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After analysing social media digital presence of several companies, we noticed that there is a pattern that is repeated in many of them. This presentation summarizes our learning. May you identify yourself with it, we will be pleased to talk your Digital Presence management.

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TEN Digital - Digital Presence

  1. 1. Digital Presence Social Media Analysis
  2. 2. Credentials Please search on Google.com.br and type just Octavio P Name will be suggested *it may varies over time, of course as the 3ª option*
  3. 3. Digital Presence Press ENTER and see all our digital presence in social media Try to do the same with your name, brand, company, products & services
  4. 4. Our Experience We will present the most common mistakes found per each social media due to the fact that profissional and/or company are not aware of the utmost importance of taking care of the digital presence. We analized some key actors in social media: • Site • Blog • LinkedIN • Facebook • Twitter • You Tube • SlideShare Over time, our service will correct these eventual flaws.
  5. 5. Site Key-words are not the ideal ones SEO – Search Engine Optimization could be better Multinationals with little geolocalização abroad Low interaction with social media
  6. 6. Blog The great majority of companies do not have a corporate blog, when they should have several ones! Outdated channel Lack of integration with social media Multinationals keep blogs only in the headquarters language Reading: 10 motivos para se ter um blog corporativo
  7. 7. LinkedIN The biggest corporate social network with 150+ million members Professional use only when needed Lack of page and/or page related to business activities Little knowledge in order to maximize tool s value Absence ou low activity of major executives
  8. 8. Facebook CLASSICAL ERROR: create profile with corporate brand Several pages or groups created by 3rd parties Neither page nor group related to brand Absence of e-commerce integrated with Facebook (in specific cases) Facebook is the biggest social network worlwide! It will surpass Índia as the 2nd largest concentration of people in this planet soon!
  9. 9. Twitter Many company names are taken by 3rd parties not related to business at all Not all potential accounts has been reserved Outdated tweets Low followers / following ratio given brand s importance
  10. 10. You Tube No proper corporate channel Small number of videos Outdated Displayed in 3rd party channels DETAIL: You Tube belongs to Google and it is the 2nd biggest search engine WORLDWIDE!
  11. 11. Slideshare Excellent tool and not well-know by companies It belongs to LinkedIN now Majority of companies without own channel Posts by 3rd parties Equivalent to You Tube regarding presentations NOTE: It allows integration with You Tube and other social media. Did you know?
  12. 12. Conclusion CNO – Chief Networking Officer s ABSENCE, strategist of business networks management Lack of knowledge Laics decide about this matter inside companies Companies still block access to social media!!! Site & blogs not alligned with SEO Corporation exposed to 3rd parties actions Reactive attitude rather than proactive one. Real world actions not reflected on social media Major oportunity for competitors
  13. 13. Contact Octavio Pitaluga Neto TEN – Top Executives Net Chief Networking Officer octavio@topexecutivesnet.com Tel: +55 21. 2235-8721 Cel: +55 21. 9 8829-4933 Skype: octaviopitaluga G Hang Out: opitaluga@gmail.com @topexecutives