Sample Architecture before OpManager Open source Tools Open source Tools Open source Tools
  5. 5. How OpManager met their expectations? • OpManager simplified their efforts by providing an integrated solution for monitoring networks, servers and VMware rather than using multiple tools • Easy installation and maintenance • Simple UI and scalable architecture to accommodate up to 50000 interfaces. • Affordable pricing
  6. 6. 100 Network Devices 250 VMware OpManager Sample Architecture after OpManager Implementation
  7. 7. Network Monitoring • OpManager provides real time statistics of routers, switches, servers and all SNMP enabled devices in the entire network. • It monitors performance metrics such as CPU and Memory Utilization, Errors and Discards, Packet Loss, Response Time and Latency
  8. 8. Server Monitoring • OpManager monitors over 300 server performance metrics including CPU & Memory Utilization, server availability, disk utilization and response times . • Troubleshooting is made simple through tools such as PING, Trace Route, web and RDP session. • Out-of-the-box support for Dell, HP, IBM servers, Windows services
  9. 9. VMware Monitoring • OpManager leverages VMware API to provide support to ESX servers • Virtual infrastructure monitoring provides insights on host data, and raises alerts if threshold levels are breached.
  10. 10. NFA Add-on • With NFAAdd-on, OpManager analyzes and monitors network traffic patterns and bandwidth utilization(by apps, users) in real time. • OpManager helps drill down network threats, DDOS attacks etc. with network behavior anomaly detection
  11. 11. NCM Add-on • With NCM Add-on, OpManager handles network configuration changes swiftly. • Security and compliance standards of IT policies are maintained at all times • View Reports, graphs of configuration changes in real time to be up to date with your entire network infrastructure
  12. 12. THANK YOU