Embrace private cloud with confidence


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Enterprises need a cloud aware infrastructure monitoring software to monitor physical, virtual and private cloud server infrastructure. OpManager helps you monitor all these from a single pane of glass.

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Embrace private cloud with confidence

  1. 1. Embrace  Private  Cloud  with  Confidence   プライベートクラウドを支える   仮想化環境の監視における   世界のトレンド  Presented  by  Dev  Anand,  Director  of  Product  Management,  ManageEngine  Interop  Japan  –  June  2012  
  2. 2. Cloud  emerges  as  the  top  priority  for  IT   Rank   Top  10  Business  Priori2es   Top  10  Technology  Priori2es   1   Increasing  Enterprise  Growth   AnalyGcs  and  business  intelligence   2   AHracGng  and  retaining  new  customers   Mobile  technologies   3   Reducing  enterprise  costs   Cloud  compu2ng  (SaaS,  IaaS,  PaaS)   4   CreaGng  new  products  and  services  (innovaGon)   CollaboraGon  technologies  (workflow)   5   Delivering  operaGonal  results   Virtualiza2on   6   Improving  efficiency   Legacy  ModernizaGon   7   Improving  profitability  (margins)   IT  Management   8   AHracGng  and  retaining  the  workforce   CRM   9   Improving  markeGng  and  sales  effecGveness   ERP  ApplicaGons   10   Expanding  into  new  markets  and  geographies   Security   出典:ガートナージャパン プレスリリース Gartner Executive Programs‘ Worldwide Survey of More Than 2,300 CIOs Shows Flat IT Budgets in 2012, but IT Organizations Must Deliver on Multiple Priorities (2012年1月18日)
  3. 3. VirtualizaGon  is  on  the  rise!   IDC: Japan Virtualized Server Shipments to increase by 23% in 2015 Virtualization Rate (%) Shipments (Units) 出典:IDC Japan プレスリリース「国内仮想化サーバー市場予測を発表」 (2012年5月)
  4. 4. EvoluGon  of  Cloud  &  VirtualizaGon… TODAY  EARLIER  
  5. 5. …has  made  IT  Management  more  complex Today IT Mgmt.: Earlier IT Mgmt.: §  Is complex & invisible §  Was simple & visible §  Has physical, Virtual §  Had only physical servers & cloud servers
  6. 6. 海外市場の事例Real world casestudies on how large enterprises adopt private clouds
  7. 7. Leading Health Insurance CompanyRuns its insurance appon private cloud事例1
  8. 8. Leading  Health  Insurance  Company  Customer:  •  Fully  virtualized  environment  running  on  VMware    •  Customers,  Employees,  Doctors  &  Bankers  access  the  app   24x7  
  9. 9. Leading  Health  Insurance  Company  BEFORE   1500  Devices   150  Network  Devices   NNM  iSPI   NNM  iSPI   NNM  iSPI   Network   Performance   Performance   HP NNM Engineering   for  traffic   for  metrics     Toolset   Key/Pain  points:   •  Heterogeneous  IT  infrastructure  management   •  VMware  Performance  Monitoring   •  Cost  of  downGme:  $1M/hour     •  Budget  Constraint  
  10. 10. Leading  Health  Insurance  Company  AFTER   1500  Devices   150  Network  Devices   Monitors   Automates   heterogeneous  IT   Network   infrastructure  &   ConfiguraGon   VMware  servers   Management   Plug-­‐in   Monitoring Tool SoluGon/Result:   •  Replace  to  reasonable  tool  with  adequate  features   •  SaGsfied  with  IntuiGve  UI  and  easy  operaGon  
  11. 11. Large  Chip  Manufacturing  Unit   Runs semiconductor production app事例2
  12. 12. Large  Chip  Manufacturing  Unit  Customer:  •  Uses  VMware,  Citrix  to  power  mulG-­‐billion  producGon  app  system  •  Has  Semiconductor  Chip  producGon  unit  in  3  countries  •  Manages  10,000  devices  :  Server  Infrastructure  Monitoring  
  13. 13. Large  Chip  Manufacturing  Unit   Have  to  sim  BEFORE   through   mulGple  tools  to   know  the  overall   IT  Head   IT  Performance     HP   HP   OperaGons   Custom   OPC   OPC   OperaGons   Custom   Zenoss   HP  NNM   Scripts   Messaging   Messaging   Scripts   Manager   Manager   4000  devices   3000  devices   3000  devices   Country  1   Country  2   Country  3   Key/Pain  points:   •  Slow  IT  service  delivery   •  Virtual  &  Physical  Server  Infrastructure  Monitoring   •  Cost  of  downGme:  $10M/hour  
  14. 14. Large  Chip  Manufacturing  Unit  AFTER   Comprehensive   OpManager   view  on  IT   Performance  in   Central   a  single  pane  of   glass   OpManager  Probe  1   OpManager  Probe  2   OpManager  Probe  3   4000  devices   3000  devices   3000  devices   Country  1   Country  2   Country  3   SoluGon/Result:   •  Single  tool  to  monitor  globally   •  Handle  mulG-­‐vender  environment  
  15. 15. Leading  Fashion  House   Runs  its  online  store  accessed   by  over  a  million  buyers  事例3
  16. 16. Leading  Fashion  House   Customer:   •  90%  of  the  servers  are  VMs   •  Manages  over  1000  devices   •  Runs  its  website  &  online  store   •  Monitoring  end  user  experience  24x7  
  17. 17. Leading  Fashion  House  BEFORE   500  Devices  in  locaGon  1   500  Devices  in  locaGon  2   Microsom   HP   EMC   Custom   SCOM  &  CA   SiteScope   Proprietary   Scripts   Spectrum   &  Splunk   Somware   Monitor servers, Network Monitoring & SAN DB VMs & Traffic Analysis monitoring monitoring applications Network   DB  Server   Server  team   SAN  team   team   team   Key/Pain  points:   •  VMware  Performance  Monitoring   •  Monitoring  end  user  experience  24x7   •  Cost  of  downGme:  $10M/hour  
  18. 18. Leading  Fashion  House  AFTER   500  Devices  in  locaGon  1   500  Devices  in  locaGon  2   Out-of-the-box Monitors traffic Monitors SAN Monitors DB monitors with NetFlow with custom using script network, servers, add-on monitors monitors VMs & applications Monitoring   Tool   Server   Network   DB  Server   SAN  team   team   team   team   SoluGon/Result:   •  Single  monitoring  tool  for  various  monitoring  needs   •  Visualize  with  versaGle  dashboard  and  report  
  19. 19. Common  Challenges  faced   by  these  Enterprises 1.  Monitor  virtual,  physical  and  private   cloud  server  infrastructure   2.  Monitor  other  IT  &  network  devices   3.  Monitor  distributed  IT   4.  All  the  above  in  a  single  pane  of  glass   5.  Scalability   6.  Budget  constraint  
  20. 20. Today,  Enterprises  need  …a  heterogeneous  cloud  aware  infrastructure  monitoring  somware  
  21. 21. And,  here’s  the  cloud  aware  infrastructure  monitoring  somware…   新製品 OpManager  Enterprise  Edi2on   大規模向けサーバ・ネットワーク統合監視ソリューション
  22. 22. Physical,  Virtual  &  Private  Cloud  Monitoring   OpManager Monitors  VMware,  Hyper-­‐V,  Windows,  Linux,  &  Unix  servers   and  the  applicaGons,  processes  &  services  running  in  it.  
  23. 23. Architecture  •  Secure  Probe-­‐Central  Architecture  •  Scales  up  to  50,000  interfaces  or   5,000  servers  
  24. 24. VMware  &  Hyper-­‐V  Performance   Monitoring  •  Offers  over  150  performance  monitors  for  VMware  &  Hyper-­‐V  •  Dedicated  dashboards  for  worst  performing  Hosts  &  VMs  
  25. 25. SoluGons  partner  for  IBM  PureFlex  System  
  26. 26. Bring  the  fun  Back  into  your  IT hHp://beta.youritpulse.com/
  27. 27. Enterprise  EdiGon ジャ マネーオーピー erが   Manag   セントラルOp ク 環境の 1,000デ ットワー サーバ バイス大 規模ネ 以上 現 します  監 視を実 分散構 成 プローブ プローブ サーバ1 大阪 東京 サーバ2
  28. 28. ブースにお越しください! # 5W14