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Getting the initial settings right! - NetFlow Analyzer Free Training Season 7 Part 1


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Learn about the getting the initial settings right in NetFlow Analyzer, and how it can help manage your network.

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Getting the initial settings right! - NetFlow Analyzer Free Training Season 7 Part 1

  1. 1. Welcome to a free training on NetFlow Analyzer!
  2. 2. Can you hear me? Can you see the presentation? Please confirm by commenting in the webinarchat panel
  3. 3. Shynu NetFlow Analyzer product expert Trainer :
  4. 4. NetFlow Analyzer - Part I Getting the initial settings right!
  5. 5. Agenda • What is NetFlow Analyzer? • Getting started • Network traffic analysis • Top reports in NetFlow Analyzer • Alerting and notification
  6. 6. What is NetFlow Analyzer? NetFlow sFlow J-Flow IP FIX NetStream AppFlow Supported flows
  7. 7. Bandwidth usage & speed Traffic grouping CBQoS monitoring Advanced security analytics Cisco AVC monitoring WLC traffic monitoring IP SLA monitoring Medianet NetFlow Analyzer
  8. 8. Getting Started
  9. 9. Minimum system requirements 3.2 GHz quad-core processor, or equivalent 6GB RAM 200GB storage Windows/LinuxPostgreSQL/MSSQL These specifications only apply when raw data is turned off and the flow rate is below 6,000 flows/sec. Requirements will vary with different settings.
  10. 10. Where and how do you send flows? Ways of exporting flows to NetFlow Analyzer: i. Manual configuration using telnet/ssh the device ii. Direct flow export in UI Ports to be considered: • Server port: NetFlow Analyzer's web server port • Listener port: Port on which NetFlow Analyzer receives flows • Both ports are configurable
  11. 11. Select interfaces Export flow Executing the commands Add Credentials Direct flow export
  12. 12. Device traffic
  13. 13. Interface traffic
  14. 14. Application traffic
  15. 15. Top talkers
  16. 16. Fetch device & interface name with SNMP • Step 1: Add SNMP credentials: • Step 2: Associate the credential to devices
  17. 17. Customizing NetFlow Analyzer to fit your network
  18. 18. Can I categorize my traffic usage? Branches VLANRelated appsNetwork subnet Department
  19. 19. Sort traffic usage by Groups Types of groups Interface Application DSCP IP Benefits of creating groups: • Monitor combined bandwidth usage to get better picture of traffic consumption. • Provide access to operators based on groups. • Provide better visibility to improve troubleshooting.Access Points SSID
  20. 20. Application mapping for _App • Interface >Application > _App > Show port (show port needs raw data enabled). • Map application and define IP address/ IP network/ IP range. Application mapping for own apps • Settings> Netflow> Mapping > Application List> Add Can I monitor traffic for my custom application?
  21. 21. Top reports of NetFlow Analyzer Search report Compare report Consolidated report IP group consolidated report Billing Search specific traffic details by the associated application, protocol, host, or IP Compare bandwidth usage at different time intervals Track top talkers and conversations with a complete report Visualize the combined bandwidth usage of all IP groups Measure bandwidth usage to verify your ISP billing and create bill plans
  22. 22. Advanced report - FORENSICS Prerequisite: Enable RAW Data • Get more granular traffic statistics using raw data • Drill down to identify which users, applications, and protocols are consuming the most bandwidth at a specific time • Troubleshoot accurately by defining multiple criteria to filter required traffic
  23. 23. Save and schedule reports • Report profile: Create and save your criteria based reports and view them at any time. • Schedule report: Add a schedule - daily, weekly or monthly to get it notified via email.
  24. 24. Setting up alerts Preconfigured alerts: • Link down • No flow Threshold based alerts • IP range, IP address or IP network • Based on port/protocol range • Based on application • Based on DSCP
  25. 25. Thresholds based on multiple conditions Select source Select criteria Define threshold Save alert profile Alerts specific to below violation: • Utilization • Volume • Speed • Packets Alert severity levels: • Critical • Trouble • Attention
  26. 26. Dashboard & NOC view
  27. 27. Where & why my bandwidth utilization high? Core router
  28. 28. Fixing the issue in just 3 steps using NetFlow Analyzer: 1. Finding who or which part of the network is affected. 2. Identifying the source of the congestion. 3. Troubleshoot the issue.
  29. 29. Summary Set up flow export Monitoring Customization, alerting and reporting Step1 Step 2 Step 3
  30. 30. Upcoming training on Feb 20th Part II: Gain deeper visibility with advanced monitoring capabilities. • Distributed monitoring • Wireless traffic monitoring • Advanced security analytics • Deep packet inspection • Discuss technologies like NBAR, CBQoS and NBAR2 • Medianet and multicast monitoring • Capacity trend reporting • IP SLA monitoring • Traffic shaping
  31. 31. Panelist Sureshkumar NetFlow Analyzer Technical Consultant
  32. 32. Question 1 How to Manage interface licenses in NetFlow Analyzer?
  33. 33. Question 2 Is it possible to view traffic based on users?
  34. 34. Question 3 Does Netflow analyzer discover the devices automatically?
  35. 35. Question 4 Why the interfaces are named as Ifindex? How will I get the appropriate interface names?
  36. 36. Question 5 Can I see the Traffic based on Geo Location?
  37. 37. Question 6 Able to see flows info. In wireshark but not able to see the device in NetFlow Analyzer?
  38. 38. Question 7 Can we configure alerts if a certain application uses more bandwidth?
  39. 39. Question 8 Can we create device based reports with specific filter?
  40. 40. Question 9 Is there is any option to get the comparison bandwidth report?
  41. 41. Question 10 Is there is any option to have dashboard widget to show real time traffic graph of an interface and set it as NOC screen?
  42. 42. Need more help? +1 (888) 720-9500 / +1 (408) 916 - 9400
  43. 43. Thank you!