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5 ways you can strengthen and secure your network infrastructure with Firewall Analyzer


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Read how Firewall Analyzer can help in strengthening and securing the network infrastructure

Published in: Technology
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5 ways you can strengthen and secure your network infrastructure with Firewall Analyzer

  1. 1. 5 ways to secure your network with Firewall Analyzer
  2. 2. Prominence of a Firewall log analyzer • Firewall log contains vital information that can provide intelligence and powerful insights into the security issues. • Without a log analysis it is difficult to monitor traffic flow, security and device configuration. • Eventually resulting in security loopholes.
  3. 3. Implications of not having a Firewall Analyzer Without a Firewall log analyzer, a network administrator remains clueless about the state of firewall security and cannot take precautionary measures leading to: • Policy violations. • Internal and external threats. • Regulatory compliance. • Network, host, and user activity anomalies.
  4. 4. How could it affect you? • Bandwidth Outage. • Prone to network hack and security breaches. • No track of configuration changes. • Unable to keep up with audit compliance.
  5. 5. What can you do ? • Tracking and analyzing the firewall log is imperative to ensure network security. • A sound maintenance policy needs to be in place. • Choosing a proper log analyzer tool is imperative in order to protect firewall and the network.
  6. 6. ManageEngine Firewall Analyzer to the rescue Firewall Analyzer analyzes your firewall and proxy server logs and answers questions like the following: • Who are the top Web surfers in the company, and what web sites are they visiting? • How many users inside the firewall are trying to access web sites with inappropriate content? • How much network activity originates on each side of the firewall? • Are we experiencing hack attempts? Where are they originating? • Which servers receive the most hits?
  7. 7. #1 Security Audit Without security information you might not be updated with the security related issues leading to network vulnerability. Firewall analyzer provides elaborate compliance report with the following benefits: • Audits & analyzes the complete firewall security and configuration. • Provides a security audit report with rating. • Asses the best way to fix the issue. • Recommends best practices based on the report.
  8. 8. #2 Compliance Management Be 100% Compliant to Regulatory Mandates with Firewall Analyzer’s out-of-the-box reports. Firew Analyzer's Compliance Management System : • Supports different compliance formats such as PCI, ISO, SANS, NIST, NERC. • Continuously monitors your firewall rule changes. • Reports instantly on any rule misconfigurations. • Automatically schedules 'Security Audit Reports’.
  9. 9. PCI – DSS Report
  10. 10. ISO Report
  11. 11. SANS Report
  12. 12. NERC-CIP Report
  13. 13. NIST
  14. 14. #3 Forensics Analysis Firewall Analyzer lets you to: • Search the raw logs of Firewall to pinpoint the exact log entry which caused the security activity. • Mine the security incidents using the advanced search of raw Firewall logs. This makes security incident mining easy, which is otherwise a task with huge manually effort. Investigate security incidents trail and prevent recurring breaches Log searches play a primary role in case of tracking and identifying any security activity.
  15. 15. #4 Firewall Policy Optimization Firewall policy anomaly reporting allows you to optimize policies and plug all security holes as well as optimize the performance of your firewalls. Firewall Analyzer offers an exhaustive set of Firewall policy anomaly reports such as: • Correlation • Generalization • Redundancy • Shadow • Grouping
  16. 16. #5 Insider Threat Detection • Internet sites accessed. • Protocols used for communication. • Notification when accessing restricted sites. Firewall Analyzer application provides you with the following insights & alerts about the employee internet usage such as : • Notification on anomalies like sudden spike in internet usage. • Live internet bandwidth graphs with finer details of inbound and outbound traffic flows.
  17. 17. Microscopic view
  18. 18. Some of our privileged customers who are benefitting from Firewall Analyzer are:
  19. 19. Thank You!