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Advanced Functionalities of NetFlow Analyzer - Free Training Season 7 Part 2


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Learn about the advanced monitoring, reporting, and security features available in NetFlow Analyzer, and how it can help manage your network.

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Advanced Functionalities of NetFlow Analyzer - Free Training Season 7 Part 2

  1. 1. NetFlow Analyzer - Part II Advanced functionalities of NetFlow Analyzer
  2. 2. Welcome to a free training on NetFlow Analyzer!
  3. 3. Can you hear me? Can you see the presentation? Please confirm by commenting in the webinar chat panel
  4. 4. Agenda • Medianet and Multicast monitoring • IP SLA monitoring • Capacity trend reporting • Application Visibility and Control • Traffic shaping • Wireless traffic monitoring • Advanced security analytics • Deep packet inspection • Distributed monitoring
  5. 5. Medianet and Multicast monitoring
  6. 6. Medianet traffic monitoring • Monitor media-rich traffic such as voice and video traffic for improving QoE. • Measure performance statistics such as Jitter, Packet Loss, & RTT.
  7. 7. Multicast traffic monitoring • IP Multicasting allows a host to send packets to a specific group of hosts. • Monitor multicast traffic by usage & speed.
  8. 8. IPSLA Monitoring
  9. 9. WWAN Development Center HeadquartersService Provider
  10. 10. • Identify the network paths with high round trip time • Identify where the outage happened by viewing the hop-wise latency graph • Collect the IPSLA traps for events such as connection loss, threshold violation for RTT, average payload, timeout, etc Monitoring WAN performance
  11. 11. Prerequisites • A Cisco router with an IPSLA agent enabled • iOS version must be 12.3 or later • SNMP read and write community configured on the device How to add? • Go to Inventory > Select IPSLA • Select WAN > Click plus icon at the top of the page • Add the details of the source and destination IP Adding WAN monitor
  12. 12. • Jitter: The variation in delay between arriving packets • Latency: The time taken for the voice packets to reach the destination • Packet loss: Data lost during transmission • Mean opinion score (MOS): The standard for measuring codecs and is rated on a scale of 1 to 5 VOIP performance monitoring
  13. 13. Video performance monitoring With video traffic becoming a major part of your network, it becomes increasingly important to consider the impact of video on the network. With IPSLA video monitoring, you can validate the effect of rich media applications on the performance of other applications on the network. • Understand IP service levels • Increase Productivity • Lower Operational Costs • Lower frequency of network outages • Network troubleshooting
  14. 14. WAN • Availability • Round Trip Time • Path Hop Round Trip Time VOIP • Availability • MOS • Jitter • Latency • Packet Loss • Call Path Availability VIDEO • Availability • Jitter • Latency • Packet Error
  15. 15. How do you plan bandwidth requirements and how to limit usage of non-business apps?
  16. 16. Capacity trend reports • Measure and manage your bandwidth usage over a period time • Identify bandwidth usage patterns and application trends • Foresee your future needs
  17. 17. Application Visibility and Control
  18. 18. Visibility into Layer 7 application with Cisco AVC • • Gain visibility into NBAR2 applications with Cisco AVC monitoring (Application Visibility and Control). • Advanced NBAR is used to identify web traffic, URL’s, file sharing and random port application. • View NBAR2 application, URL hit count (HTTP host report), QoS class hierarchy and application response time monitoring reports(ART monitoring). • How to enable: Needs additional fields to be configured during exporting flow.
  19. 19. Monitor HTTP traffic and ART
  20. 20. Tracking the applications that is consuming the most traffic with NBAR
  21. 21. Traffic Shaping
  22. 22. ACL Filter out excess router traffic by blocking or restricting IPs/ IP networks
  23. 23. Service Policy Manage your service policies and limit access to apps based on priority
  24. 24. Validate QoS policies with CBQoS
  25. 25. Wireless traffic monitoring
  26. 26. Manage traffic usage with WLC monitoring • Monitor Cisco WLAN controllers. • Find the top traffic usage by access points, SSIDs, applications, clients etc.
  27. 27. Group WLANs for easy management • Group WLANs by SSIDs. • Troubleshoot bandwidth spikes by identifying consumption by SSIDs, finding its top clients and complete conversation details for the selected time period.
  28. 28. Advanced security analytics
  29. 29. What are the common threats? DDOS Scan / Probes Botnets
  30. 30. Port Scan
  31. 31. Detect attacks with flow-based advanced security analytics module • Identify junk/malicious traffic using advanced mining algorithm. • ASAM classifies traffic as suspect flows, bad source and destination, DDoS, and scans /probes.
  32. 32. Deep packet inspection
  33. 33. What causes latency?
  34. 34. How does DPI work? Generate DPI reports using • Port mirroring • Offline Prerequisite: HighPerf add-on required
  35. 35. End-to-end monitoring with DPI Forensics
  36. 36. Distributed Monitoring
  37. 37. High scalability and Centralized console for monitoring
  38. 38. Features Essential Enterprise Suitable for For single network For largenetworks Supports flows / second up to 50k flows 80k flows per collector Capacity Planning X ✓ NBAR monitoring X ✓ CBQoS monitoring X ✓ Advanced Security Analytics Module X ✓ Comparing Editions
  39. 39. Summary
  40. 40. Question 1 What is AVC & What do I see in AVC?
  41. 41. Question 2 I am missing the capacity planning report. How do I get it?
  42. 42. Question 3 How to monitor latency ?
  43. 43. Question 4 Is there support for monitoring Meraki wireless device ?
  44. 44. Question 5 How to monitor traffic for offices at 3 different locations?
  45. 45. Question 6 How to capture packets for DPI?
  46. 46. Question 7 What types of attacks are detected by NFA?
  47. 47. Question 8 What do I see in medianet reports using NetFlow Analyzer?
  48. 48. Question 9 What all the reports I can see in Wireless monitoring ?
  49. 49. Need more help? +1 (888) 720-9500 / +1 (408) 916 - 9400
  50. 50. Thank you!