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Application performance analytics with Applications Manager


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Learn how to get comprehensive insight into your application infrastructure with custom dashboards and machine learning enabled reports.

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Application performance analytics with Applications Manager

  1. 1. Business dashboards, application performance analytics, and admin functions
  2. 2. Quick recap • Server & infrastructure monitoring from a single console. • Application Performance Monitoring with code level diagnostics. • Delivering the right end user experience with your application performance.
  3. 3. Today's Agenda Configuring Custom Dashboards Use of Multiple Report types Forecasting Trends using Machine Learning Template Library, SLA, Downtime Scheduler
  4. 4. Configuring custom dashboards
  5. 5. Default Dashboard • Create your own custom view in the tool • Publish dashboards on your internal portals/TV screens • Share custom dashboards with users as a report
  6. 6. Creating New Dashboard
  7. 7. Creating new Business Dashboard
  8. 8. User Customized Dashboard
  9. 9. Business View Dashboard
  10. 10. Business View Dashboard Top Monitor Group status view Monitor Group Light view status
  11. 11. Use of Multiple Report types
  12. 12. Capacity Planning Report * Balance hardware costs with computing needs. * Making efficient use of existing capacity. * Minimizing wastage of computing resources.
  13. 13. Capacity Planning Report * Analyze oversized and undersized machines using CPU and memory utilization metrics. * A utilization threshold can be configured for a specific metric like CPU or Memory: -If a machine uses resources capacity less than this threshold, the machine is oversized. -If a machine uses resources capacity more than this threshold, the machine is undersized.
  14. 14. Trend Analysis Report
  15. 15. EUM Report
  16. 16. Downtime Summary Report
  17. 17. Inventory Report
  18. 18. Forecasting utilization trends with Machine learning
  19. 19. Forecast Utilization Report Predict & plan future disk utilization based on current utilization trends.
  20. 20. Schedule Report • Schedule daily, weekly, or monthly reports • Send as a PDF or CSV file • Send as an attachment or publish as a link
  21. 21. Report Settings
  22. 22. Template library
  23. 23. Server Process Template • Provides easy way to add multiple server processes for monitoring. • Provides a user to configure thresholds based on the severity.
  24. 24. Windows Service Template
  25. 25. Downtime Scheduler
  26. 26. Creating a downtime schedule • Planned outages • Recurrence - Daily/Weekly/Once • Schedule selective monitor(s)/monitor group(s)
  27. 27. Scheduler Settings
  28. 28. Service Level Agreement
  29. 29. SLA Management console for Managers
  30. 30. SLA Management console for Servers
  31. 31. Creating new SLAs
  32. 32. SLA Violation
  33. 33. Quick recap • Create Dashboards for Business service. • Use of various reports for multiple options. • Use of Templates for Services and Processes for the ease of its monitoring. • Service Level Agreement for Manager view and Servers.
  34. 34. Online Demo