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Applications manager 1 - Middle East Workshop


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Learn about application performance monitoring.

Published in: Technology
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Applications manager 1 - Middle East Workshop

  1. 1. ManageEngine Applications Manager ITOM Workshop
  2. 2. Introduction  Application and server monitoring software  Ensure high performance of your business applications  In-depth components monitoring tool  Provides a wide range holistic view of your IT infrastructure  Helps in capacity planning and decision making Monitors your entire IT infrastructure ranging from Application servers/databases/OS and networking services too.
  3. 3. Single console for App servers, databases, servers, web services, web transactions & virtual/cloud resources Value :  Lesser Point Tools to Manage  Troubleshoot Performance Issues faster and Effectively Monitor Physical, Virtual and Cloud Apps
  4. 4. Agentless Monitoring Value :  Monitor Heterogeneous resources without much overhead due to agents  Quick ROI, based on time to deploy to start monitor the Business Critical Infrastructure
  5. 5. How IT Ops can monitor and troubleshoot a hybrid cloud infrastructure
  6. 6. Discover resources faster
  7. 7. Discovery
  8. 8. Map Application Dependencies
  9. 9. Visualize dependencies between application elements
  10. 10. Performance of the business service
  11. 11. Track resources that support a business service
  12. 12. Analyze and measure web app performance with APM Insight
  13. 13. Monitoring key web applications with APM Insight End-to-end perspective of your Web Application
  14. 14. APM Insight overview
  15. 15. Apdex score • Open standard • Scale of 0 to 1 • Satisfied, Tolerating and Frustrated users
  16. 16. Transaction - level metrics • Response time • Throughput • Components split up
  17. 17. Track time consuming transactions with Traces
  18. 18. Summary of slowest components within transactions
  19. 19. Trace details of the slow transaction
  20. 20. Detect problematic code with transaction Error details
  21. 21. JVM Metrics
  22. 22. See database performance statistics
  23. 23. Identify transactions leading to slow queries
  24. 24. Trace transactions down to the SQL query level
  25. 25. Monitor End User Experience using Real Browser Monitoring
  26. 26. End User Monitoring
  27. 27. Install agents in different geographical locations
  28. 28. Real Browser Monitoring • Mimics a user interaction • Monitors your site periodically • Ensure that your users have a smooth browsing experience with your website/ webapp
  29. 29. • Website speed test. • Analyze individual website components like images, CSS, JavaScript that slow down your website and test website performance using a real browser. What is Web Page Analysis?
  30. 30. Web Page Analysis
  31. 31. • Get insights into what causes your webpages to load slowly or quickly. • Know how CDN affects load times and how third party objects affect user experience. • Determine whether web server or network performance is affecting your service. • Create responsive pages and achieve better SEO ranking. Need for Web Page Analysis
  32. 32. Supported Real Browser Recording Agents
  33. 33. Recording a web script • Launch the Real Browser Recorder • Enter the host and SSL port of Applications Manager • Enter the Applications Manager credentials and proceed
  34. 34. Recording a web script (Contd.) Record and playback from a real browser
  35. 35. Monitor multi-step user transactions
  36. 36. Optimize your webpage - Screen capture of the sequence
  37. 37. Find your slow performing resources
  38. 38. Thank you