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As part of TEN Humans division, Talents offers a special package of services to executives in career change. We DO NOT promisse a job. We prepare the coachee to own his/her own professional destiny.

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  1. 1. Talents Polishing Diamonds
  2. 2. We polish diamonds BUT……
  3. 3. You Are the OWNER of your DESTINY!
  4. 4. Talents Management We just awake up your internal power
  5. 5. Applied to the following groups: Talents Executive in search for a new position, after leaving current job (included in the package). Professional who is unhappy with his/her current job and is seeking a secure career change alligned with his/her profile.
  6. 6. • Orientation of professionals in the search for a new career challenge; • Immediate & efficient application in the selective processes; • Preparation for the right choice in the career change: new job, own consulting, academic career or own business. • 10-module approach: prepare executive for the right transition, no risks & with perspectives of success in the new direction. • Two workshops of 8h each • Groups: 10 to 15 professionals. Orientation towards Career Change Methodology
  7. 7. 10-module Methodology The executive has, at least, four career options, concerning the professional profile & market opportunities / threats, to define the new career step. Módulo I Analysis and evaluation of career alternatives This strategy wides the job alternatives and, defines the focus. This chapter will treat how to establish & implement a new access strategy to target markets. Módulo II Selection of target market The résumé is a marketing tool whose function is to attract the recruiter s attention. We will treat the best practices of résumé preparation and how it must be treated. Módulo III Preparation of résumé & professional referrals A guide to where the executive must convey his/her résumé and define the approach strategy towards Executive Search companies. It will also talk about search sites. Módulo IV Strategy of Personal Marketing Social networks are powerful tools when correctly used to professional exposure. We will present the best practices of use & interaction. Módulo V Proper use of social network Modular Approach
  8. 8. 10-module Methodology The professional will learn how to talk about his/her main competences, based on success stories. This module will approach the correct way to behave before Head-Hunters & Executive Search companies. Módulo VI Exposure before Headhunters & Executive Search companies Consistent solutions as how to use and expand a powerful network to support the career change, while attracting opportunities along the way. Módulo VII Networking This module will present the correct way to perform in a job interview, the unique and first real chance to get the position. Módulo VIII Preparation for the interview We will approach job offers evaluation process, to reach a successful career change and ways to conduct the salary negotiation, without turning into a bargain. Módulo IX Evaluation of proposals & the negotiation process The changes in the corporate market mean a threat to the professional stability, but not to your placement. Módulo X How to manage a professional career after transition
  9. 9. Be happy & complete!
  10. 10. Octavio Pitaluga Neto TEN – Top Executives Net Chief Networking Officer octavio@topexecutivesnet.com Tel: +55 21. 2235-8721 Cel: +55 21. 8829-4933 Skype: octaviopitaluga GTalk: opitaluga@gmail.com @topexecutives Contact