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Free OpManager training Part 2 Monitoring Server Performance- season#3


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Tips and tricks to monitor your network efficiently.
Through this training, learn more about:
1) Monitoring device availability
2) Monitoring server performance
3) Monitoring virtual server performance
4) Creating custom WMI monitor
5) Script monitoring
6) Troubleshooting tips

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Free OpManager training Part 2 Monitoring Server Performance- season#3

  1. 1. Welcome to a free OpManager training session
  2. 2. Can you hear me? Can you see the presentation? Please confirm by commenting in the webinar chat panel
  3. 3. Trainer Suresh Bagavathy Evangelist for ManageEngine's ITOM suite 11 years' experience
  4. 4. Part 2 Monitoring server performance
  5. 5. Agenda  Monitoring availability  Monitoring server performance  Monitoring virtual server performance  Monitoring storage server performance  Monitoring website URL  Monitoring Files and Folders  Script monitoring
  6. 6. Monitor Protocol Status Color-code/Severity Device ICMP/TCP port check Availability, response time, and packet loss Attention (1 poll) Trouble (3 polls) Critical (5 polls) Interface SNMP Up/down Interface down Service TCP port check Up/down Service down Windows NT service WMI Up/down Service down Process WMI/SNMP/SSH/Telnet Up/down Process down File/Folder WMI Availability URL HTTP /HTTPS Availability, response time
  7. 7. • ICMP/TCP • Configuring thresholds for packet loss and response time • Configuring uplink dependency Monitoring device availability
  8. 8. UP DownOn maintenance On holdDependent unavailable Not monitored Outage historyAvailability statistics Statu s
  9. 9. Monitoring service availability TCP service Windows service
  10. 10. Monitoring processes availability • Processes up/down status • Configure threshold for critical process • Process template
  11. 11. Hard disk usage - Free disk space - Used disk space - Disk utilization - Disk speed per sec - Disk queue length CPU usage - CPU utilization - % Privileged time - Top processes by CPU usage Memory usage - Memory utilization - Pages per second (faults, reads, and writes) - Top process by memory usage Server reports Server health report - Disk forecast by usage etc Monitoring Server performance
  12. 12. Performance metrics - CPU ready time - CPU wait time - Memory balloon - Network - Disk - Datastore monitors Harware metrics - Sensor - power - temperature - voltage, etc Protocol - VMware API Supported vendors - Dell - HP Inventory changes - vMotion - Host connections - VMs connections - VMs powered on/off - VMs orphaned - Scheduled task removed etc Reports - Identify under-utlized and over-provisioned resources VM sprawl dashboard - Virtual maps Hardware metricsPerformance metrics VMware events Virtual Reports Virtual server performance : VMware | HyperV | Xen
  13. 13. c Monitoring storage server performance Features - RAID management - Tape library management - Storage capacity forecasting - Fabric switch management - Service management Supported Vendor's - RAID arrays IBM, HP, Dell, Bosch, Hittachi, Storage Tek, etc. - SAN Switches Brocade, HP, QLogic, etc. - Tape Libraries HP, Dell, IBM, Qualstar, Quantum, etc. Storage Reports - RAID reads per sec - RAID writes per sec - RAID IOPS - Storage summary
  14. 14. Internal network Proxy- server Internet Client(s) Zoho mail server Local website Monitoring website URL • Monitor any web page URL • Configure threshold for URL response time • Configure match content • Configure proxy details for URLs behind a proxy Local website
  15. 15. File and folder monitoring • Monitoring the availability of files and folders • Configure thresholds for file/ folder size • Configure filters to monitor only the required files • Perform automatic checks to trigger alerts when changes occur
  16. 16. • Write a script to monitor a specific performance metric for which you can't find a standard SNMP or WMI monitor • Any script language that runs on a shell or prompt is supported o VB script o Power shell script o Perl script o Shell script o Python script • Export/import existing script templates o Download one from ManageEngine templates Script monitor
  17. 17. Questions?