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Gulf Chemicals & Metallurgy manages 1700 interfaces with OpManager


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Gulf Chemicals & Metallurgy manages 1700 interfaces with OpManager

  1. 1. Gulf Chemicals & Metallurgy Corporation manages 1700 interfaces with ManageEngine OpManager
  2. 2. About Gulf Chemicals & Metallurgy Corporation • World’s largest recycler of spent petroleum catalysts • Has 14k employees distributed across 6 branch offices across the US
  3. 3. About the IT Infrastructure• Branch offices are connected through MPLS over VPN• No. of interfaces: 1781• Split-up of the devices managed: – 16 routers, 36 switches, 96 VMs, 10 VMware ESX Hosts, and 4 Hyper-v Hosts• Runs a business critical ERP software• Cost of downtime: $100,000 per hour
  4. 4. Monitoring Requirements • Monitor devices proactively for availability and performance • Monitor traffic across the branch offices • Receive instant notifications upon any failure
  5. 5. Monitoring Solutions used earlier NetQoS SysAid Solarwinds
  6. 6. End users stayed on topof these toolsIssues faced with these tools:• Complex & time consuming to consolidate data across all the products• Poor notification of faults and issues• Requires lot of manual effort to operate
  7. 7. How did OpManager help the IT team?• Monitors the devices for availability 24x7• Allows to set multiple thresholds to identify the fault very early (before the end user feels the impact)• Sends instant notifications via email, SMS, Twitter• Automatically executes workflows for immediate troubleshooting• Offers NetFlow plugin for in-depth traffic analysis• Offers insightful dashboards for knowing the overall IT performance
  8. 8. Availability Monitoring Know more
  9. 9. Multi-level Threshold Know more
  10. 10. Notification ProfilesEmail Notification Send a SyslogSMS Notification Send a TrapExecute Command and much more
  11. 11. Code-free Workflow Automation Know more
  12. 12. Network Traffic Analysis Know more
  13. 13. Insightful Dashboard Know more
  14. 14. Hear it from the horse’s mouth
  15. 15. Visit to know more Thank you