Introducing OpKey – The Smartest Automation FrameworkOpKey is a super easy keyword driven automation framework for buildin...
Introducing OpKey
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Introducing OpKey


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The Smartest Test Automation Framework, Keyword driven.

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Introducing OpKey

  1. 1. Introducing OpKey – The Smartest Automation FrameworkOpKey is a super easy keyword driven automation framework for building automated tests for almost anyweb, desktop and mobile app. With OpKey, you can:-• Create your functional tests with just points and clicks,• Reorganize test scripts with drag and drop feature,• Schedule and execute tests across the entire testing environment,• Leverage multiple machines to execute multiple tests in parallel & thus reducing the time spent onexecution of large test suites,• Run your tests across all major browsers,• Get an independent and comprehensive run report on your machine,• Send your bug reports directly to your project with OpKey’s out of box integration with your bug trackingtool,• Quickly build up a powerful & flexible test for both native iOS applications, as well as testing browserbased applications runningon your iOS device.In short “OpKey helps you in creating & customizing your tests codelessly and adding conditional logicwithout writing a single line of code”.OpKey – Personal Edition is available for download. It is FREE!. It has got many interesting and usefulfeatures for managing your automation. Some of the most used features are -In built Object ManagementOpKey, in built object management module helps you to maintain your objects of application on whichautomation actions is to be performed. It allows to do changes in object properties quite easily.In Built Data ManagementThe data management module of OpKey provides an excel like interface to manage with ease your testdata. You can add as many rows and columns as required. One can also import data from externalsources like Excel, csv files etc.Pre Built 200+ Keywords for Code Less Script ExperienceThere are around 200+ pre built keywords available in OpKey. These help you to create your testscenario, and no single line of code is to be written for it. Many functions are available for browseractions; text bos, button, images, links, verifications functions. Generic functions for date, string,mathematical operations are also available.Intuitive Results and Reports InterfaceIn OpKey, the result interface is very intuitive, which reduces time to debug your scripts. Reports are alsoavailable to be shared with higher management.To know more about its features click here - short, OpKey is one stop solution for all your automation needs. It has also got Team and BPT editionavailable. To know more read here - your Copy of OpKey Personal Edition NOW!! Visit-